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Sporting index spread betting cricket

Октябрь 2, 2012

sporting index spread betting cricket

Welcome to ESPNcricinfo's spread zone in partnership with Sporting Index. Find out how to spread bet, why you should spread bet, how to find the best prices. Cricket is a popular sport for spread betting. The difference between Cricket spread betting and fixed odds betting on cricket is that bets are placed. The Sporting Index App offers the best spread betting experience at your fingertips and on the move. Offering thousands of markets available across all your. NHL BETTING FORUM SBR

Second, remain in control when spread markets move against you. Chasing your losses is dangerous enough in fixed odds betting markets, it has the potential to rapidly empty your account when spread betting. Ultimately, you should never risk more than you can afford to lose. One way of ensuring that you stick to these pieces of advice is to devise a trading plan. The plan should include your profit goals, appetite for risk, methodology and how your going to measure progress.

Your plan will help you to maintain the consistent approach that allows you to ride out the inevitable losses along the way. Spread betting allows you to close your bet before the underlying event that you are betting on reaches its conclusion. You should therefore be continually assessing your position to evaluate whether you should take a profit or a loss — thereby eliminating the risk of having to absorb a far greater loss later on.

For example, at the start of the football season, you buy a team at 55 who then go on to exceed expectations in their opening fixtures. The spread, which is updated after every fixture, rises to , giving you a 10 point profit 65 minus 55 if you choose to sell.

The traditional depiction of spread betting psychology is that shrewd customers sold and naive customers bought. While this is no longer as true as it once was, with the proliferation of spread betting advice on the internet and customers learning from experience, some people still trade sentimentally, backing something they hope will happen rather than what they think will happen.

Additionally, there is the fear of catastrophic losses incurred by selling. Less sentiment driven punters assess the statistical probability of such a loss before placing a bet and are also mindful of the stop loss facility and that they can close out the bet before the event reaches its conclusion. Football is by far the most popular sport on spread betting markets, followed by rugby, cricket and golf. This may provide the basis for a spread betting strategy. A spread betting firm is going to devote the bulk of its resources to pricing its most popular markets; employing teams of specialists who will spend all week analysing matches, poring over statistics and discussing various types of markets.

It would be asking a lot for a punter to get the better of such a team over the long term. Spread betting firms are likely to be more vulnerable when pricing less popular markets such as speedway or cycling i. This is where you may find prices that are wrong in your favour. Once your fifth bet settles, the sportsbook will credit the fixed-odds bonus to your account. Your free bet has a validity of one week so be sure to use it on the fixed-odds markets before it expires.

Wagers made on the enhanced-odds and special markets do not qualify for this offer. Additionally, the mobile sportsbook awards bonuses for friend referrals. Respectively, you should do the same. The app features separate tabs for the events in progress, the popular bets, and the up-next events. There is no better place than Sporting Index for punters who seek to expand their sports betting repertoire with spread betting.

A Healthy Selection of Soccer Markets If this is a way too risky venture for your taste, you can always switch to the fixed-odds section, where you will find a healthy range of sports. The soccer market selection is very solid as the sportsbook accepts wagers on various international and domestic events.

Sporting Index does not fall flat when it comes to other sports. The mobile sportsbook offers pre-match and in-play action for tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, boxing, and volleyball.

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For example, a spread betting site might predict that Joe Root will score runs in a three-match Test series. You have two options: sell at if you think he will struggle, or buy at if you think he will have a great series.

If Root goes on to hit score of 48, 73, 21, 84, 12 and , you would in line for a large profit. His total runs for the series would amount to That is higher than the price of that you bought at. That figure is then multiplied by your stake in order to calculate your return. However, you have to be careful. If Root has a poor series and only ends up scoring runs in total, you would lose 30 times your stake, as is 30 below the price of you bought at.

On the flipside, if you sold at , you would hope that he has a terrible series, and you would be left to rue your decision if he went on to rack up a number of high scores. A Wealth of Possibilities That example illustrates the key differences between fixed-odds betting and spread betting. If you went to a fixed-odds site , you might be able to bet on Root scoring over runs in the series or under runs in the series. However, your interest might then start to wane. It shows that spread betting is a lot riskier than fixed-odds betting.

If you place a fixed-odds wager, you know exactly how much you stand to win or lose. If you place a spread bet on a market like total runs in cricket, total points in tennis, total corners in football and so on, your potential profit and loss is undetermined. Spread betting allows you to earn huge profits off a relatively small stake.

However, there is also the potential to incur significant losses, so you need to be careful. That is why spread betting appeals to sporting experts, but it can be equally exciting for casual fans. You can read more about spread betting basics by visiting the site of a leading operator like Sporting Index.

Spread Betting Strategies There are several ways to mitigate the potential losses you might incur if your prediction is unsuccessful. The easiest method is to be sensible with your stake. The example of total batsman runs in a cricket match is a pretty extreme spread betting market. What Makes a Good Welcome Offer?

We want welcome offers that we can use. We want low-stress betting with high-return rewards. We want them to help us boost our bankroll across the season. We want them to deliver real winnings to our bottom line. Simple, really. Fully, partially or reverse closed bets do not qualify. Full terms apply. Spread betting involves risk.

Losses can exceed deposits. Always bet responsibly. They do it well. Their welcome bonuses and sign up offers usually reflect that, and this latest offer is no exception. The Catch There are a few caveats—as you can expect from any sign up bonus. Simply make your deposit, place your bets, and Sporting Index will pop your free bet into your Promo Wallet once the last bet settles. New clients only. Qualifying bet needs to be placed and settled within 14 days of registration. Free bets valid for 7 days and stake not returned.

Cashed out or voided bets will not count towards qualifying. Full terms available online. Continue through the sign up process.

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Cricket Spread Betting - Sporting Index

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