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Richard betts highway call discogs marketplace

Октябрь 2, 2012

richard betts highway call discogs marketplace

good| air| coord| called| f.c| v| son| 48| richard| | peter| votes| View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of "Highway Call" on Discogs. Visual ; PW, Highway Call — Sydney Smith (3), Richard Betts* · Richard Betts* - Highway Call (Album) 3 versions. SNOOKER OUTRIGHT BETTING

Burrow was head of Male Productions Co. Owens was with Owepar Publishing for 12 years and joins Lavendar as an agent. Noblett is executive assistant, coming from a local law firm. Most of the indies are now working smaller labels, and I see lots of singles being worked on those labels. Cal Milner. Cook says he noticed a decline in independent promo calls when the station was still programming rock.

Since the format change in November, he's noticed an increase. Paterson, NJ Telex AOR formats, which are becoming less apt to play music by new acts due to the prevalence of older listeners. Rightly or wrongly, programmers believe the older demographic groups respond more favorably to music performed by acts they are familiar with. He points to one indie promo rep who has since joined a major label. Specific terms of the acquisition were not disclosed here at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show, which ended Sunday II , where both Jensen, a major home and car audio manufacturer, and Discwasher were exhibiting.

It was believed, however, to be a cash sale. No operational or personnel changes are expected, stressed executives of both firms. Bruce Maier, Discwasher chief executive officer, who founded the firm in , will continue in that role, Discwasher maintains. Jim Twerdahl, chief executive officer of International Jensen, indicates the newly acquired division will operate autonomously, as do other Jensen divisions.

Esmark Inc. Indie Promo Men: Future's Uncertain Continued from page 1 longtimers and sources close to CBS say that it is the company's practice every year not to use independents during the Christmas season. Normally, CBS rehires indie promo men in mid -January, and is expected to do so again.

Officially, the company has no comment. More Kenny Rogers," he says. DiSipio is optimistic for the future. Consultants make the value judgments, and that can be scary. Despite the "smaller pie. Y , Supp lying the graphic needs of the record industry since Cutting, Plating. Labels, Jackets MP Maxi 33 LP. Produced by Quelli del Castello.

Arranged by Celso Valli. MP Double LP. MP Maxi By contrast, PolyGram Records will release only two of its projected 20 titles for this period in 8- track, those being hard rock LPs from Rush Mercury and Rainbow Polydor. Among the other releases When he was 16, Humberto moved to the U. He worked on an assembly line for a while, before wandering into MGM Studios. A year later, when an engineer got sick before a major session, Humberto was the only one around who could get the job done.

The people have to be realistic. How many albums is a 27 -year-old guy going to buy, as opposed to a year -old? I mean, you go to a record store. Maybe a year -old is going to buy four albums. A 23 -yearold is going to buy one or two -he's very picky. He might buy very specific groups that he likes. He might follow critics. When you make records, you have to think kids. You cut the basic track, the vocals, and then the producer goes all the way back again. He starts replacing the drums.

And then he replaces the bass, because the bass doesn't feel quite right. And then he starts doing the keyboards again. So that by the time he's finished, he's done it all over again. If it's not right, I understand. Let's do it all over again. Warner Bros. I have been part of one of those and it just drove me crazy:' lease any of its currently scheduled first quarter titles in that category, nor is it looking to in the near future.

I never use it, either when I'm doing tracks or when I'm doing final mixes. They really affect the music. They affect sound in general. To me, the punch is all gone. The drums sound different. The vocals sound different. The keyboards sound different. Only once, I've experienced a different brand of tape.

And I was very disappointed. And I had a serious problem. It got so bad, like in the middle of the mixes, the tape started giving up -heavy drop -out in places. And then the tape started peeling. Not on the outside. It was giving up on the inside. I mean, I was doing a mix, and halfway through the song, the whole top end disappeared, like someone threw a blanket on top of the speaker.

So we mixed about halfway through the album. We mixed in sections. We cleaned the heads all over the place. We did the introduction. Clean the heads again. We don't want to take chances. I wouldn't do a project with any other tape besides the I have done the past 20 albums, the past 30 albums all on Scotch.

