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Etheric implant computer program

Октябрь 2, 2012

etheric implant computer program

They are small etheric black holes which are put into a rotating etheric scalar electromagnetic field with a rotational frequency of Hz. View 1xbetbookmakerregistration.website from PSYCHOLOGY at Harvard University. MY AKASHIC RECORDS SACRED CLEARING SESSION 2 Implant and Imprint. Practical Examples of Dysfunction of the Etheric Body Plants show this living dynamic – but they have not yet consciousness. Ibid. pg. IPL OUTRIGHT BETTING

It is designed to block Kundalini activation while feeding the lower Negative Ego mental body complex. Scalar Tagging has been used on 4D astral plane by extra-dimensionals for quite a long time. With inner vision, some versions of them may appear like dark "jacks" or "confetti" splattered around your aura field. They are something like Astral Bots that are automated to lock onto the coordinate location of a person that has been tracked or tagged.

They are tracking devices, and they have a particular tone so that those on the Astral Plane can monitor the location and coordinates of that particular Starseed or Indigo or whoever that being is. Scalar Tagging can be individual to that persons history of evolution, such as there can be Lemurian Tags, Atlantian Tags, Egyptian Tags, Drakon Tags, Orion War Tags, if the person was a powerful being in that Galactic History or event, sometimes they are tagged to be monitored by NAA or military forces.

The Zeta Seal is located in the Astral Plane layers of the heart complex to block activation of the 4th DNA strand which blocks access to the Mentor Fields first layer of the higher self mind in the 5th dimension. Essentially it is the 4D frequency fence placed in the human body to keep the human soul reincarnating in the Astral Plane under the control of the NAA during the death process.

It creates a multitude of blockages that separate the heart sensory abilities from being recognized by the mental body or conscious mind. Aging Disease or Cell Death Programs, assorted implants or uploaded mental programs to activate negative labels for medical classification of diseases, rapid aging, and inability for tissues to adequately repair cellular integrity, leading to cell death.

These collective consciousness disease programs are kept alive in the mass consciousness to activate diseases, implement pharmaceutical and drug dependencies, take over the central nervous system functions, while shortening healthy life spans. At the beginning of monadic level integration, this Implant or Templar Seal can be removed form the human Lightbody. Metatronic Implants - are Metatronic Reversals connect to Metatronic Implants in the shadow body or Negative Form that are designed to reverse and drain life force out of the earth body and the human body.

The shadow body or Negative Form must be cleared from the human Lightbody in order to reconnect the ascending potential of the twelfth dimensional template of the human body. This unnatural configuration was built by the NAA via Alien Machinery that uses Artificial intelligence to parasitize the earth's life force to achieve immortality, and this organized structure is referred to as the Tree of Artificial Life , or the Black Tree of Life.

Crucifixion Implants -One of the largest lies promoted to divide our race is the War over False Gods. The false archetypal story of a Crucified Christ figure is a mockery to further enslave humans into believing in a salvation model through a Crucified Christ.

These structures are called Crucifixion implants. These Crucifixion implants are tangible control structures placed in the 7th dimensional logos, and therefore it is in our individual bodies, in the 7th Chakra, its complex, meridians, and the entire left side our female spirit of our bodies. We are not aware of these implants until we open the 7th Seal and start connecting this part of our 7th layer light body to our personal consciousness field.

The Crucifixion Implants are located in seven main areas on the left hand side of the body on the 7th Axiatonal line, as follows: Top of skull on left side Heart, left lung, back of left knee Pineal Gland Left side of neck and lymphatics Rear left thigh and buttocks Alta major where skull rests atop the spine , hypothalamus, and left shoulder Aorta artery on left side of neck Crown of Thorns - is designed to distort the natural energetic circuitry of the crown and block the higher self communication descending from higher dimensions being transmitted into the crown receivers.

This implant acts as another frequency fence to keep humanity unable to communicate or gain access to their higher self bodies. It blocks the vertical communication channel around the head, skull and crown. Glandular System Implants - malfunctions in the path of the Kundalini rising that impact the brain receivers and the Hypothalamus, Thalamus, Pineal, Thyroid, and Thymus.

