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Tesla ethereum giveaway

Октябрь 2, 2012

tesla ethereum giveaway

“5, BTC giveaway”, screams the banner. They say: Our marketing department here at Tesla HQ came up with an idea: to hold a special giveaway. The hacker, posing as Elon Musk, wrote: "We here at Tesla HQ came up with a on a Telegram link advertising giveaways of Bitcoins, Ether. Tesla ETH Giveaway!To verify your address, just send from to ETH to the address below and get from 5 to ETH back! AUTO FIBO FOREX GROUP

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Tweet Promoting Scam When going to the promoted page, you will be shown a fake Medium site promoting the giveaway. These article then contain links to the above giveaway scam pages. Fake Medium Article To make it more convincing, the fake Medium page even includes fake comments praising how much they made from the giveaway and a fake call to action that lets you subscribe to more articles from Elon Musk.

Fake Comments and Call to Action People fall for these scams Now before you say that nobody falls for these scams, I hate to say it, but people do. This address has received 4 payments to total. Ethereum Payments While the Ethereum scam is not generating a lot of revenue, the fake Tesla Bitcoin giveaway is doing much better.

Bitcoin Payments It is possible that the scammers are tipping themselves to make it seem more legitimate, but as there are no outgoing transactions back to the sender's wallet address, it makes me believe these are people falling for the scam. Unfortunately, as cryptocurrency prices continue to increase, we will see more scams like these and people falling for them. The simple rule is don't take part in cryptocurrency giveaways.

These scams rise in popularity as cryptocurrency prices increase. BleepingComputer was told by security researcher Frost that there has been a resurgence of cryptocurrency giveaway scams being promoted on Twitter. These scams state that if a person sends between.

Below are two examples pretending to be from Tesla and John McAfee, which you can click on to see them in larger sizes. Fake Tesla Cryptocurrency Giveaway Fake McAfeee Cryptocurrency Giveaway The scam pages will show a pool of cryptocurrency with an indicator of how much cryptocurrency is left to giveaway and a live streaming list of transactions allegedly being sent to and from the cryptocurrency address.

These indicators are shown to make it look like many people are taking part in the giveaway. This also acts as a goad to get more people to contribute to the giveaway before the available pool of free cryptocurrency runs out. Live stream of transactions Promoted through tweets These scams are promoted through Twitter accounts that impersonate Elon Musk, John McAfee, and other celebrities and contain a link to another site where you can learn more about the promotion or giveaway.

Tweet Promoting Scam When going to the promoted page, you will be shown a fake Medium site promoting the giveaway.

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