It gives me what I want, and what I want is a real clean taping, punchy bottom end, very little hiss, almost none. You have to try things in order to know if you're doing the right thing. If you don't try, you'll never know. Nil,3wft t c A V Products Division. King, One Way, J. Assistance in this story provided by Douglas E.

All of those titles will be released in 8 -track as well as cassette and disk. Artwork and parts for 8 -track product are readied along with the cassette and disk counterparts. As for Atlantic Records, only two major acts will be represented in January, the Rolling Stones and Sis- Continued on opposite page Indie Promo Continued from page 6 merman and Kostick are both optimistic.

But they also see their future more in terms of diversifying to management, and also with working with managers of other acts. The two promo men also suggest that they may be working with their colleagues around the country on nationwide projects. Carson City. Nev nection. A release schedule for March has yet to be set. All titles will see release in all three product configurations simultaneously.

Arista has several major chart acts represented with product during the coming quarter, including Gino Vanelli, who makes his label debut this month, Tom Browne, Dickey Betts, Rav Parker, Jr. The latter two are both double pocket sets recorded live, with no price yet set. Ariola will release a new album by Krokus, with no price yet determined. RSO's first quarter plans include a new Eric Clapton album due sometime around March, when the guitarist launches a new tour.

No list price has yet been set, and the label reports there are no current plans to issue it in 8 -track form. New York, N. Neil Bogart's Boardwalk Entertainment Co. And Boardwalk will have some market identification via producer, if not act, with the label debut for Get Wet, the first new act to be produced by hitmaker Phil Ramone in several years. The UFO and Selecter sets will be issued in 8- track.

Blue Rose. The complaint charges Ampex used improper and unauthorized reserves. The veteran group has its first top 20 album, "Hi Infidelity" on the strength of its top 30 breakthrough single, "Keep On Loving You. At its second annual manufacturers' meeting held Thursday 8 , Harmony Hut board chairman Stuart Schwartz introduced the chain's marketing strategy for A broad range of product to meet the interests of a variety of consumers, central buying and distribution from the chain's headquarters, and a series of promotions to even sales throughout the year, were the main themes Schwartz covered.

Hosting close to 60 representatives from major record labels at the daylong meet, Schwartz was happy to show off Harmony Hut's new headquarters in the Washington suburb of Lanham, Md. In , Harmony Hut opened six new stores and added prerecorded videotapes to 17 of its 24 outlets. While began with sales down 7. Continued on page 62 Paraphernalia Move Hurt Continued from page 3 case argued that the ordinance throttled speech and expression relating to use of drugs and paraphernalia, violating the First and Fourteenth amendments.

Citing the decision in the Ginsberg vs. New York suit, which allowed that state to regulate the sale of pornography to minors, the court ruled the principles in the New York case applied equally in the Westminster ordinance's thrust. Plaintiffs against the Westminster ordinance, according to the decision, contended it violated both federal and state constitutions because it arbitrarily classified and selected them to be subjected to unequal and burdensome restrictions not imposed on a general class of businesses.

Such businesses cited by Music Plus Four and other retailers in the area handling paraphernalia were "record manufacturers and tv networlts. In a correlative legal move, Licorice Pizza and Music Plus are plaintiffs in an action which would test the "Presley bill," which became effective in the state Jan. Co- plaintiffs argue that their First, Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendment rights are violated by the statute.

Advertisement Master Turned Down? Don't Give Up If you believe enough in your product to spend time and money on it and it is passed on by the majors, that doesn't mean it's a loser. Many passed on masters have gone on to be hits. NLDC will get your label out there and afford you the opportunity to guide your own destiny in the record business. Understanding the problems of the small indie we have structured a very fair, affordable fee to set your label up as a nationally distributed record company.

Then, about two years ago, it started selling import and independent new wave disks. Six months ago it started recording and pressing some of its own singles, and now one of them, "Too Many Creeps" by the Bush Tetras, finds itself at 57 on Billboard's disco chart.

Such has been the story of 99 Records, named for the store's location at 99 MacDougal St. First release On the label last July was a 12 -inch single "Lesson No. This was followed by "Too Many Creeps," a 7 -inch 45 r. In November. When the Bush Tetras went on tour, they took copies of the record to give to disk jockeys, but we didn't give any to Rock Pool, because we felt they were too big.

