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Ladbrokes lost betting slip

Октябрь 2, 2012

ladbrokes lost betting slip

A Ladbrokes spokesman told The Sun Online: “The customer claimed to have lost a winning ticket for £10 from a bet on a self-service betting. Put 3 football accumalators on yesterday, 1 for me, my dad and husband. My Dads ticket won but he can't find it at all. We had a mad day. Where did Ladbrokes hide their betting slips? That's the mystery I'm attempting to resolve. I am missing a couple of Read more. CRYPTO CURRENCY TRADING PLATFORMS

What To Do With Betting Shop Bets When you place a bet in a physical betting shop, the person working behind the till will scan your betting slip so that an electronic copy of it can be stored on the system. The information that is given to the computer includes the stake and the odds that you received, with all of the associated calculations figured out.

In other words, there is an electronic database of every bet that is placed with a bookmaker, allowing them to figure out what their exposure is over an event at any given moment. On the database, bets can be searched according to the name of the horse, football team or event that it was placed on. Should you lose your betting slip, you will be able to go to your bookie of choice and fill in paperwork that will ask for as much information as possible.

Even the likes of the rough time and date that you placed the bet can helpful in narrowing it down. They are independent of the bookmakers and work for the Administration of Gambling on Tracks Limited. They are there specifically to try to monitor and regular on-course betting, with at least one such person being present at a race meeting.

Across the course of a year, about 30 million bets are processed by bookies on the course. You have 30 days to do this , after which claims will be at the discretion of the bookie. The bad news for him was that someone else had already claimed his winnings , leading to them being charged with fraud by false representation.

The bookie then tells me that my bet had already been paid out to somebody claiming they had lost the ticket but knew the teams and the time the bet was staked. When I was in on Wednesday trying to get my winnings a couple of punters were listening into the conversation and getting their two cents in. Going on about how the game would not have been void for a week if I had bet online and how it was terrible and how Dundee would win etc.

I put the bet on on my way home from work so I guess the guy got lucky by saying I had put the bet on the same time Tuesday that I was in the shop on Wednesday. I was absolutely boiling but held it together as the teller phoned his boss. He couldn't contact him so I gave him my mobile number to phone me back when there was any news.

He phoned me about half an hour later to tell me to come back to the shop to collect my winnings.

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How a sneaky loophole lost gambling companies millions! 😮 - BBC

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