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Ethereal homestuck

Октябрь 2, 2012

ethereal homestuck

ethereal - — the noah of dreams. M ratings. k ratings bottom text. 1xbetbookmakerregistration.website Let Me Tell You About Homestuck — If you had to tie in a And Hope and Light felt too ethereal to bind to anything other than Air. After you place your order, EtherealPanda will take business days to prepare it for shipment. ETHEREUM CONVERTER WEI

Lying next to a drawing of Karkat that she made with her own blood????? Frog Forager: Aww, how sweet! The track art is fucking adorable, too! Ahaha, that leslie organ! The syncopation is really neat, and I love how the guitar bassline sometimes goes on cute little runs.

I like this progression, and that clean, bright guitar synth. I really like that bit at , too, with the intentional dissonance. Whoa, an actual voice at the end that I guess is supposed to be Feferi! Huh, I like how the arpeggiated synth gradually slows down.

This version might be better than the original, hot damn. And… voices? I love this!! What a neat take. I only wish it were longer. The melody is nice, but rather predictable. Oh wait! I almost expect Pete Townshend to jump in and do his windmill arm thing. OMFG, dat walking bassline at Fuck, I could listen to this song on repeat for like a year. So nostalgic! I wish it were longer! Airtime: ……Alright. Frog Hunt: Whoa, who let the Grateful Dead in here?

Seriously, it starts off all jungly, and then at the jamming begins. Maybe more… Phish? Oh hey, this is Bowman? That makes a lot of sense! I dig it! Hilarious track art, too. Terraform: Hey, that ringing synth is familiar. Good, good. I like these drums. And… guitar? Anyway, at least the guitar in this song is pretty damn rad.

Unite Synchronization: Huh, this is fun. Ah well, I like it anyway. That violin is really nice, and not really standard for trance, either. Oh hey, drum solo! I like that cut-out before the bass kicks in. Homefree: Meh. That said, I feel like the idea behind it was good, and that it could probably be salvaged into something really nice. This is neat; I like this! Fun, but short. Scourge Sisters: Aaaah, I love this, too! Sign me up! Super cute! I like the track art, too.

Weird, abrupt end, though. Arcade Thunder: Haha, I like the little shooty noises. It actually sounds like an arcade game! Also, that phat, greasy synth is really nice. Cute track art! Kingside Castle: Huh, this is unusual, but pretty neat! I like the glitchy beat, and the fact that the melody is all high treble, in contrast to the deep bass that comes in at Unfortunately, it leaves out everything that made the original marginally interesting, and replaces it with a repetitive beat, the occasional glitch, and a really annoying lead synth.

The clanging toward the end is awful. This track is about 2 minutes too long. At first I really enjoyed the spacey, filtered vibe, but then… nothing… fucking… happened. I would have enjoyed this track better if it were maybe the opening to something else, but as it stands it was just WAY long and repetitive. Afraid of the Darko: Swing and a miss. Three in a row; is that a strikeout? Belly mix? Like, for belly dancing? Is that Hadron Kaleido in the track art?

Wow, I think I might like this better than the original so far. It sounds really… Irish? Which I enjoy. Who is the violinist? I love it so much!! Bargaining with the Beast: Whoa, awesome track art. I like this opening! Sounds very Final Fantasy, flighty and ethereal. Yes, yes it is. Oh yeah, very Ferkol. I had been wanting to do something with Crystalanthemums since first listening to it.

Coincidentally, it immediately proceeded my Skaia remix. At the time, I really had no idea on who anyone was on the team, so it never really sunk in that I should do that remix until December of Obviously at this point I had gained an interest in drum and bass music, which explains the sound, yet I still had a very soft and ethereal sound reminiscent of the original song. Of course, I really pushed the energy up, which made it a lot of fun. I jokingly said to Alex after Volume 6 came out that while his song was at the top of the echeladder, my remix was god tier, in part due to Vriska in her God Tier outfit being there.

However, I really gated the length of the note to make it become such a short blip that the sound barely registers. On top of that I gave it a delay and combined with the gate it sounds nothing like the original motif. And then when I open the gate on the note length you hear the ostinato faaaaar better. A lot of people missed this, actually. This is actually a pretty common thing to do, with the lower bass just playing simple sustained notes, and the higher bass is more animated.

The filter based attack is pretty sweet sounding, too. I really was happy with how the drum beats layered in at , though honestly, I was really out of practice of doing any sort of breakbeat stuff. Fun fact, this was the first song I used Gross Beat on.

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Sweet decides to depart from home to look out for his spoon in the woods, spending at least 7 hours in the process. There, he finds a snack machine but falls victim by one of Hella Jeff's pranks involving it, breaking in an undergound grotto. Punching a wall in the darkness, Sweet finds a pot storage in the grotto and tries to smoke it all, but flees in shame as he fails to. In the darkness, he dreams about his spoon and wakes up finding himself in a train station. On the subway, Sweet spots the hooded figure from his dream but gets pushed by a busy crowd and ends inside a train, accidentaly arriving in Dubai.

Strolling through the place, he meets Hella Jeff again, whom convinces him to buy some "gamer drink". The two try to get money from Sweet Bro's credit card in a mall but fail to, Sweet Bro having to ask help to a police officer. The officer however realizes his credit card is just a child's toy much to Sweet Bro's unawareness and detains him to a prison.

After a time skip, Sweet Bro remains in jail but is greeted by Hella Jeff inside his cell, revealing a secret passage in the sewage system for Sweet's escape. Sweet gets flushed by the sewage, ending in a shopping mall and finding his clothes were dirty.

He finds Hella Jeff again there, whom pranks Sweet to use ridiculous clothing and records the crowd's reaction to it. Sweet Bro gets sick of the humiliation and leaves the mall, finding himself in a desert. At the desert, Sweet Bro starts to have mirages about his spoon, Hella and the hooded figure, getting picked later by Hella Jeff in a limousine. Hella pranks him again to record another video to the internet, and then the two arrive at a "gamer warzone". Sweet Bro however completely misses the war as he spends some time in a bathroom, later finding himself between debris but sighting a tower similar to one he saw on the dream.

Going towards the tower, he is stopped by Hella Jeff and is convinced to do three trials to progress further. Sweet gets tired of the last trial and causes a distraction to flee to the tower, finally facing the hooded figure holding his spoon inside. The figure reveals to actually be Sweet Bro's imagination and that the spoon was in his pocket all along.

Their willingness to trust can get them into trouble, but they are also incredibly resilient. Their ability to bounce back from trauma and injury leaves them as the toughest sign class on the spectrum. Rust Signs make great friends and traveling companions, but they also can be selfish and quick to anger.

If what they deem to be an acceptable level of "excitement" isn't happening around them, they have a tendency to try to stir some up. They love the drama. They have incredibly high expectations for themselves and for romantic partners.

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The Ethereal Horizon - Christian Michael Poynter

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