We do not want our record to be sent to a DJ with six others. So far, says Bahlman, 99 has sold all of the first 4, pressings of "Too Many Creeps" and he is expecting another shipment of 4, is distributed through small independent distributors whom Bahlman met while selling their product in his clothing- record store. The 99 store itself in New York stocks about 1, esoteric titles.

It does not handle product of the major labels. Knowing that the life styles, lyrics, intentions and album covers of many of the rock stars are perverse, immoral. The graven images of their gods shall you born with fire. According to a newsletter of the National Radio Broadcasters Assn. Blank Tapes! Multi -Million Dollar Inventory! I don't know a better word I can use for it.

Sutton says it should be open again in several weeks. As for new additions to the chain, Sutton says one or two more units may open in However, if a store opens in a major traffic location, only one store might be added. Included will be contenders for awards in 59 different categories, to be determined by votes submitted by NARAS members across the country. Those represent the addition of yet another category to the 58 awarded last year, owing to the creation of separate male and female awards in the jazz vocal category.

The group, which has swelled to about members since its inception four years ago, was set up to educate and work toward mobility in the broadcasting industry. The organization was also designed to assist radio programmers. It expanded its concept last year to include record promotion persons. Topping the list is the planned formation of new chapters, says Henry.

Priester also is the organization's treasurer. The organization has also formed four committees, including finance, headed by A. Prefer Buy -Out Send as much detail as possible, including artist name, sample, desired terms, etc.

ADE M. Managing Editor: Adam White N. Executive Editor: Is Horowitz N. Bureau Chief: Sam Sutherland. Offices: Chicago N. Wacker Dr. Cincinnati Patterson St. London -7 Carnaby St. News Editor. Tokyo- Utsunomiya Bldg. Washinitie th St. Box 40, Tai Po, N.

Yurchenkov, 14 Rubinstein St. Sales Staff. Africa, Switzerland- contact U. Associates, P. Salpy Tchalekian L. Jim Muccione L. Change for one of the most enchanting our music industry with its newfound, and enjoyable vocations on the finely honed business good acumen ready to turn earth.

We plan to listen -and -oiled profits. We change for are Billboard. But we ters, along with some venerable veterans, willing and ready to want advice, suggestions and -yes-even constructive criticism take Billboard to new heights. There's a new editor -in- chief -namely, me. There's a new We plan to take the momentum of this publication. There's a new West Coast bu- in , and build on the solid, and often inspired. A new executive editor -Is Horo- tions of those who have guided its destiny in the past.

Billboard witz. The quality of men like White, Sutherland and Horowitz is 86 years old -we're going to make it 86 years young. Many will be announced soon. We will not tolerate insensitive Yes, we will make our share of mistakes in this frantic fast - articles that have occasionally marred our coverage. Hopefully, those mistakes will and compassion in its editorial staffers.

That energy and ability be minor while our successes will be major. But on the other hand it wasn't such a bad one either. It was uneventful with highlights only at the very beginning and at the very end. Pink Floyd's "The Wall" was a record -breaking super -album early in the year. And, concentrated in a period of a couple of weeks in December. Nothing new on the international front and nothing at all from local trendsetting resources.

But this generalization again had two notable exceptions: Peter Maffay and Howard Carpendale. Both of these artists have reached superstar status in Germany, Wilfried Jung: "We who are used to weathering a storm can certainly wait out a becalmed sea. The rest of the year was occupied with the re- exploitation of local material and the release of new international material.

Television -promoted albums compiled from back catalog and cover versions of international hits dominated the charts. Sales figures were "satisfactory," a useful word to describe the approximate situation of the German market in general in There were a few constructive contributions to the video discussions.

Standing now at the beginning of it's not only intercompany budgeting and forecasting which require concrete planning for the next 12 months. We have to do more than just compile figures and numbers. It is more a case of tuning up an industrial group for what will be a very decisive year. He headquarters in Cologne. The expansion of the market whitewashed our shortcomings and the odd misplanning here and there. But those lucky old days are over. The German record industry, one of the last remaining "islands of wealth and health," will most certainly be confronted with stagnation or even shrinking demands from music buyers.

