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Republican nomination betting

Октябрь 2, 2012

republican nomination betting

Bet on the Republican Nominee & all your favourite Politics markets with Sky Bet Mobile. Bet now! Pence edges up the list as he places a big Georgia bet against Trump — one that seems likely to pay off. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has the edge again over Donald Trump to score the Republican presidential nomination, according to betting. GUJARAT VIDYAPITH MSW BETTING

There have been some primary polls testing Biden against a multicandidate field that have him leading but only in the 30s in terms of support. Just look at the hubbub that ensued after Rep. Her primary opponents jumped all over her, and she had to apologize! But to your point, Kaleigh, that opens the door for other Democrats to enter the race. And the second is that Biden actually runs again, as Kaleigh just said.

After all, he beat Trump in But they also picked Harris over Trump 45 percent to 44 percent. I do think, though, some Democrats believe anyone other than Biden might be weaker against Trump. There was a 9-point decline among Democrats between the two polls.

To be clear, 75 percent of Democrats said they approve of the job Biden is doing as president. Compare that with the previous month, though, when 84 percent of Democrats felt the same. And surprising no one, his approval rating among Republican voters is much, much lower. In July, only 5 percent of Republicans and 28 percent of independent voters approved of the job Biden is doing which is on par with how Republicans felt in late June, too.

Both Trump and former President Barack Obama usually had approval ratings of at least 80 percent or more among members of their own party, although they did occasionally dip below that mark. Where Biden goes from here — back up or stagnant — could be important to determining whether he runs again. Not only is she veep, but also she held her own during the primaries and could follow a similar trajectory as Biden himself did, using his record during the Obama administration to build out the basic platform planks.

Any discussion of Democratic candidates beyond Biden has to start with Harris. So there is that. After Harris, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton!! Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg netted 7 percent. Democrats do have other options, though. Democrats also have a fairly deep bench of governors and such who could run if they want — Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Gavin Newsom of California, Jared Polis of Colorado, etc.

Is there room for any one else other than Trump? Larry Hogan all seem to be lining up to run. But, of those, DeSantis is the only one who currently seems capable of defeating Trump should the former president indeed run. He was first, with 49 percent support, and DeSantis was in second, at 25 percent. No other candidate broke the double digits. Even if you look at head-to-head matchups between Trump and DeSantis, Trump wins, albeit by a narrower margin. But can Obama capture the center ground as her husband did before her?

But pitching Obama against Trump could be a risky strategy for the Dems. The campaign could become very messy — and the fall-out even more severe. She was once to be president, when campaigning against outsider Trump in How times change. The year-old has never said she would not run for president again, but it does seem as though her chance has gone. The New Yorker is a high-profile Democrat and considered a big threat to the Republican party.

She is popular, concise and electable. She will probably support either Biden or Harris in the primaries. That fueled talk of a socialist revolution in the West, which was kiboshed when Trump won in Years later, Sanders is in a worse place to win an election than he ever has been. When Trump first flirted with the idea of being president in , plenty of people laughed it off as a publicity stunt.

The Rock certainly would prove a popular candidate, but is he really on the verge of running for president? A well-known political commenter and conservative influencer, Carlson has been discussed as a potential candidate to make the switch from entertainment to politics but there has been nothing official out of his camp to suggest he would run in Carlson is popular among Republican voters, though, so should he consider a run at any political office, expect him to garner plenty of attention.

He ran unsuccessfully in as an independent, collecting 60, votes from a possible million. The presenter and podcaster was also tipped to run in due to the success of the Joe Rogan Show. But his position within the GOP is more as commentator and cheerleader, rather than all-in politician.

But it appears will be unlikely. He's ineligible. Presidential Betting Odds Explained Understanding presidential betting odds is hugely important before placing a wager. Remember, you always can use a bet calculator — or check your risk and reward in your bet slip — before completing a wager. Why political odds are different to most sports odds is because there are more than two candidates in the market.

