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Medical differences between cultures in the workplace

Октябрь 2, 2012

medical differences between cultures in the workplace

A recent paper on cultural competence in medicine reveals the many ways in which an individual's beliefs can affect them as a patient. Additionally, the medical. The Need for Cultural Competence in Health Care. Differences between healthcare providers and patients can affect communication. When diverse individuals and families feel represented in their healthcare workers, they often feel more comfortable seeking care and expressing. UNBAN MOD MINECRAFT 1-3 2-4 BETTING SYSTEM

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We followed this with a facilitated open dialogue about the points she made in the talk. One major aspect of the cultural differences between Israel and the US that came up in our session was the difference in communication styles. Messages are both spoken directly and read between the lines.

In contrast, the US is a low-context country. People in the US want to speak in a way that will reach everyone, so precise and simple language is the norm, and messages are expressed and understood at face value. Put to the Test? Here are 8 examples of cultural differences in the workplace.

Millennial Culture Also known as the baby boomers or Generation X, this culture is defined by the millennial group who were born prior to or who became adults in the 21st century. Millennials account for a big part of the workforce. Because they lived entirely in the internet or computer age, they are usually internet or tech-savvy.

Millennials also are resistant to being tied to a desk and prefer flexible modes of working. A unique feature of millennial culture is the millennial women who are also increasingly more competitive with their male peers. This has made them close the wage gap and achieve equality in many areas that were traditionally male-dominated such as tech-savviness.

Religious Culture The workplace today has a rapidly widening religious diversity. This can cause conflict since religion can be a very sensitive matter. Different religious practices can require the need to accommodate different employees differently. For example, some members need specific times to worship e. It may also include differences in dressing. For example, Muslim women dress in headscarves.

Ethnicity and Race The US workforce is showing more ethnic and racial diversity than in previous years. This includes higher percentages of Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asians. This shows a cultural change in the workplace with a desire to have a more inclusive and diverse racial or ethnic workforce.

Neutrality to gender Today more of the workplace culture is beginning to accommodate people who are LGBTQ lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. For example, this may include having gender-neutral bathrooms, allowing self-identification without harassment, gender-neutral attire, or providing healthcare that includes LGBTQ people.

Punctuality Timekeeping is practiced differently in different workplaces according to culture. Some workplace cultures are quite lax about time. If you are in an Argentinian workplace, for instance, a half-hour delay before a meeting may be acceptable. However, some cultures are quite strict about timekeeping, for example, a British workplace cannot condone tardiness. Pretty little will be achieved or operations will come to halt.

Most workplaces have English as their official language. However, foreign language speakers or non-native English speakers can be challenged if idioms, jargon, dialects, slang are used. Communication styles can also differ among different cultures. For example, if a global company is having a teleconference between managers from one country with another, miscommunication can occur because of cultural differences.

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Think Cultural Health Case Study: Cultural and religious beliefs

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