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Ethereal tiger

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ethereal tiger

Listen to Ethereal Plane on Spotify. Tigers · Song · Species Spotlight: Sunda Clouded Leopard, the Ethereal and Declining 'Tree Tiger'. September 16, leopard in dry grass. © Craig Taylor. VALENTINES GIFT - LUCKY CLOVER NECKLACE (FREE ONE TIGER ANGPAO MADE OF GOLD) · UNICORN DIAMOND 18K ROSE GOLD LUCK CLOVER NECKLACE. RM 2, DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RACES AND HAZARDS IN THE WORKPLACE

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In genetic analyses revealed that the clouded leopard exists as two distinct species rather than one, as previously believed.

Live forex charts iphone apps Landscape Ecology 34 1 Haidir, I. Their senses extend into the Ethereal Plane and they can attack and be attacked by ethereal and out-of-phase creatures at all times. It stars Ayanda Seoka as the tireless Fiona, who immerses herself in the lead ethereal tiger. Biological Conservation 4. It is not clear where ebon tigers originated. Captive ebon tigers, however, will accept fresh meat from their keepers. It averages ethereal tiger, with a tail known to grow as long as its body.
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Forexprost They require freshly killed meat from time ethereal tiger time but can go for months without eating. After a brief mating, the pair ethereal tiger and the female gives birth to 1d3 cubs 10 to 12 weeks later. In genetic analyses revealed that the clouded leopard exists as two distinct species rather than one, as previously believed. Any type of magical healing cure wounds spells, neutralize poison, cure disease, etc. Ebon tigers are by reputation very territorial, bad tempered, and ruthlessly vicious. During this time, they ignore their normal hunting territories as males and females seek each other out. A short film clocking in at just over 10 minutes, it comes across as an excerpt from a broader work.
Ethereal tiger What else do we need to understand to protect these species? Any creature bitten must roll a saving throw vs. They require freshly killed meat from time to time ethereum to can go for months without eating. Sunda clouded leopard Neofelis diardi densities and human activities in the humid evergreen rainforests of Ethereal tiger. This observation is even more accurate when you consider that Khumalo used her short as a stylistic proof of concept for her upcoming feature film, The Bursary. Invigorated by these new funds, Panthera is working to ethereal tiger the core conservation regions for the Sunda clouded leopard and learning how the species adapts and responds to habitat modifications to prioritize our protection efforts.
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Ethereal tiger 246
Ethereal tiger A short film clocking in at just over 10 minutes, it comes across as an excerpt from a broader work. Tiger a brief mating, the tiger splits and the female gives birth to 1d3 cubs 10 to 12 weeks later. Hearn, A. Ebon tigers are by reputation very territorial, bad tempered, and ruthlessly vicious. Their senses extend into the Ethereal Plane and they can attack and be attacked by ethereal and ethereal creatures at all times.


However, I'm not terribly keen on the non-teleporting nature of the dungeon and Blackthorn's castle. I think it will tend to discourage people from using the dungeon if they only have a short amount of time to play or think there's a good chance they might get called away from their computer on short notice. It also will make it a bit more difficult for groups to form up, as there's no way to cast gate spell in the dungeon or the castle to help get other people there a little quicker.

I didn't really notice any self-rezzing options as I ran around, although there might be some and I just didn't grasp what they were. Therefore, it might be a good idea to include some kind of npc healer somewhere close by. Jin explains that he likes his life simple, and doesn't want people seeking him out. He agrees with keeping the secret. So Beautiful, It's a Curse : Xiulan is quite an attractive woman, only enhanced by her use of qi — to the point where she has faced unwanted advances from a very young age.

Thankfully for her she has enough personal power, and the backing of her father and sect, to be able to confidently reject them from the vast majority of suitors. The more powerful the practitioner, the more simultaneous blades they can create and manage. Xiulan starts the story with eight but later upgrades to 16 and then 32 simultaneous swords. Thankfully, her time on the Fa Ram did wonders for her.

