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Family guy fred flintstone betting

Октябрь 2, 2012

family guy fred flintstone betting

Fred is the husband of Wilma Flintstone and father of Pebbles Flintstone and together the family live in their homely cave in the town of Bedrock. Today's TV Talk includes reactions to Sunday's "Family Guy"/"The Simpsons" The judge is Fred Flintstone, who declares: "Neither of these. DVD sales, Family Guy is one in several contemporary animated sitcoms in her essay “From Fred and Wilma to Ren and Stimpy: What Makes a Cartoon. THE BASICS OF MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS INVESTOPEDIA FOREX

Of course, Mighty Mouse also needs to be singled out for one other reason -- the wonderful theme song, which remains as catchy today as ever, and of course was the inspiration for a famous Andy Kaufman bit. Original Air Date Syndicated theatrical shorts 68 Today, Popeye might be merely seen as the greatest endorsement of one of the most lackluster vegetables of all time. But "back in the day" this malformed, one-eyed, corncob pipe-smokin' sailor was the complete franchise.

In , Popeye appeared as a supporting character in the comic strip Thimble Theater, which was originally a venue for Olive Oyl and her kin. He quickly stole the hearts and minds of America. Soon the comic strip was focused on him, and Olive even dumped her longtime boyfriend Ham Gravy to become Popeye's main squeeze. Sounds a bit like an "ole timey" Urkel if you ask us. In , Popeye got his own animated series, which usually found him getting pounded to a pulp by nogoodniks until he finally ingested canned spinach and fought back with superhuman strength.

Popeye was an icon that spawned movies, lunchboxes, pinball machines and even his own line of frozen food. Here's an excerpt from Franich's piece: "The best parts of "The Simpsons Guy" came in the first half, when the two shows were just playfully interacting.

But you could feel how this crossover wanted to be about something deeper. By the middle of the episode, Homer and Peter are in court for copyright infringement. The judge is Fred Flintstone, who declares: "Neither of these beers is wholly original! They're both imitations! Nope, the scene was a fight, during which Homer threw Emmy statues at Peter. There was speculation that the Springfield character who was headed for eternal reward was Krusty the Clown.

Instead, it was Krusty's father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofski.

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However, Fred was not really "cured" of his vice. When he announces to Arnold, the precocious journal-delivering juvenile, that he is cancelling his "newspaper" subscription due to chronic lateness on Arnold's part, Arnold is in the process of playing marbles and bets five cents that he can win against Fred in knocking a marble out of a circle.

Fred loses the game and bets double-or-nothing again and again with Arnold, and each time, Arnold is the victor. Fred is honor-bound not to "welsh" on his woebegone wagers and allows Arnold to possess his television and living room furniture for Arnold's boys' clubhouse until Fred can pay Arnold the large sum of dollars specified in the final gamble; Wilma had "found" Fred's stashed savings inside of his bowling ball and used them to pay a man who was going to repossess the Flintstones' television.

Wilma eventually suspects that Fred has again succumbed to his inclination. Once informed by Fred that Fred loaned the television and furniture to Arnold's boys' club, she is unable to demand the return to Flintstone house of the television and furniture because the boys all hail Fred as their hero.

In " Dammit Janet! Eventually, they notice they walked in to a Bedrock like setting and back away. Joe Swanson 's wheelchair is tipped over by a plate of dinosaur ribs delivered by a cavegirl carhop in the same manner as Fred Flintstone's car in " Ready, Willing, and Disabled ". Carol Channing episode of Celebrity Boxing saying "Bet-bet-bet-bet! Victor , Olivia Fuller 's playmate, is cited to have starred in a Flintstones vitamin commercial with her in " Chick Cancer ".

In " Road to Rupert ", Peter gladly makes Meg his chauffeur after he witnessed her beating up another driver; making her cool. She takes him to a drive-in and he sticks his head out through the roof as Dino would. Meg then puts Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm on top of his head so they can see the movie.

