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Ethereal urn windwalker

Октябрь 2, 2012

ethereal urn windwalker

'NOW FOR YOU, INSECTS!' Noxel Shroudhaggle · Noxious Trap · Nox the Lifedrainer · Nozdormu the Timeless · Nuada Windwalker · Numbing Cold · Nurgle Tinkfrost. This green mail armor of item level 30 goes in the "Head" slot. It is looted from Mag'har Grunt. Added in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Boldour (Moon Guard) ❮Vitium❯ - 51 Dwarf Windwalker Monk, 53 ilvl. CC TO BTC CASHOUT

Stonewall's "Swallow" is pretty good, as is Clatterclaws' "Swarm Strike. Once the professor is gone, have Boo cast "Leak" in the cellar. Once they're in, let them summon the Darkling and the level is complete! The Unusual Suspects Congratulations on completing Act 1! Just don't scare Norman Franz off until Blue Murder is unlocked. I recommend you go in with Buck, Arclight, Stonewall, Raindancer, Wendel and a ghost of your choosing.

Clatterclaws is always good. The locked ghosts on this level are Blue Murder, Banzai and Electrospasm. Electrospasm: Bind Raindancer to the sink in the room where Electrospasm is. Have raindancer flood the room, then make electrospasm cast "Spark.

Banzai hidden : Bind Stonewall to the plant pot in the front waiting room. If you're looking from the desk, it's on the left. I think a goth girl sits next to it. Anyway, bind him there and he'll immediately unbind, revealing Banzai, who is then yours! Blue Murder: She's after a crooked cop. You need to find the cop and bring them to her.

There's an open briefcase full of money on the basement level and a dude guarding it in the room adjacent. Scare that dude away and the crooked cop will come after the money. You'll find that the cop is Detective Norman Franz. Once he's revealed as the corrupt cop, lure him to the room where Blue Murder by having her cast "Obsession. Once he's there, though, she'll tell him off, scare him away, and become unlocked for your use!

With all the ghosts unlocked, you're free to scare everyone away, including the prisoners! You'll notice they can't actually run away, but if they're over their fear threshold for long enough, they just disappear. If everyone else is gone, but some prisoners remain, have Banzai cast "Quake" to open the cell doors and free everyone. I say to do this last because the resulting earthquake will destroy some fetters. Once everyone's scared away, the level is complete!

Buck is an absolute powerhouse, by the way, since he can go indoors and outdoors. Deadfellas The objective is to make Don Bartholomew believe in ghosts. You can either raise his belief bar blue or just scare him off the boat. Scaring is probably easier. You'll want to build some plasm prior to unlocking, so try to scare crowds.

Command Buck to roam and to only use powers if mortals present, then set his powerband to maximum. As I said before, his ability to go anywhere makes him a powerhouse. Once you have a fair bit of plasm built up, here's how to unlock the ghosts. Fingers difficult : You need Jude Klous to walk near Fingers.

Klous is whistling the tune Fingers is trying to remember. Once he hears it, he'll recall and play it, setting him free and adding him to your army. Knuckles patience : Bind Lucky to the roulette wheel and cast "Luckstorm. When someone wins, you get Knuckles! Flash Jordan easy : Bind Banzai to a potted plant nearby and have him cast "Quake.

Once someone walks past, she'll possess them and join your team! The mortal will see the flood and turn on the pump, setting Wavemaster free. With all the ghosts free, go ahead and start working on Don Batholomew's belief. Stuff like indoor weather will help, but probably the most consistent way is to have Knuckles possess him. Once he believes in ghosts, the mission is complete! Poultrygeist No puzzles to solve here - just scare everyone away! No puzzles, however, doesn't necessarily mean it'll be easy.

You see, on this level is where your ghosts can come under threat. When the mortals get scared, they'll get on the phone to call a medium. She'll arrive and scan around the rooms. If a ghost is nearby when she scans, the ghost will likely be captured, making in unusable for the remainder of the level. You can try and prevent the mortals from summoning the medium by scaring them away from the phone, but you probably won't be able to keep them from it forever.

Once the medium arrives, focus on scaring her as much as possible whilst keeping your ghosts safe. After a while, some "ghost breakers" basically ghost busters, but, y'know, copyright will arrive. These guys are serious business. They also want to capture your ghosts. There will be three ghost breakers as well as the medium, meaning four threats to your ghost, so keep a close eye on these people.

