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Poker hand odds pre flop betting

Октябрь 2, 2012

poker hand odds pre flop betting

Odds of two hands versus each other preflop (approximated) ; Pair vs. two higher cards, 7s 7c vs. Ah Jd, , % vs. %. If you hold unpaired cards pre-flop, your chance of making a pair on the flop is just 1 in 3. The good news is that any single opponent is also unlikely to have. The odds against you flopping a set with a hand like 55 are pretty bad; about against. So looking at equity alone, a case could be made to raise 55 if you. FILMS GLASGOW GFT FOREX

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Poker hand odds pre flop betting respawn csgo betting guru poker hand odds pre flop betting


A start of A-A has odds of when you consider the probability of this happening. Although aces are what people aim for, the odds are the same of getting any other specific pair, so for example, the odds are also this if you are aiming to get a K-K pair at the start. High-end suited cards are something else that players look for. These odds are the same for any specific non-pair, which are suited, so for example is exactly the same odds, though obviously this is not the top of this type of hand, people want the higher numbers.

The odds are also worked out for those who are just looking for odds on getting something high end. For example, the combined odds of hitting either A-A, K-K, Q-Q or J-J are , so in theory, you should hit one of these hands every 55 games that you play, although of course that is based on a far bigger sample size so not guaranteed. If you are aiming for high-end flushes later in the game, a start of suited cards which are 10 or better will interest you, and this has odds of in the game of poker.

As for some with smaller odds. The odds of hitting any pair on the draw are , while the odds for any two cards with one of them at least a jack is Any two connected cards is around 5. While any starting hand combination can flop a pair or trips, only paired hole cards can flop a set. For another example, only suited hole cards can flop a flush. This translates to about 2. This translates to about to-1 odds against flopping two pair. Making trips requires holding unpaired hole cards, and seeing two matches to one of your hole cards hit the board.

The odds of flopping trips are about 1. Making three of a kind with paired hole cards and a third matching card hitting the board on the flop is known as flopping a set. With any paired hole card combination, you have about a This translates to about 7.

To flop a straight, you must have hole cards that allow the possibility of connecting with the board to make a straight. With hands that have four different possibilities to flop a straight connectors JT through 54 , you have a 1. That equates to to-1 odds against.

Hole card combos that have three ways to flop a straight have an 0. Two-way straight hands flop a straight. Flopping a flush requires two suited hole cards, and three more cards of that same suit appearing on the flop. If your two hole cards are both the same suit, you have an 0. This equates to to-1 odds against making a flush on the flop.

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