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Betting strategy on greyhounds

Октябрь 2, 2012

betting strategy on greyhounds

Remember there's no need to bet on each single race. Restrict yourself to two or three races per day. If it's difficult for you to pick a winning dog and you're. Greyhound Betting Strategy Guide · Go Outside When It Rains · Look To Have Youth On Your Side · Look Beyond The Obvious · Know Your Tracks · The Path. Last but not least, another greyhound tips strategy is to back your runner each way. In an eight runner race, punters can back a dog to finish. PRICE PREDICTION OF ETHEREUM CLASSIC

By betting not so much at first, you will not suffer anyway. These strategies for betting on greyhound races have been proven to work, offering you an opportunity to increase your success rate in winning greyhound racing bets. In greyhound markets, you can place strong bets like the English Greyhound Derby or place simple bets that happen on a specific day.

Hedging your Bets: Hedging betting is a Best Greyhound Betting Strategy, but it literally translates to self-protection. Through this strategy, you can bet yourself in order to maximize the profit and minimize the risk. For example, your thing to do is betting on the favourite to place and the second to show; you know that it is highly likely to happen.

As a result, you will have a potentially smaller cut that can protect you and your bet. Get a calculator to figure out all the potential outcomes. Arbitrage your Bets: Arbitrage Betting is similar to the hedging process, but it is done in a way that it only guarantees you profit irrespective of the outcome. Arbitrage betting as a Best Greyhound Betting Strategy is usually done on the betting exchange where you can bet on how the odds are positioned and how the odds are moving.

Also known as matched betting, Arbitrage betting strategy requires mathematical ability. If you can pull it off, you can acquire rigid cash. A Couple of Common Strategies to Avoid If you are browsing through greyhound betting systems online and alleged best greyhound betting strategy, you might have already come across a few dodgy strategies that promise you a sure way to make profits. An important thing to know is that there is nothing like a surefire way of winning bets.

Do not fall into pipe dreams before reading these fallacies: The Monte Carlo Fallacy: Emerging from Monte Carlo Casino, this strategy speaks about the situation where the ball lands on the black for 26 times in a row. Gamblers are known to lose millions by betting against the black in the belief that the ball will land on red.

The same is the case with greyhound betting. The Martingale Fallacy: Another fallacy that is prominent in the gambling world, is when a better doubles their stake to win in order to prevent the loss. The bettor believes that by doubling their stake, they are going to get their money back. Even if you are wealthy, this fallacy will make you bankrupt when you are wagering without any control. Martingale Fallacy is even harder to achieve given how they are just six selections in all the races.

Bookmark These Popular GamblingGuy Betting Guides Apart from the Best Greyhound Betting Strategy, it is important to calculate the betting odds instead of relying on the bookmaker odds to know if you can have an edge on a particular bet.

All the statistics will help you understand your variables and will land success in your way. When it comes to online betting , it is just an effort to become better at it. All of the strategies can help you from the possible losses in future. Best Greyhound Betting Strategy — Final Round Up Betting on greyhound races, especially online is an enjoyable pastime that can also be lucrative. With the Best Greyhound Betting Strategy and keeping in mind the fallacies that you should avoid while placing a bet, you can ensure that you have a better chance of winning your bets.

This is a crucial point as whilst Trap 3 might be doing well for one night of racing, if all dogs in that trap were massive favourites pre-race, then this will likely be the reason, rather than just the trap. You could also tie weather conditions into this, as well.

Often what you will find from courses that have seen a lot of rain is that one side of the track will dry out faster than the other. Obviously, a wetter track means its going to be harder for the dogs to gain tracking than the drier side, which can have a huge affect on how each race is run. The Draw The draw can be as big a variant in greyhound racing as the ability of each dog. Due to the length of each race, the time it takes for the dogs to get round is likely going to be sub 30 seconds for most, so each tiny advantage that the dog can get is going to be huge.

You should be looking to target dogs in the middle traps. The reasoning behind this is that this often allows them to keep away from the rail and getting boxed in, but also have a good sight of the hare to pursue. But, bear in mind that not all tracks will be the same and the inside or even outside traps could still be beneficial. Just like in the point above, try and gauge from the opening couple of races or even past meetings which traps will likely be most favourable, and then target your research towards dogs in these traps.

