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Raul pomares impact investing nyc

Октябрь 2, 2012

raul pomares impact investing nyc

The intelligence to help us design investment solutions to meet your sustainability needs. Building the Impact investing Field. The Nathan Cummings Foundation &. Sonen Capital, Raúl Pomares & Bob Bancroft. Investor Readiness and Consensus Building. Headquartered in New York City, it traces its antecedents to Raúl Pomares with. Albert V. Bruno Chapter 5: Developing an Impact Investing Policy. INVESTING INTEGRATOR FREQUENCY RESPONSE CURVES

Ned is involved in several cultural, philanthropic and educational institutions, including The Frick Pittsburgh, where he serves as vice chairman of the board of trustees; and the Helen C. Frick Foundation. Gareth has previously run for national parliament in Britain and has held a number of advisory and campaign positions within UK national politics for over a decade.

He has degrees from the University of Nottingham in the U. Prior to joining Threshold in April , Anisa worked as a policy analyst for climate organizations, such as the NRDC, as well as consultant for impact investment organizations, including Tideline, Developing World Markets and Imprint Capital. During this time, she has focused on developing investment strategies across multiple themes, including agriculture and smallholder farm finance, education, health, and community development.

Anisa started her career at Capgemini US. She has worked with family foundations and individual philanthropists across the country to build effective grant making strategies, conduct evaluations of their grantees, improve their administration efficiency and manage projects on issues ranging from environment to education to mental health. Betsy also draws on her study and practical experience in systems and family dynamics to facilitate groups to make decisions and work together effectively.

His non-profit affiliations include the boards of Mouse. Matt received his B. Claudia Iannazzo Managing Partner and co-founder AlphaPrime Ventures Claudia Iannazzo is a managing partner and co-founder of AlphaPrime Ventures, a New York based venture capital firm investing in technologies that manage and protect people and assets.

She has also been a commercial executive with numerous multinational companies, including with Infosys Technologies, Tabcorp Holdings and Fosters Group. Today, Claudia spends her days investing in the next generation of innovations that keep her family, friends and city safer from traditional and emerging threats. Before becoming a wealth adviser in , Randy held various investment banking and tax structuring positions at J.

She has been a featured speaker over the years on numerous topics, including behavioral finance and philanthropy, the integration of business and personal issues and estate planning strategies. He is responsible for both direct client services and outreach to the advisor community.

John brings deep experience in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. In addition, he a worked with an elderly private donor to transition her downtown Boston commercial property to a private foundation, which provides subsidized non-profit office space. John has a B. She counsels on tax laws pertaining to exempt organizations, including private foundation excise taxes, private benefit and inurement, intermediate sanctions, lobbying and political activities. She has an extensive background in technology, data, market research and philanthropy.

Before Citi, Liz was an entrepreneur, co-founding Fulcrum Analytics formerly, Cyber Dialogue , a predictive data modeling, market research and software firm. She received a B. These strategies include tax reduction, transactional tax, alternative risk management practices, philanthropy, asset protection, legacy planning as well as complex credit and leverage strategies.

Ed works with Key Private Bank team members nationally, concentrating on pre and post-sale strategies to minimize state and federal income tax, and using various trusts and other entities to reduce income and transfer tax burdens and improve asset protection.

He received his B. He is fluent in Spanish. Tom appears on educational panels nationwide, and he has written extensively on a variety of U. His most recent presentations have ranged from the taxation of offshore captive insurance companies to best practices in structuring a tax efficient family office architecture. He also helps lead the ESG investment stewardship efforts, including company engagements and ESG proxy voting considerations and is the principal advocate for developing ESG investment efforts through thought leadership research, industry partnerships, client engagements and reporting.

Drew has over a decade of investment experience in developing ESG investment programs and solutions. Could you provide an example of how you measure non-financial returns? I use a tracker that in addition to the financial metrics, has categories for impact on the world, and also impact on the investors. And there are other ways to deploy assets to make a difference.

There are lots of opportunities to be thoughtful and creative. A simple first step is to take some grant capital and place it into a donor advised fund at a firm like Impact Assets. Then make some experimental impact investments from the corpus of the grant pool. Recycle the returns. And donations can be made at the end after the recycling is done.

With what you have seen, what is required for social impact? Inspired entrepreneurs and leaders drive social impact. They figure out how to get financed, and to build teams, and to hone strategy. For me it is largely about the entrepreneurs and leaders. What has been a surprising learning? Impact investing is fun.

Or I could say that it is uniquely satisfying. At first I thought of it as a duty. And duty is a positive word for me. But the surprise relates to how much fun I am having in the process. Who has left an imprint on your DNA as an impact investor? A long time friend of mine named Will Thorndike.

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Raul pomares impact investing nyc sports betting australian tax office

$1 Billion Impact Investor Explains How She Makes Money While Making The World A Better Place

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Follow Trends - Track market trends in the impact investing space. Measure - Collect impact data on the companies and funds in your portfolio, platform, supply chain, or association. B Analytics offers you the flexibility to measure what matters to you. Benchmark - B Analytics houses the largest database of social and environmental performance data on private companies globally. It measures the overall impact of a business on all of its stakeholders.

The B Impact Assessment has been accessed by over 15, users in 57 countries in industries. Learn more about the B Impact Assessment. She was also familiar with portfolio management after a first professional experience. So, she decided to create a new entity The Circular Way Invest separate from the family holding, with the money she received, and she would invest according to sustainability principles.

Specifically, she chose to focus on the circular economy, aligning the investment company with her circular economy thought leadership consultancy, The Circular Way. Her first investment, in , was in baby clothing.

The business was based on the assumption that baby clothing, which is seldom used more than a few months, could be used again by somebody else. For this, the start-up she invested in had set up a specific product-as-a-service business model: for a monthly fee, a household with a baby would be regularly provided with suitable baby clothes.

Clothes, therefore, needed to be well made to last more than a few months and be circulated. As Lysagaard Vind is deeply concerned with climate change, her second iconic deal she made a few in between , in , was in the first round in a circular economy focused private equity fund and now she is looking to finalize a deal in housing made from recycled material. Though she already has a few direct investments under her belt, the young woman is aware of the fact that she still needs to learn and do more.

It seems odd to have the opportunity, see what is going on in the world and not do anything. It took her a year to achieve this. She worked with her family, an advisor and a few portfolio managers. This portfolio manager no longer works for her family.

Before she found the right advisor, she had to do a lot of evangelizing. At best, the firms the family consulted advised to put returns to philanthropic use. No wonder a change was in order for her and her family. Fortunately, her family is taking a long view on their capital investments. And all are interested in mixing financial returns with impact.

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Raúl Pomares - Embracing the Genius of AND: Financial Returns AND Social Impact

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