This means that the odds can fluctuate wildly. Think of it like betting on a horse race months before the event begins. You're not sure who will be racing, let alone winning, and so the odds on Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and everyone else are much higher before the primaries. Once it's a one-on-one race, you can be sure the presidential election odds for the final two candidates will shrink. And the shorter your odds, the smaller your potential profits. On one side we have Donald Trump, the former president who holds great power over the Republican party, the right-wing media and his supporters.

Where Trump is a polarizer, DeSantis could draw the GOP closer to the center ground and collect votes in the rust belt. He cannot be discounted here. Meanwhile, the Democrats have a decision to make. Do they stick with the unpopular Biden and go all-in on a second term?

Or do they cut their losses, nominate a new figure to lead the party, and take on the GOP in a fresh campaign? There is a lot of soul searching going on in Democratic camps. Harris, Buttigieg, Newsom, Obama, Clinton. Sites that accept political bets currently think Trump has it in the bag. He has the support of his growing base, plenty of financial muscle to mount a successful presidential campaign, and is feeding off the polarization in American society.

Donald Trump to-3 odds is a slight favorite over Ron DeSantis 7-to-2 odds to win the Presidential Election, while Joe Biden is at 5-to-1 odds to win re-election in Who is predicted to win the Presidential election? Donald Trump is a slight favorite ahead of Ron DeSantis to win the election with a Current President Joe Biden is solidly in third place.

Has Donald Trump selected a running mate? Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has appeared at a number of Trump rallies in the fall of , sparking speculation that she is on the short list for the former president if he runs again, as has been widely assumed. Who will run for President in ? Who will run for President in for the Democrats? Joe Biden may run for president in for the Democrats. Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama have also been suggested. Who will run for President in for the Republicans?

Trump has been the favorite most of the time siunce odds came out, but they are tied now. When is the election? The election will take place on Tuesday, Nov. When do we vote for President in ? The US presidential election takes place on Tuesday, Nov. Americans can either vote on the day, vote in advance or request mail-in ballots. How old is Joe Biden? Joe Biden is 79 years old. He was born Nov. He will be 82 two weeks after the next election.

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Who can bet on the Republican primary? In most states, anyone who is 18 years of age or older is eligible to bet on the Republican primary. Some states do enforce a minimum gambling age of Betting on political events such as party primaries and general elections can be very entertaining, and as it gains popularity, we are seeing more and more Political prop bets and creative wagering lines emerge at sportsbooks. Those who are interested in politics and find it intriguing to follow will likely be the ones who really get into betting in this niche.

Is it legal to bet on the Republican primary? To be perfectly honest, we would have to say the answer to this question is yes, and no. It really depends on where you are placing your bets. There are no US gambling laws that prohibit you from betting on politics at licensed and regulated destinations that are located outside US borders.

You will not find legal US-based political betting options, so if you are trying to place a bet on who will win the Republican nomination in Vegas or elsewhere in the US, you will be out of luck. There are a number of legally licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks that welcome US players and offer competitive political betting lines and odds through a secure and high-quality gambling site.

You can find a listing of those options on this page. Where can I bet on who will win the Republican nomination? Republican Front-Runners Donald Trump Donald Trump rattled the Democrats when he won the Presidency in , for his second term election he is expected to go all out and head to head with the Democratic nominee. Trump has undoubtedly flipped the political world upside down.

His supporters love him no matter what is thrown his way and his haters hate him more than any other candidate in history, figuratively speaking of course. Even though the incumbent is being contested by William Weld and Joe Walsh it is unlikely any other Republican candidate will get a real chance at dethroning Trump giving his popularity among his party.

There are a lot of things one can cite as the reason Republicans do so poorly in presidential elections. For starters, other than Fox News and talk radio, the rest of the networks unabashedly shill for Democrats. Another reason is that Republicans cannot seem to stop shooting themselves in the foot. Another one of the biggest reasons Republicans are doing so poorly, however, is actually George W.

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