He is talking to Barney about how, when he poked his head into Barney's house, he watched Betty undress for such a time that he ended up getting an e-"rock"-tion. He also mentioned that Betty kept going after she spotted him. Stoneberg in " Peter's Daughter " for actions seen in the show's second version of end credits. Fred shouts angrily that nobody asked her to do so, so her statement was unnecessary. In " Quagmire's Baby ", the families are featured in an episode of Wildest Police Chases being chased by cops.

The pursuit ends at a drive-in theater where he places Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm on the top of the car.

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family guy - Fred Flintstone, passive aggressive bitch


Already having to feel self-conscious due to her idiot husband, Flintstones creative decided to throw a younger, attractive, and more manipulative woman into the mix just to add Wilma's headaches. Brought to life by the gorgeous Halle Berry, Miss Stone had one job, to distract her then-boss Fred Flintstone into embarrassing himself and nearly ruining his marriage was just collateral damage Sadly, the worst damage was done to poor Wilma, as Fred kept his marriage and got to be doted upon by Halle Berry.

While all Wilma got was the chance to once again swallow her pride and stay married to her oaf of a husband. Missms Stone is just another example of not only Wilma's husband Fred walking all over her and getting away with it, but The Flintstones writers too! Can't the first woman to ever be filmed in bed next to her husband get some respect on her name? Or at least a husband who wouldn't leave her for the next gorgeous woman walking down the block?

Windup Wilma via ha. She is the epitome of everything a television mother should be and she does it all in cartoon form. She truly was a revelation for her time and place. But what if I told you that there is more to Wilma Flintstone than just being a meticulous homemaker and caring mother.

For one glorious short, Wilma Flintstone was a professional baseball player a pitcher to be specific. But her jerk of a husband couldn't handle having a wife who didn't live to serve him. So when Wilma got picked up by a pro team, Fred huffed and puffed and told Wilma that he thought a woman's place was in the kitchen and not on the field. Wilma, the devoted wife and mother that she is, chooses her husband's feelings over her own and faked an injury to get out the game, along with sparing his feelings.

She did later pulverize a would-be robber with a watermelon that shot out of her hand like a cannon, but that's not quite the same as dominating the prehistoric baseball diamond. Blessed Event via pinterest. Now I'm not sure if being pregnant while playing a pregnant person is harder on the psyche, but I'm sure working an intensive TV schedule like that of The Flintstones was no easy task with a bun in the oven.

Regardless of her own real-life pregnancy, Vander Pyl delivered and The Flintstones' "Blessed Event" went off without a hitch as the 23rd Episode of the iconic series third season in The Flintstones were given a baby girl who they then bestowed with the name Pebbles, her mother's former maiden name that was completely forgotten about right around the time the child was born.

Awww, how sweet. Fred's Final Fling via pinterest. Now to be fair, this cartoon calamity was not the orange-clad caveman's fault, but I don't think that makes it any easier on his doting wife who has to put up with all of it.

When a doctor mixes up Fred's x-rays with Frank Frankenstone's, he mistakenly informs Mr. Flintstone that her husband only has hours left to live. In a state of utter shock from the news, Fred swears to spend his final day on earth doing good things and, after gifting some items over to his friends, he takes Wilma, Barney, and Betty out for a fancy dinner and a night of dancing. Overcome by exhaustion, Fred passed out not expecting to awaken the following morning, but he did. As it turned out, the doctor realized his mistake and The Flintstones lived happily ever after.

Well, except for Wilma, who must have been having a heartache preparing for life without her husband. Pre-Post Mates via amazon. Well, she did for one television special called Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby. Once Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm moved out and started having kids of their own, the blandness of everyday life with Fred really started getting to Wilma and she needed more. She responded by starting Bone Appetite with her next-door neighbor and what did Fred do? He threw a big tantrum because his trophy wife wasn't in the kitchen making him dinner every night, and he forced Wilma to tank her business.