During NAA invasion 5, years ago, the collapse of the magnetic field created DNA scrambling that removed our natural language and ability that allowed us to communicate with the entire planetary species. The only permanent solution to implants as well as parasites, entities and all forms of suffering as well! This is why I encourage and teach techniques that help people raise their vibration and awareness towards awakening and enlightenment.

The demon clearing statements in the self-help section of this website are also very useful in this regard. Non-Etheric Implants As well as etheric implants there exist implants in other layers of your being. They can exist in the emotional, mental and spiritual layers of your aura as defined by other psychics. Typically these types of implants are smaller and less varied in terms of form and structure.

There are for some people also physical implants. Some are placed in your body by choice such as those microchips that have been talked about in the US media that allow tracking. Obviously I am not a surgeon and am not equipt to deal with these!

Some parasites have however been modified to target humans such as the SPEs see below and so I have defined them as an implant too. These do not have form and structure as such but I do agree on why many people also call these implants. Typical Symptoms The sorts of symptoms that may indicate you have implants are wide-ranging, reflecting the fact they can affect many different aspects of our selves depending on where they are placed and what sort of implant they are etc.

In this respect, implants are not the only reason you may be suffering from a particular complaint. They are thin looking objects like a needle hence the name pointing towards the body. Like all implants they seem to just cause an energy block over the part they lie over.

For example ones lying over your third eye would limit your extrasensory perception. These can be found in many areas of the energy body. The most common place I find these are in the gall bladder meridians. It appears that the human body has a genetic weakness at the back of the base of the skull, where it meets the cervical vertebrae. This seems to be where certain parasites enter the body and move towards the temple region of the skull above the ears.

These parasites also seem to bud off and can be transferred to others in close proximity. This is another reason why I advise working on raising your vibration, improving your awareness and learning healing techniques. The general consensus by those who have studied these is that they are part machine and part conscious cybernetic and are placed in the etheric body as soon as you incarnate on Earth.

Usually I find them placed over the main chakra areas as well as down the spine. Every single person incarnated on Earth have these according to him. They seem to create portals that allow influence on the areas they are found within.

They exist in three locations of the etheric body — the left and right frontal lobes of the brain and the solar plexus. In some people there is also an implant in the brain stem area. Cobra on his website still maintains that they will not be permanently removed until the scalar grid is fully destroyed. However it appears that in people who maintain their vibration high enough that they do not return after I have removed them — the high frequency energy they posses dissolves any attempt at re-growth.

They are the same as what others call the Starseed, Mu and Lemurian etheric crystals. Each individual has hundreds to many thousands of these types all over the body thus causing influence in a multitude of ways. You can find a completely different perspective on these sorts of implants at www. The larger etheric crystals are often called the Atlantean Implants or Master Crystals of which there are much fewer than the smaller ones. Some other types of etheric crystal also exist in some people.

Bar Implants These are mostly long and are positioned left to right inside the brain along similar lines that I work on when I do Access Bars treatments, hence the name. Some are not so long and some face other directions. Other Identified Implants: Please be aware that other healers may have different names for the following. Very uncommon these days. There used to be ET beings hanging around when removing these as they are not keen for them to be removed.

Not very common anymore. Not commonly found anymore. Rare to find these days. Crown Chakra Implants — The first looks kind of like a short cylinder that is ribbed which sits underneath the middle of the saggital suture of the skull. The second common one is like a lump of jelly above the head that extends through the crown and infiltrating the brain.

I have also seen rectangular plates and antenna-shaped devices here on some people. Again rare these days.

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This reality exists because we have chosen to agree for it to exist and have repeated the thoughts that created it, in order to maintain its existence. This is why the wise often say that things exist but have no inherent existence. I am not trying to rubbish those people who say that implants exist.

