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Horse race betting analysis

Октябрь 2, 2012

horse race betting analysis

Value chart - Indicates the discrepancy between the odds our form analyst's believe each horse should be, reflected in its rating on the card, and those offered. Horse Racing Betting Odds to get the best of bet analysis of the season. Learn the type of Horse Racing Bets and how Horse Racing Odds work. Want even more info to back up your bets? In addition to expert tips oddschecker, offers an easy-to-navigate selection of market movers, specials betting odds. MIT BITCOINS BEZAHLEN DEUTSCHLAND

Meanwhile, decimal horse racing odds today are the most popular in other countries in Europe. However, it is a relatively straightforward process to get your head around. The shorter the number, the better chance a selection has of winning. Instead, bettors spend hours researching the big races on the calendar, identifying trends and key pieces of form that ensure they stand the best chance of finding the winner.

Some of the betting tips you should follow to help find a winner can be found below. Research Horse Form The biggest piece of research that must be conducted is reading the form that the horses involved have in the book. Horses with proven records over the course and distance that they are running will stand excellent chances, while wins in prestigious graded races also go a long way to ticking the required boxes. The strike rates of jockeys and trainers can easily be found online and should be looked at before making horse racing picks.

Trainers in poor form could point towards something amiss in their yard, while jockeys with a poor strike rate may be low in confidence. Preferred Surface There are three different types of surfaces that horses race over dirt, turf, and synthetic. Instead, horses with good records on the surface that they are running on are always preferred.

Track Bias Every track in the U. Some hold speed, which means that early pace setters will have an advantage, while others play to the strengths of closers. Understanding how the track plays is important before betting on meetings across the U. Examine The Draw Another essential bit of reading when researching a race is the draw. Draws for the big races are made a couple of days before the off, and the pros and cons of each stall should be assessed.

For example, those drawn on the rail may be boxed in and struggle to get into the contest, while those with wider draws will need to work harder to stay in contention in the early stages. If you want to learn more about how to bet on horse racing , you can check our section guide. Types of Horse-Racing Bets Straight Bet Once you have understood how to read the odds, it will be time to examine the available betting markets.

The most common way to place a wager on the horse racing odds can be found with the options of straight bets. All of the leading racebooks available online will offer these types of bets. You can find out more about the three different types available before making horse racing picks below. Win The win bet type requires the bettor to do precisely what it suggests- pick the winner.

When making a bet on this market, the bettor must successfully make their wager on the horse that wins the race that they are betting on. Place Place betting is a popular alternative for horse racing picks online. The bettor must correctly find a horse that will finish in the first two places in this market. Show Show betting is very similar to the prior mentioned place betting.

However, it offers extra insurance, as a show bet also covers third. As long as your horse finishes in the money, you will receive returns from your selection. Those betting with big European sportsbooks such as Unibet, William Hill, and Bet may not see the show market, as the place bet will cover a greater number of places. Today, we will explain some of the options available when making combination straight bets on the horse racing odds.

This is called an Across the Board bet, as you cover all three markets on the same race. However, this will cost considerably more than just a bet on one market, as all three bets will be on single tickets. Bettors can also place a wager on a selection to place or show. Exotic Bets: Single Race There are many betting markets available online now, which means there is greater freedom to make selections. Therefore, there is an excellent selection of Exotic bets that can be made on single races, which enables bets to be placed on more than one horse in the race.

When making this type of bet, the aim is very straightforward, as the bettor must successfully bet on the horses that will finish exactly first and second. The only way to get returns on this bet is by getting the finishing order correct. Quinella The Quinella bet is very similar to an Exacta box bet.

However, the difference is that a Quinella bet consists of one wager instead of two. Compute quantifies the major factors that determine the outcome of races, combines those effects into a single merit rating and calculates a win probability and value price for each runner based on the distribution of those ratings.