Scare them away as fast as possible, but remember, try to keep your ghosts safe as well. There's an unlockable ghost on this level called Hard Boiled. He's bound to the little girl. Feel free to use him, but once the medium shows up, set his power band to zero to prevent the medium or ghost breakers from detecting him. If one of your ghosts gets captured, don't panic. The ghost will be usable again when this mission is over. Keep in mind that these witches have the same powers as mediums and ghost breakers; they can capture your ghosts, so be careful.

There are three ghosts to unlock: Hogwash back patio , Tricia upstairs bathroom mirror and Firetail basement. Firetail easy : Bind all your elementals to the fetters on the circle. Banzai on earth, Raindancer on water and Whisperwind on air. Spheres will form, which protect your spirits. This unlocks firetail, and also subverts the circle of protection, which means your haunters will be immune to the witches' magic.

Hogwash medium : There's a dude wearing headphones. Lure him onto the back patio. Hogwash wants electrical fetter to bind to. Cast "Fool's Errand" on the dude to help out with this. Other luring spells are good too. Once he walks past, Hogwash will be, like, totally stoked, man. He now belongs to you. Tricia patience of a saint may be needed : Tricia needs to practice her "Clone" spell on someone who looks pretty similar to her.

That person is Blair Welchel. You basically need to coax Blair into the top bathroom so that she looks in the mirror. When she looks in the mirror, have Tricia cast "Clone" and she'll be freed. With the ghosts free, you can scare those witches away. Keep rebinding your haunters as the witches move around. You might want to keep the dude with the headphones around too, since he's pretty much a mobile electrical fetter.

Oh, and bear in mind that, some spells can break the circle of protection e. Rain, Quake , making your haunters vulnerable to capture. Phantom of the Operating Room Mission task: Scare the doctors away! As soon as one mortal is scared away, ghost breakers arrive. Try to prioritise scaring them off so your ghosts have room to breathe.

The three ghosts trapped on this level are Daydreamer 2nd to the top floor, I think. Near the front of the hospital , Brigit basement and Harriet one of the big bedrooms - can't remember exact floor. Daydreamer: Bind Moonscream near his room and have her cast "Cacophony. Fun fact: If you choose 'POV' on a sleeping mortal as your ghost is giving them a nightmare, you can see the dream go from a cute sheep balancing on a fence to a demon sheep.

It's kinda funny. Harriet: The kid she's bound to is crying because his teddy got stolen. Find the little brat who stole it and scare the crap out of him. A nurse will find the teddy and pick it up, eventually returning it to the young lad. When Harriet sees that the kid is happy and no longer feels the need to comfort him, she's set free and will join your forces.

Brigit: Hers is a tragic story. The man you're after is Dr. Seth Greenwood. He's a womaniser, so is always trying to make out with the women. You need him to try and win over Dr. Whinnery the lady sat in the room with Brigit , but she's not very attractive, so you need to scare off all the nurses.

With them gone, he'll go after Dr. When he's in the room with her, make her cast "Strange Vision. With all the ghosts unlocked, scare away all the doctors don't forget Whinnery! He must feed on their souls! There are three ghosts trapped on this level: Sparkle extinguished campfire , Blair Wisp island in the middle of the river and The Darkling basement.

First, let's unlock Sparkle: You'll find two bear traps near a huge rock. Bind Terroreyes to one and Blue Murder to the other. Next, bind Harriet near the campfire and use "Fascinate" to lure them over. They'll light the fire, freeing Sparkle. Make them cast "Gusts" and "Gathering Winds" together to get rid of the fog obscuring the island. Terroreyes' and Blue Murder's chill spells should still be activated, as this freezes the river, allowing the filmmakers to cross.

Get Weatherwitch to cast "Siren Song" or Harriet to cast "Fascinate" whilst on the island to draw the mortals over. Once they're on the island, have Blair Wisp cast "Hypnotic Image. Have the Darkling cast "Obsession" to lure them over the bridge and into the cellar. There, they'll repeat the ritual and he'll eat their souls. You will find, however, that the professor from before has captured the Darkling.