Far from it. The difference is that etheric implants exist at a much more subtle level and as such can be dissolved much more easily than the screen in front of you can. If we truly wish to dissolve the sources of suffering on this planet away, then the beliefs that creates implants and psychic attacks should be included in that.

So why am I highlighting belief and reality in this introduction to etheric implants? This I feel means that we are maintaining and even building more of this scenario of implantation rather than dissolving it and moving forwards. Those that are starting to truly understand that they are the creators of their own reality and co-creators of this reality are realising this rather than just understanding it logically , and many now live without the existence of implants at any level.

It is important too, to point out that many people are not aware that they hold within themselves the belief of etheric implants. Most people only start to fully sense etheric implants as they become more and more aware about their physical and energetic bodies and the trapped energies stored within them. Others who go through the process may not believe in this subject at all but get a sense that a session may benefit them in some way regardless.

Who is the Etheric Implant Removal process good for? Those who perceive etheric implants as something different in their reality such as an energy block relating to a belief, stuck emotions or something else entirely, and would like them removed 3. Those who simply feel that they would benefit from having a session whether they believe in implants or not 4.

They can be of a beneficial nature or of a detrimental nature. Most literature on the internet tends to focus on the detrimental ones. Most people are oblivious to the fact that they have them in their reality, so generally it is people who are on the path of awakening who eventual become aware of their existence and thus that they have a hidden belief within themselves that they exist due to their improvement in awareness or because they come across a block to further spiritual progress.

In this way implants are said to reduce the healing efficiency of your body and impact you in multiple ways. Often having them removed reduces pain, emotional distress, cluttered thoughts and even make addictions easier to remedy etc. This is all dependant on whether any particular implant was an influence or not, as of course there are many other causes for each individual complaint.

In the majority of cases, Etheric Implant Removal serves to remove the blocks to limitation such that people can move forwards more easily rather than directly solving and curing any particular complaint directly.

Where do Etheric Implants come from? The reasons of why implants are there in the first place is a complex subject. There are a great many stories for different types of implant. It is up to you what you decide to believe is true when reading these websites, but I would suggest that you listen to your heart when you do so and notice how much fear and suffering is created in your body when you strengthen these beliefs and how the opposite is true when you let go of them.

As I have said before, ultimately they exist because at some point your consciousness, or at least the distant ancestry of the physical body that you chose to inhabit, created the beliefs that make them a reality, and continue to make implants and the scenarios that cause implantation a reality. I hope eventually that this means I will not have to offer this service at some point in the future! What sorts of Etheric Implant are there?

Well, we finally figured out what to do. Ronnie got the bright idea to have one of the angels bring his Mother back through the tunnel and into the egg with him. This sobered him up and we were stunned at his countenance transformation His mother poured her heart out to him about how much she loved him, and that he was NOT going to Hell. She said she knew he had a hard life because of how abusive his father was when he was a child and expressed her sadness that she passed away and was not there to love and protect him.

This melted his steely cold heart. He trusted his mother enough now to take her hand. With this change of heart, the eggshell's energy fields opened, and he walked out of the egg and down the tunnel with her. Whewwww, what a relief for everyone involved! After the portal was closed and sealed, the heavy energy was totally lifted. We all simultaneously smelled another essence Remember now, we are in the middle of the desert, and there were absolutely NO Roses there!

More details on this story and many others are revealed in the newly released book, "Got Ghosts??? After this quantum experience, I realized what a powerful device these eggs are for quarantining not just energies, but also entities! You cannot use them for egotistical purposes or to try and hurt or injure someone or something with them. Some include elements which cannot be found on planet earth. A number of these implants, believe it or not, were introduced to the body by some of today's designer drugs.

Metallic and organic implants can be physical and detected under certain medical diagnosis Psychic implants can become physical in 3-D if held and sustained long enough. I have been aware of and dealt with these types of implants for more than 15 years. I have had numerous experiences with them both on a personal level and also with my clients. It seems that just when I think I'm getting a handle on how they operate, a new one comes out Recently I have discovered that there are implant varieties, which are similar to parasites in the body.