No matter how inadequate a husband Fred is, Wilma always puts up with his guff. But every time Wilma tries to demonstrate her sheer brilliance at everything, Fred shoots her down like a wild pterodactyl. She was running a business big enough that she could have easily participated in the financial upbringing of her grandchildren and she was doing it on her own. Sadly, Fred just couldn't handle it.

Lack of Privacy via topcartoons. You read that totally and completely right, as The Flintstones way back in were the first show to invite the camera into the boudoir. Now, this is fine for the foolish Fred, but Wilma is a lady. The character of Wilma was not only tasked with being an afterthought to her neanderthal husband, but she was also made to be seen by the whole world indisposed with this doofus.

The horror of Misses Slaghoople's baby girl being paraded around in her skivvies in front of the entire television-watching world must have been a lot to bear. I recognize that this woman is a cartoon, but it is a lot for one character to shoulder when it is written for her to be an afterthought and now she has to let the cameras into the bedroom. Now, Wilma and those at The Flintstones should be proud to have shown such a powerful scene first, but we really wish Wilma didn't have to deal with her husband always making her life more difficult.

Fred Madistone via boomerangarchive. How embarrassing do you think that would be for his wife? Not only was Fred, who was lying about having a high school degree, told he was going to be fired if he didn't go back and finish high school, but, on top of that, the middle-aged man even had time to become popular while he was fixing his worthless life. Not only did poor Wilma have to put up with the fact that her husband is a giant fool, he also lied to her about it.

Fred, in his infinite wisdom, decided to tell his always loving and caring wife that he was being considered for a promotion and would have to attend executive school. Naturally, Wilma, being a saint, believed him. So to be fair, it is kind of her fault for believing anyone would turn her foolish husband into an executive of anything.

So, once again, Wilma is made the laughingstock of Bedrock by her husband and this time she doesn't even know why. It's hard to believe a gem like Wilma has stayed with this buffoon for more than years. A Housekeeper's Nightmare via youtube. But it can't be any picnic to live in a pre-historic household that has a different decor in every single episode.

This jab goes a little deeper though. Nobody watching would ever mistake any of The Flintstones home decor for being Fred's brainchild, so without her even doing anything, it would have become a place where Wilma Flintstone's brilliance could shine through.

Alas, literally nobody involved in the show cared about Wilma and the decor, which is why it was just what the illustrator pleased on any given episode. It's not the worst fate of any cartoon mom, but it certainly isn't a great one because there was just no iconic backdrop with which to place the popular comic strip.

This could have affected Wilma's likability, merchandise sales and who knows what else. Like most opportunities with this iconic character, this one was completely and totally wasted by the show's producers. To be fair though, they can't be doing that bad, if we are still talking about their creation nearly years later. No Love on Christmas via pinterest. He has a job even though he has no discernible skills, he has a home even though he is terrible with money, and he has a gorgeous wife and beautiful family, even though he is kind of a jerk.

Nowhere is Fred Flintstone's selfish jerkiness more apparent than in The Flintstones first Christmas Special, where Fred refuses to play Santa for a group of orphans when his adoring wife Wilma asks him to. However, he immediately accepts when his boss Mr. Slate down at the rock quarry tells him too. Now I realize that a request from a spouse is a little different than a command from a superior at work. However, given the fact that when it comes to Wilma, Fred is an undeserving amoeba, he should have acquiesced when his wife asked him to do something charitable.

Everything worked out in the end, as the kids got their stocky Santa Fred and Wilma's husband came through in the clutch. But wouldn't it have been nice if he would have done it just for his doting wife and not because his boss Mr. Slate made him Yabba Dabba Do it? A Christmas Calamity via amazon. While all of Bedrock was celebrating the Yule Tide tradition, poor Wilma was tasked with stage managing the town's rendition of A Christmas Carol, starring none other than her husband Fred as Ebenezer Scrooge.

