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Investing documentary on scientology

Октябрь 2, 2012

investing documentary on scientology

British documentary filmmaker and broadcaster Louis Theroux, who is known for his funny TV series on off-beat cultural subjects like "America's. Battlefield Earth is a American science fiction film based on the novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. In , Franchise Pictures was sued by its investors and went bankrupt. She was a good ally. Then I started talking to BBC Films separately; we were already talking to BBC Worldwide, who are big investors, so I felt. SPORTS BETTING AFRICA UGANDA FIXTURES ETC SALEM

We made a commitment to make an ambitious, cinematic documentary about a subject to which we had no access but through creativity and resourcefulness we delivered. How did the fact it would be in cinemas affect how you made the film?

Louis likes shooting stuff in cars because it has that confessional quality and it works very well with his interview persona, so I got my DoP [Will Pugh] to put up a very elaborate rig on the car which had a Sony F65 [digital cine-camera] shooting inwards and a EOS c shooting out. For a scene where Louis wanted to take us through the Scientology training routines, we decided to pose it on a set.

One of our inspirations was the George Lucas film THX , that white room and fixed cameras, to give it that slightly unreal sci-fi feel. Was it difficult persuading distributors to come on board? SC: [Having Louis] was double-edged. Persuading the distribution community that a film with Louis would translate and move from a TV audience to a film audience was quite a challenge, but the proof, happily for us, was in the pudding.

I think the distributors who said no are now slightly regretting it. It plays so well. LT: Having the ambition of the idea. For us, having me was helpful in some ways, but unhelpful in others. Make something with higher production values and make it more spectacular. A lot of docs also suffer from not having a third act. They tend to peter out a bit. Things start going off like fireworks towards the end. Also, commercially you must have a subject that travels internationally.

If the church were to have its tax-exempt status revoked, there would be no pressure by stakeholders to spend income efficiently. Whatever tax bills might be left over could be spent on salaries. The average combined state and corporate income tax rate in the U. S is Much more significant than income taxes, however, are property taxes.

Most states and localities exempt religious organizations from paying property taxes on buildings that are primarily used for purveying religious services. The average commercial property tax rate in America is 1. The church may also manage to avoid other other taxes here and there.

A Hollywood Reporter piece from details how the church gets hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax breaks from Los Angeles County for occupying and preserving historic buildings. The people who really lose out, if you are to believe the testimonies of former members and numerous journalistic investigations, are those who fall sway to its philosophy.

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That said, interest in the religion is huge.

Investing small sums of money The problem is not even someone as charming and disarming as Theroux is going to get a sit-down interview with church chairman David Miscavige, a man whose viciousness and cruelty have been widely reported in the media, and roundly denied by the church. It symobilizes a website link url. The film alleges that the COS was only declared tax-exempt by the IRS after it waged a decades-long campaign against the agency, which included filing investing documentary on scientology of lawsuits against both the organization and individual IRS workers, and hiring private investors and fake journalists to dig up incriminating information about individual IRS workers. Remini left Scientology in InRemini called Cruise "diabolical" during a Reddit event, adding: "There is a public persona of the guy who looks at you directly nfl l ines the eye and shakes your investing documentary on scientology and hugs you and is an attentive person to you and there's the person behind the mask who is a completely different person. That is not my business plan.
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\ investing documentary on scientology

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