When you scan for parasites, I use kinesiology and my medical intuitive skills for scanning these little buggers have their own consciousness, and will stop broadcasting their energy and go dormant to trick you into thinking they're not there! Through much stealth and per-severance, I have devised a way to detect them. Since they cannot change the past, you can go back in time and access accurate data on them. When I do this process, I ask my client's body if there were parasites setting up housekeeping in the body yesterday or even 15 minutes ago.

If there were indeed parasites there yesterday or 15 minutes ago, it will show up in the scan. This way you can call their bluff and accurately identify their presence and their activities. Some of these implants need special treatment and have to be dismantled in a certain order, similar to the protocol of disarming a bomb.

Most of these implants are designed to go off and debilitate you in some way when you start awakening to your spiritual path. Severe headaches and extreme physical pain of some sort is very common. They can also disturb your thoughts and your emotions. While I am presently writing this, exposing their existence and designs, I am getting very dizzy, ill and foggy headed When I give Spiritual Contract readings, I find that for every contract you agreed to, you also have at least one and usually several implants that are trying to keep you from fulfilling that contract.

These can be negative thoughts about yourself that have been reinforced by hurtful words, experiences and memories This dynamic can make it really rough because unless you have excellent past life recall, all you have are the debilitating emotions This scenario is prime bait for Indigos getting massively sedated and medicated either by self or by "those in authority". Then depending on what type of implant it is, you can either reprogram it, or eliminate it all together.

Sometimes these little buggers have other programs attached, like, satellites, repeaters, broadcasters, receivers, time-releases, pods, seeds, and new things that may not have even been invented at the time of writing this article. I find that with Indigos, all they need is one or two "implant removal" sessions and they can take the ball or implant in this case and run with it.

They innately know what to do and how best to do it. I encourage this! I tell my clients that if they get stuck though, not to hesitate to contact me for help. It is not a shameful thing to need a little help once in a while The up side to all of this "Implantation" is You gain a more profound "intimate" understanding of these types of sinister operations, and with this education, you activate wondrous aspects of your being that you didn't even remember existed.

Also, once these implants or programs have been removed, it seems that you are so happy to be free, that you face life with a new zest and joy in small things many take for granted. To give you an idea of some of my personal implant challenges, here is a recount that might help you understand a little better, how they operate. About 25 years ago, when I started waking up spiritually, I became aware of a strange response I had that centered around my kids.

I found that I was very uncomfortable demonstrating any type of physical affection to them in public. My energy and actions seemed stiff and robotic. I could do things like dispassionately pat them on the head but not hug and kiss them. When I was home, I was a regular "mother goose" This bizarre anxiety bothered me for years as I tried and tried to figure out what my idiotic problem was!

Then one evening in a meditation I heard this authoritative, conquering voice in my head that made my blood run cold It said something like This threat was backed by some extreme, intense fear frequencies and also imprints from some of my past existences where this very threat actually happened. I worked for many more years to finally get rid of this foul controller. I realized when I was on the other end of it all, that this threat dissipated slowly as my awareness increased of who I am and the empowerment of knowing what I am capable of.

What a relief it is to have these wonderful life forms here to assist us! NOTE: In many instances, these implants are very much like getting your bio-computer hacked and reprogrammed by some outside source. Now you have the education and resources to bypass any encrypted hacker codes and gain access back to your own bio-computer and take command. I have personally set booby traps for any future hackers that think they can sneak in and have access to my control panel!

Once you have discovered an implant, usually in the form of a fear, negative condescending thought, or bold outright threat, it is important to evaluate where you feel it is coming from. Put yourself in an egg and then place a rock on both sides of the body that you think is the center of this. If you can't figure it out, then place a rock on your head and sit on the other one. Then give the rocks the command to help you "identify and quarantine this implant.

When you have stabilized, you need to go and clean up anything that would re-create the implant using the same protocol. I call this the "Peripheral Energy" and it is removed in the same manner. Use your gut instincts and intuition on this as there are no set rules as to what happens.

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