Naturally, Fred wasn't going to take the honor of starring in the town's Christmas play lightly, so he immediately started acting like a prima donna. He began making the rest of the cast, especially stage manager Wilma's, lives miserable with his antics. Then real disaster struck and several of the Bedrock players were struck with the "Bedrock Bug," and the only person who knew their roles well enough to step in was, of course, Wilma.

So with a husband acting like a jerk and a show full of sick actors, Wilma stepped up and made the show amazing by taking on all of the sick actors roles and maintaining her stage managerial responsibilities. All while teaching her selfish husband Fred the real meaning of Christmas. By the end of the show, the town was entertained and Fred realized that Christmas is really about friends and family, not about who stars in the town's Christmas show.

Not bad for a woman juggling motherhood, a job, and a foolish husband. Rock Vegas Wedding Blues via pinterest. Sadly, that is exactly what the saintly redhead was tasked with putting up with in the animated film I Yabba-Dabba Do! With Fred and Wilma's marriage on the rocks, advertising executive Pebbles and auto mechanic Bam Bam decided to tie the knot. A foolish Fred Flintstone decides to bet the farm on a get-rich-quick real estate scheme that winds up backfiring, so he loses all the money earmarked for his daughter's wedding.

When Wilma figures out what happened, her and Fred fight so badly that Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm decide to skip town for Vegas to get married in relative peace. Fred and Barney follow their kids to the desert to try and talk some sense into them and, in the process, Barney wins enough money to cover the original wedding. His high school education was minimal because he'd spent all of his time focusing on football. That didn't pan out. College was his second chance. Of course, Fred ended up in the same boat once at Prinstone University.

The episode takes advantage of Fred's desires when Mr. Slate offers him what he thinks is a promotion. He'd been to college now, after all. Slate quickly shoots down that silly notion, though, explaining that it had taken him 12 years to get the hang of his job. Down with Fred's dreams. Down straight to the gravel pits. It's Fred's favorite, and it went on to inspire an orange-pineapple-flavored soda in the '60s. You won't find Fred or Barney hitting the hard stuff at the Water Buffalo Lodge in any reruns of the old cartoon, but the cartoon isn't the only place to find the Flintstones.

The original, live-action Flintstones movie doesn't mind showing children the wonderful world of binge drinking. Granted, the characters aren't stumbling into the house in the middle of the night, or anything. They have standards. There is, however, a scene where Fred John Goodman and Barney Rick Moranis are bowling with their Water Buffalo brothers when two waitresses roll out a beer mug large enough to fit a person inside.

The team proceeds to shove their heads into the beer and gulp greedily. This wasn't Fred and Barney's first time hitting the sauce, either. The Flintstones have a tangled history with beer and other adult "no-nos. That or Viva Rock Vegas. It doesn't make marketing cigarettes to children any less abhorrent, but it does provide a bit of context. The Flintstones was a prime-time show. It ran when the majority of American viewers were glued to their couch cushions, ready to be lost in a world of moving pictures, and that made it a prime target for advertising.

Winston saw this potential and sponsored the show. They did the same with Beverly Hillbillies. Chucking money at The Flintstones meant the characters had to carry their weight, so they became the face of Winston cigarettes. There was even a tag following the show that told the audience how Winston sponsored the cartoon and showed the characters smoking their death product.

Imagine it: Barney rattles off a list of "good" qualities for Winston cigarettes, Fred tells the audience how great they taste, and the kids are watching Well, at least the Flintstones switched from hawking cigarettes to selling Welch's Grape Juice eventually. Most shows can only run so long before viewers see the squirrel of a new series, chase it, and forget all about what they'd been watching beforehand.

Franchises need a way to keep things lively and spruce things up to keep the audience coming back for more. One of the ways a series will do this is by adding new characters. The Flintstones brought in a little green alien by the name of the Great Gazoo, along with new laughs.