So really, you haven't gotten him yet. You'll need to rescue him in a later mission. There are four trapped spirits on this level: The Dragoon runs around , Black Crow little shack and two hidden spirits: Stormtalon tree in the middle of some water and Scarecrow a field with a small puddle of water. Stormtalon: Find the tree in the middle of a body of water. Scarecrow: Bind Harrier next to the Scarecrow and have her cast "Fascinate.

The Dragoon: By now, you've probably heard of Earl Walton's nefarious deeds. You need two ghosts casting wind spells nearby to activate the windmill and knock off the ceremonial skull. Put Harriet near a window and have her cast "Fascinate. Earl commands the Dragoon to chase the mortal. To prevent them from being scared off, you need to have Black Crow possessing said mortal.

Instead of being scared away, the mortal will go tell the others about what Earl's doing. The mortal will go back to the windmill, call Earl out, shout at him, then grab the skull and return it to its rightful resting place. The skull was that of the Dragoon, and he is set free. To wrap things up, scare Earl Walton away. Black Crow's "Swallow" spell should scare him sufficiently. Ghostbreakers Here, you come across a new obstacle: Astral wards.

They prevent you binding your haunters. How anyone was meant to figure this crap out without a guide is beyond me. You've seen how cryptic the game can be so far, but these are just silly. Not to worry, though! You've got this guide! Windwalker is the only trapped spirit on this level in a prison cell under the red ward. Before we save him, we have a bunch of stuff to do. Bind Stormtalon to the van in the parking lot and have him cast "Blackout.

Quickly bind Hogwash to the generator there's a red cable leading from it and have him cast "Surge. Bench Hogwash as soon as this happens, then bench Stormtalon and replace him with Hogwash. Now, have Hogwash cast "Blackout" to take the green ward down again.

Immediately bench him once this takes effect in order to keep him safe. On the upper floor, in one of the rooms adjacent to the waiting room, there's a device near a TV. Bind Stormtalon to it and have him cast "Surge. Unbind Stormtalon. Next, unbind Hogwash and put Stormtalon on the van. Evergreen except for hard winters olive green foliage provides a grand setting for the numerous stems of small bright white flowers. This makes a clump pretty quickly and is great texture in the garden.

This is a performer. This either heightens or lessens Seasonal Affective Disorder depending on how much you like puce. We do, so when we struggle emotionally with the unrelenting gray, a stroll by Ballawley keeps us briefly but firmly tethered. Tall rich pink flowers. An event like this winnows the posers and despite the horrors, is a great opportunity to assess which plants have some unforeseen hardiness genetics. Evergreen shrub to small tree with gorgeous exfoliating cinnamon colored bark, white fragrant flowers and edible blue-black fruit.

A portion of the proceeds goes to support the mission of Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy. Stately and refined on strong upright 4'-6' stems topped in creamy flowers whose recurved tepals are suffused in freshly churned butter yellow. These vary by clone and can be liberally speckled in fine maroon spots or these can be nearly absent.

Kelly is a Libra and can't decide which he likes more while Sue is a Taurus and said we are going to sell a few while that Libra brain makes up its mind. Yellow flowers over bronzed foliage distinguishes this from the more familiar Leycesteria formosa. Quite a handsome plant in both the wild and our garden which sports soft yellow flowers in June and July. Later, the round red fruit go from being attractive ornament on the tree to tasty snacks on the trail.

Which is how we got ours. Awesome Sweet William selected by John Grimshaw from seedlings at Monksilver Nursery and is notable for the foliage which turns maroon-black providing the perfect foil for the velvety maroon clustered flowers which smells of chocolate in warm weather - damn! Cut back after flowering for another go around. John personally gave us a piece from his garden so we have a fond attachment.

This is by no means available in the US except from maybe one nursery, now give me a minute and I'll come up with the name……wait - it's us of course! I've got to quit multi-tasking. All of the studies show this is exactly what happens.

Melanthium Very thrilled to be finally able to offer this Veratrum which was formerly in the genus Melanthium.. Native from the Midwest to East Coast, this thrives in marshy, boggy settings or damp woods. Perfect in rich moisture retentive soil in the garden. Deer proof - thank goodness for toxic alkaloids!. This collection represents a significant range extension to the east based on Flora of China's range to western Hubei. Large showy seed heads on this rare semi-evergreen to deciduous vine.