All in all there's nothing much to worry about, one might tend to say. We're flexible after all, and we who are used to weathering a storm can certainly wait out a becalmed sea. Money we earn matters, not the money we spend Personally, I feel there are good reasons for going along with such a belief. But it nevertheless remains a fact that there will be confrontation with the additional problems of the worldwide music market. The girls come together in Eddie Kendricks from a local male vocal group, The Primes, is credited with introducing the girls to each other.

Williams, like Eddie Kendricks, is in The Primes. Williams is also dating Betty McGlown. His young female discoveries are dubbed The Primettes in imitation of his group. A record label, Lu Pine, is created specifically for The Primettes.

Betty McGlown is forced by her parents to leave the act in she dies from diabetes in and is replaced by Barbara Martin born June Their next move is to audition for Motown Records. The founder and boss of Motown is Berry Gordy. Following a short career as a professional boxer, Gordy opens a record shop specialising in jazz. When that enterprise goes bankrupt in , he gets work on the assembly-line for the Ford automobile factory. Gordy quits that job in , becoming a professional songwriter. Berry Gordy parlays this into a career as an independent record producer, taking on Marv Johnson and Barrett Strong as clients.

So, when The Primettes audition for Berry Gordy in , Motown is still just in its infancy, though its future looks promising. One of the most notable things about Motown is that, for the first time, it is a company whose owners, executives and recording artists are all African-American. Yet that is not something the business emphasises. There are professional songwriters, professional producers and professional musicians.

There is even staff assigned to groom the stars in presentation and etiquette. Berry Gordy, the boss of Motown, seems to take a particular interest in Diana Ross. He saw we had the class or whatever it was to go to the next level. I think that the relationship [with Diana Ross] was second to that. Florence Ballard, the most mercurial of the bunch, goes through some serious turmoil. Shortly after the Motown audition, she is raped by Reggie Harding, a high school basketball player.

Despite this, she continues on with her singing career. She is periodically pulled out of The Primettes by her parents for allowing her school work to suffer. They pick up some work providing handclaps or backing vocals to the recording sessions of other artists. Finally, Berry Gordy relents and gives the girls a recording contract. Berry Gordy and Motown staffer Janie Bradford submit a list of possible names to the girls. It is Florence Ballard who selects The Supremes.

The music of The Supremes is sometimes characterised as rhythm and blues or soul. These labels are often lazily applied to any music by African-American recording artists. Rhythm and blues is strong on dance beats and soul draws heavily from the gospel music of church gatherings. Although Diana Ross started singing in church, she betrays few of the characteristics associated with true soul singers like Aretha Franklin.

Motown tells The Supremes what to record. Despite the likes of Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy writing early singles for the act e. I never felt myself to be a soul singer but I believed in melody and my music, my songs. If you happened to be in her way while she was going toward the centre, that was your fault.

Florence loved Diana. Diana loved Florence and vice versa. We were all that close. They really hit their stride with the single released in July. We need a hit. Berry Gordy urges his acts to stick to a proven method until it is totally exhausted. As his lady friend is about to walk out, this title pops into his head.

The Supremes offer a nice accompanying dance step, extending a palm out right in the fashion of a traffic cop. The Supremes release an astonishing five albums in , but they are very diverse. The four Supremes singles for — two of which are chart-toppers — exhibit a previously unknown depth and complexity to the arrangements masterminded by HDH, who continue to act as producers and songwriters.

Both albums are padded out with a number of cover versions. In Motown allows The Supremes a vacation for the first time in three years. Diana Ross spends her break on a charm-school refresher course. After a hectic few years of hit-making, developments in will change the status quo for The Supremes.

Released in February, this song is coloured by a psychedelic harpsichord sound, indicating the group moving with the times. The film is about some hippies going with the flow but finding themselves in trouble with the mafia. This is another attempt to broaden The Supremes appeal as all-around entertainers instead of just pop stars. Whether the boozing should be attributed to dissatisfaction with her career, post-traumatic stress from her sexual assault, or some intrinsic personal flaw, is a matter for conjecture.

At this point, the Holland-Dozier-Holland team leaves Motown for independent production with their own Invictus Records.

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