Gazoo was a funny guy. He was tiny. He showed up out of nowhere and had the power to do almost anything, it seemed. What's better: Only Fred and Barney could see him. It makes them look crazy, and everyone laughs. But Gazoo wasn't exactly a good guy. He explains to Barney and Fred, after crash-landing in front of them in the episode "The Great Gazoo," that he's been sent to Stone Age Earth as a form of punishment.

His future world of Zetox cast him out for creating a doomsday device that would destroy the entire universe. That's a step greater than genocide. So, what do Fred and Barney do? They don't report him to the authorities, no. They hang out with the little green sociopath. The two of them are either harboring a genocidal fugitive or having a shared schizophrenic episode.

Either way, it's dark. The Flintstones had a seriously unhealthy marriage Hanna-Barbera Fred and Wilma Flintstone have the type of marriage that needs some serious counseling, and it's been that way the whole time. Episode one starts sometime years after their wedding, but the trouble had been going on since their honeymoon. Wilma and Betty are looking through an old Flintstone photo album in the episode "The Gambler," thumbing past photos of Pebbles and Dino until they get to the honeymoon pictures.

Fred graces the photos with his ginning presence while Wilma clearly looks unhappy in each. Not one smile from the new bride. Well, Fred is selfish and manipulative. The marriage is plagued by domestic violence. It also has its fair share of distrust, as highlighted when the ladies sneak into the Water Buffalo lodge to see what their husbands are up to in "Ladies' Night at the Lodge.

In the episode "Flintstone of Prinstone," Fred rattles off the dimensions of some old classmate he's mentally checking out. Fred's personality has a lot to do with their problems. As Wilma says to Fred in "Little Bamm-Bamm," "You're jealous, thoughtless, loud-mouthed, overbearing, quick-tempered, possessive, but not a heel. He doesn't. Poor Wilma. One episode portrayed a suicidal Barney Hanna-Barbera Suicide is one of the darkest concepts to periodically poke its head into children's cartoons over the years.

The Flintstones had its own run with the concept, and it's pretty messed up. Then, they're given one. Bamm-Bamm shows up on their doorstep, and the world is a brighter place There's a whole bunch of bureaucracy in adopting a child, both in the real world and the Flintstones' world. While waiting to hear back about Bamm-Bamm's adoptions, someone else is awarded custody. Barney has taken all he can. Luckily, Bamm-Bamm's new parents find out they're going to have a baby of their own, so they don't need to adopt Bamm-Bamm.

Cool, kind of. Bamm-Bamm is now a Rubble, but Barney is nowhere in sight. That's because he's on a bridge, holding a bolder, saying his last goodbyes before he jumps to his death. Fred saves him at the last second, and the children watching are only mildly scarred for the rest of their lives. Fred has a gambling problem Hanna-Barbera Fred Flintstone has a lot of not-so-great qualities. He's angry, aggressive, manipulative, and he has a gambling problem. Unfortunately, they didn't have those types of programs back in the Hanna-Barbera Stone Age, though they did have psychiatrists, and Fred received treatment from one for this exact problem.

There's an episode of season two devoted to Fred's gambling problem titled "The Gambler. When Fred hears the word "bet," his eyes get wide, and his head might as well pop off as he spouts "bet-bet-bet-bet-bet-bet" like it's some sort of mental tick. Wilma ends up telling Betty about the time Fred gambled away everything they had and how they couldn't afford food when he was on a gambling kick. Wilma had to force Fred to seek psychological help, but she had to make a bet with him to do it.

Episode-long story short, Fred's gambling issues return and — uh — Wilma forgives him for losing a bunch of their money. Of course. Fred constantly uses people Hanna-Barbera A majority of the storylines in The Flintstones seem to stem from Fred's personality flaws. Let's face it, the guy is a walking personality flaw. He manipulates everything around him like a champion chess player.

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