Flowers yellow bells. We want to think she didn't name this after herself and that a fellow nurseryman chose to honor her work in this way. End of story. George Zimmer of Men's Wearhouse "I guarantee it". This is a "Quit talking, just do me, baby" Potentilla. Deep orange flowers combined with the silver foliage are an exquisite pleasure verging on pain it is so intense.

Full sun. We agree though - this plant totally rules. No problems whatsoever but little or no fertilizer. Buff orange flowers. Shorter selection. Three foot stems carry large, vivid orange flowers whose narrow petals are recurved into an impossible backbend. The exposed faces of the petals fairly bristle with polyp-like papillose projections while the revealed open throat displays a small dark green star.

We seldom name plants but this selection is worthy with profuse bee-laden white flowers from top to bottom. Still fireworks but with falling streamers of inky violet-black long pendulous florets which speak to us at a limbic level. Mulch in winter. This lemon yellow-flowered selection of the Paper Bush is an affirmation of spring with its late winter flowers on bare stems.

The common name comes from the high quality paper once made from its bark. Sun to part sun for best bloom. Tall lithesome stems to 4' hold golden orange flowers with poise and aplomb and whose long narrow petals show the great line extension inherent to ballet with the pointing of toes implied. The wide open mid-orange flowers have a darker orange central stripe running down each petal which tends to grab the eye and hold it. It is always fun to watch folks cruise the Crocosmia at a steady pace only to be brought up short by Zambesi.

Plus it carries that Dixter mystique. This is a dandy Crocosmia of smaller habit with tasty flowers of butterscotch infused yellow. Not a piercing yellow but of a gentle hue. Jenny has class after all. Native to Argentina through Chile down into windy Patagonia, this has not been trialed much here but is growing at the Arboretum in Seattle. Zone 8. Reddish-orange Turk's cap flowers with the red more pronounced toward the ends of the tepals or petals.

This is a good garden species with rhizomatous bulbs making for a good clump in time. Unlike many of the other species, this flowers very young with open panicles of small white flowers clustered in balls which turn into attractive black fruit. This has proven hardy in zone 8 and is good for the smaller garden.

This has the small but glorious orange Turk's Cap flowers with orange recurved petals darkly spotted. Haven't met a West Coast Lily yet that hasn't completely bewitched us and this is no exception. This one increases nicely via rhizomatous bulbs and we've grown this for over 20 years. This species is being grown in the UK but they have yet to put a name to it.

From the highest point in its range. Freakin' Cool! Fabulous new growth and very showy single pink flowers. If you want scent, get a hybrid. If you want class, here you go. This is a stunning and very good plant. Good well drained soil. Our classic all-time Desert Island plant where if we were stranded and could only choose one plant etc. A 4 alarm inferno of flame red flowers. Perhaps the hardiest clone enduring single digits with scarcely a whimper.

It may be whimpering but my own wails of despair drown all else out. Evergreen picking up russet tones in winter. Summer fuzzy red flowers on the stems. Schefflera sp. This is a reasonably narrow shrub which flowers very young with small pale pom-poms of clustered tiny flowers which are followed by black fruit.

We have the late Art Dome to thank for sharing this Vaccinium native to Madeira with us. He grew this beautifully in his Seward park garden but it really does need a mild garden. Big flowers for a blueberry and lots of tasty fruit. We were all grazing last summer. A smaller species to just a couple feet tall, this Harebell has the typical wiry stems and narrow lavender-pink bells which dance in the breeze. Will self-sow. Sun and even moisture is about all this easy perennial requires.

And pretty much deer resistant too! This Japanese Flowering Quince has deep red flowers which smolder with the same intensity as that long evening of urgent abandon with that Spaniard in Barcelona where anything was fair game again and again and again

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Lay betting terminals Scented mid to late summer white flowers that individually are larger than usual for Clethra. George Zimmer of Men's Wearhouse "I guarantee it". The cards and Tarot bag come in a sleeve-style box. The locked ghosts on this level are Blue Murder, Banzai and Electrospasm. Shares cooldown with other Recommended Heroes[] Heroes whose default item build includes Ethereal urn windwalker Scepter of Divinity as a core item can upgrade item to Wind Waker during late game: Death Prophet.
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