For convenience we populate the Compute values for each race with default settings based on our computer algorithms. It is often beneficial to adjust them in order to account for the nuances associated with specific horses, something that would require millions more lines of code than we have had time to write. Value prices can be viewed on the card by choosing the relevant Setting.

The value price shown on the card will capture any changes made to the Compute values by the user when a card page is refreshed. The Value Chart does not update based on a user's adjusted values offering a comparison between a user's view and our analyst's view. Form - analyse past performances In this responsive website version of the app we have incorporated summary form and form data values seen in the Form Visualiser summary table into the card.

More detailed form can be accessed using the View full form button on the Form Visualiser chart. The detailed form is designed to work seamlessly with Compute to allow you to look at each runner's nuances and adjust the Factor values to your liking. The comments in the Form are focused on helping you arrive at good estimations of the effect of different conditions on a horse's performance and its latent potential. Bet Finder - filters to quickly find potential bets The Racing App incorporates the most advanced bet finding tool available.

Betfinder can be used to filter a whole day's racing into prospective bets from the Tools option in the menu. Simply click the relevant buttons on the Betfinder interface to filter the day's runners by the criteria specified. Betfinder can also be used to quickly filter a single race by any of the criteria, simply tap the Filters button above each card and specify the criteria required.

Settings - customising your racecard The Racing App allows you to display The Racing App ratings, a representation of the ratings as stars 1 for little chance 5 for excellent chance or value prices on the card alongside each horse. You can choose your preferred view in Settings. Other tools - Eyecatchers, Trainers and Movers The Tools section of The Racing App allows you to see at-a-glance Trainers in form and their runners, horses that are being backed or drifting in the market and runners that have caught our analysts' eye when reviewing a past race.

Making money from backing winners Ultimately making money from backing horses depends on whether you can predict the win probability of a horse better than the bookmaker or those that lay odds on the exchanges. The tools and content in The Racing App will help you in this quest.

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It is a cutting-edge, bet tracking and system analysis tool. TSM shows you at a glance which staking plan would be best suited to your chosen selection method. TSM could well be the most important piece of betting software you ever purchase. When you see what TSM can do we hope you will quite simply be astonished. The majority of serious trading enthusiasts will have this product up their sleeve and with good reason.

This product has always been way out in front in comparison with the less capable competition. Jack Keene owned acres of farmland and decided to enlist the help of Hal Prince Headley and Major Louie Beard to draw up plans for a racetrack. Despite concerns from residents, it took just 15 months to open Keeneland, and all profits were plunged straight back into the community and local projects. It was originally managed by a team of volunteers, who were delighted to see over 8, spectators attend the opening day of racing at the track.

The track just about broke even following their opening nine-day meet. Keeneland has preserved a number of its traditions over the years, and it was the last track to broadcast race-calls via its public address system until it was finally scrapped in A trackside winners circle was added in , ahead of a visit from Queen Elizabeth II, while a turf course was also installed just twelve months later.

For the next twenty years, Keeneland also boasted a polytrack surface, although this reverted to a dirt track in Keeneland Known Track Bias Keeneland is regarded as one of the fairer tracks in North America, and there is very little bias evident in the majority of races, although there are a number of quirks to watch out for. Early speed is also crucial in wet conditions, with the track typically riding faster after a period of heavy rainfall.

Winning Post Positions According to the statistics for the spring meet, which concluded on the 26th April, stalls 3 and 9 produced the highest number of winners in sprint events on the main track. Sprint events at Keeneland generally attract decent-sized fields and subsequently produced a largely even spread across the board.

Top Trainers at Keeneland Some of the top horsemen in North America regularly visit the track during the spring and fall meets, and they routinely leave Kentucky with a number of winners under their belt. The spring meet takes place throughout April and consists of 15 days of high-quality action on both the dirt and turf course.

The fall meet takes place throughout October and is slightly longer.

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Horse Race Betting Strategy - Sports Betting on Horse Races for Beginners - A Tutorial horse race betting analysis

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