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Lichello investing in mutual funds

Октябрь 2, 2012

lichello investing in mutual funds

Trusted by thousands of investors worldwide since , this bestselling classic formula for earning profits in stocks and mutual funds—automatically. Automatic Investment Management (AIM) is designed to work in any kind of market book--in print since Lichello provides a revolutionary investment. Lichello's revolutionary formula for earning profits in stocks and mutual funds—automatically. Unlike other investment strategies that focus on stock. ROYAL BANK DIRECT INVESTING FORMS AND SURFACES

Ideally, what we need is a system that will reduce the emotion of investing by automatically telling you when to buy, sell, or do nothing. In this article, we will briefly explain this system and then back-test it to see if there is any credence to these claims.

If you are already familiar with the basic AIM system but would like to see a more detailed analysis, go to this article: Sensitivity Analysis. What Is AIM? AIM is an algorithm that provides a logical system for managing your investments.

It can be used with a stock or mutual fund portfolio. This system will instruct you when and how much to buy or sell. However, if this value were negative, then AIM is telling us to hold. One of the interesting features of AIM is each time that you buy more shares, your portfolio control increases by half the purchase value.

This is a built-in risk regulator that will stop you from exhausting your cash reserves when the market is going down or building too much of a cash reserve when the market is going higher. It is important to understand the reasonings behind value averaging. For me, the use of value averaging has two important objectives: - The first objective is a behavioral one. It allows risk averse investors like myself to find a systematic way to put money into the volatile financial markets.

Because behavioral issues have a major impact on returns, I believe that this is a very important objective. The maximum risk you should take should be defined by your risk tolerance, and this is determined by your asset allocation i.

However, when you are exceeding your goals, by going beyond your value path, the value averaging technique actually forces you to put more money into riskless securities the "side" fund, which is usually a money market fund. This has the effect of temporarily reducing your equity allocation.

This coincides with the idea that when you are exceeding your goals, you can afford to take less risk. I find this to be superior to the static asset allocation technique, as I do not believe in taking unnecessary risks if you are on a path to reach your goal. I am very impressed with Edleson's ideas in this book. I think it will be very useful for any investor that has experienced anxiety putting money into the mark Graduate course for the AIM investors Published by Thriftbooks. Edleson seem to have been unaware of each other's work understandable given the lack of an internet at the time; their books lived on different sides of the bookstore aisles, "academic" and "popular" works and no cross-pollinization took place.

In any event, Value Averaging is a graduate-level discussion of all the issues about dollar-cost averaging that the AIM students have been struggling toward. Value Averaging can be tough going for anybody without solid undergraduate math skills, but is deliberately constructed to be utilized by anybody trained in algebra, so my suggestion would be to read through the narrations for the concepts and then go back to the chapters covering the methods you think you would like to use to attack the math.

I would suggest not bothering to construct the Excel simulator unless you really think you are going to get different results than a Harvard professor and former chief economist at NASDAQ did in hundreds of tries. Several chapters are of universal value to practical students of the stock market: a modern recalculation of performance and volatility for the market for the whole historical period of is given each generation needs this exercise to renew the debates about what type of investing produces the best yields , universal volatility ranges for the whole market are derived a simple single range which can save you countless dollars of subscriptions to simulation softwares , and instructions are given for how to construct simulations in Microsoft Excel most of the new content in the paperback edition describes how to translate the original spreadsheeting instructions into excel.

This little book is packed with permanent value for students of all stock market systems. Lichello's AIM investors must have this book if they are to take their ideas to the next level, and Prof. Edleson may find himself inheriting the mantle of a movement he may have been wholly unaware of before republishing his method.

It played an important role in planning for an early retirement, and I continue to use it in maintaing my retirement portfolio. Two chapters will appeal to an investor at almost any level of sophistication--one dealing with a program of dollar cost averaging adjusted for growth in market values, and one outling a system of "value averaging. I hardly know how to praise this book highly enough. My own mathematical skills are so poor that I periodically re-read the central chapters to remind myself of the logic I am following.

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