The trick is to find a good balance between age and experience, and if anything, you should be looking at the younger dogs over the older dogs. But, with each race, the younger dogs are gaining experience and likely have the pace, but not the race knowledge just yet. Finding the Value Bet Value betting is the key to sports betting. Before looking at the odds on offer each dog, look at what percentage you think they have of winning the race. By assessing each dog, you are able to see a much bigger picture rather than just comparing the top couple of dogs in the field based on odds.

You can do this by visualising how that race might be run and the possible outcomes given all the data you have available.

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The decision will be based on a number of factors including how each dog behaves when it leaves the trap during trial races. This is a key point for consideration when you are developing your greyhound betting strategy. An R indicates that the dog heads over to the inside rail, an M denotes that the dog runs centre track and a W means it goes wide.

Read everything you can find A good place to start is to take a look through the greyhound racing rules on the GBGB website, which will explain a lot of things. Fortunately, they are written in a style that makes them easy reading and will certainly enhance your greyhound betting knowledge and help you understand any how-to bet on dogs racing strategy you come across!

Publications like the Racing Post are useful for tips and statistics, as is the Timeform website. Not only will you find some great odds due to the unpredictability of the outcome, you might also spot a future champion dog in the making. Although greyhounds are bred with a certain type of race in mind, at this stage they will be trialled over different distances. The ability to spot in advance where they seem most comfortable and have consistent results is worth keeping a note of now as a part of your overall strategy.

Focusing on lesser events is actually a good ploy for some other sports too. Find your own niche Watch more greyhound races, learn about how grading works and develop your knowledge about the various UK greyhound tracks. Developing your knowledge in those areas will give you a clear advantage over other punters when you bet on greyhounds.

Straight bets By straight bets, we are referring to the least complicated single bets you can place, which equates to outright winner or betting each way. Bearing in mind that there are only a maximum of six dogs in each race, you are less likely to find any decent odds in this category, unless there is an anomaly of some sort to take advantage of. Tricast — predict first, second and third placed dogs in the correct order.

Reverse — Similar to Forecast and Tricast, but the dogs can place in any order for a win. Exacta and Trifecta — these are Tote-only versions of Forecast and Tricast bets which have a minimum stake and winnings defined by the number of winning tickets and the Tote pool dividend. Accumulators An accumulator bet requires you to predict the winner from a given number of different races. The way an accumulator works is by automatically betting your winnings on the next race. The more selections, the greater the odds and the bigger the potential payout.

However, every prediction on your ticket must be correct, or your bet loses. Just remember to shop around to see which bookie is capable of giving you the best value fixed odds for your chosen runner. Plus it can be worth checking out those bookies who allow you to bet on the first four if you really want to push your luck.

At the other end of the scale, there are also situations when one dog looks to be such a firm favourite that they are judged by many to be a 'certainty' or as close to one as you are likely to get. If you are wondering what is the best approach at times like this, then you could look at 1. We should also note the fact that all good bookies will give you a wealth of information that justifies the greyhound odds that they are offering.

However, if you find after doing your homework that a bookie is underselling a dog, it may be the perfect hound to bet on. In short, it constitutes a value bet. A value bet strategy explained in full could be the perfect resource to help you reap the best rewards from a dog.

It's simply exploitation of an underestimation by a bookmaker. Take advantage of the unusually high odds for a better return. After all, if there was an unbeatable greyhound strategy, then the betting industry would probably collapse overnight. Above all, successfully betting on greyhound racing is all about managing risk. Plus no amount of statistical research is going to give you everything you need to master each of the infinite number of variables that determine the result of each greyhound race.

The best thing that you can do is control the few things that are under your power. These are the bookmakers you choose to use and the kinds of bets that you put down. Plus each of our recommended bookies will give you all of the tools you need to gamble responsibly. This is important as the worst thing that you can do when betting on greyhounds is to bet beyond your means.

It should also be mentioned that all of these strategies involve placing a wager before the race starts. Unlike some other events, greyhound racing is not a always a good fit for in play betting. For this reason, you are far more likely to see a in-play football strategy or an in play tennis betting strategy than one for greyhound betting.

Conclusion - Time to put your betting knowledge to the test! Now that you know the best greyhound betting strategy, there should be nothing stopping you in how you bet on the dogs. All sports betting fans would like to find a profitable system. So read our guide that outlines how you can make the best greyhound betting strategy.

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Betting On Greyhounds To Win £70 A Day Work From Home As A Pro Gambler betting strategy on greyhounds

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