Survivor Guilt : She suffers from this, as many of the men under her command were killed hunting Sun Ken. It's not helped that "her" defeat of Sun Ken has been immortalized in a play about her and her exploits, which constantly reminds her of not only how she lost them, but it was All for Nothing as it was Bi De that actually did the dirty work.

Telekinesis : She appears to specialize in this application of qi, initially with her floating blades, but later manages an entire kitchen at once. Since spending time around Jin and eating his qi-enhanced food, he's started to unlock his potential as a cultivator himself.

Animal Motif : Monkeys. He is explicitly stated to resemble a monkey early on, with a flat nose and sideburns. Better as Friends : He remains friends with Cai Xiulan with the latter intending to matchmake him. Hopeless Suitor : Has a crush on Cai Xiulan but understands that she is completely out of his league due to her being a Sect Leader's daughter and powerful cultivator in her own right.

While he confesses his feelings, he accepts it when Cai Xiulan doesn't reciprocate his feelings. Mighty Glacier : Gou Ren is not a trained fighter, but when facing Yingwen of Shrouded Mountain he shows immense power. Unskilled, but Strong : When he fights Yingwen with a staff it's clear he doesn't have the best idea what he's doing—his technique doesn't even have a fancy name, just [Break].

But he's putting so much power behind each blow that even a cultivator a realm stronger is forced to dodge, as getting hit or even attempting to parry could be lethal. Like his brother, he's also managed to unlock his Qi, though he's less interested in getting stronger and more on enjoying life. Animal Motif : Foxes. It's all-but confirmed that his line is descended from a fox spirit that interbred with a human, something noted when he meets another fox spirit.

Camera Fiend : Ever since he got gifted a recording crystal, he's shown to greatly love the art of photography. Cool Sword : Owns a jian sword, for limited self-defense but mostly to practice with because it's fun and looks cool. Things get more interesting when Nezan secretly swaps it out with Summer's Sky, an Empathic Weapon with centuries of experience and lightning powers.

Funny Bruce Lee Noises : He makes these when he's practicing with his sword by himself. It becomes embarrassing for him when his Empathic Weapon Summer's Sky insists on using his random noises as names for his techniques. Holograms : Sort of. Between his practice with that recording crystal and his awakened Qi, Yun Ren has learned to "paint" himself with a thin layer of light. Makes for a good party trick! Or evading goons!

Ship Tease : He's gotten some with a recording crystal maker named Biyu in the city. Animal Disciples Advertisement: In General Uplifted Animal : As a result of constant consumption of Lowly Spiritual Herbs, exposure to high qi levels, or just started out that way and migrated to Jin's farm one way or another. Jin Rou's first and faithful "subordinate". Bi De: The slayer of Sun Ken stands before you.

Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy : Starts off as this, but gets knocked down a peg in the first volume. The Atoner : Becomes this after realizing that his qi has been purposely corrupted by the rats. Barrier Warrior : His technique [Aegis of the Full Moon] projects a circular forcefield that glows with the light of the moon. It's large enough to defend both himself and others. Bestiality Is Depraved : Subverted. While he frequently mates with the non-sapient hens, this is never implied to be in any way inappropriate.

Big Damn Heroes : Served as this to the village of Correct Place 8, when in their darkest moment of being threatened by a Spirit Wolf, Bi De appeared and slew the beast. He then defends her long enough for Jin to arrive and save him in turn.

Break the Haughty : Big D suffers from this in the first volume after he lets in a group of pill-making rats whose pills corrupt his qi. It takes him quite a while to recover from this, both in a physical sense and an emotional sense. Chick Magnet : He has been considered attractive by several female characters, none of whom are chickens themselves.

That said, non-sapient chickens also find him attractive presumably due to qi optimising and enhancing his body , and he is mentioned as mating with them multiple times. The Chosen One : Played with and subverted. Bi was chosen by the fates, with the help of a seer and ancient spirit, as the designated heir to the ancient Azure Emperor. However, he is actually the third choice; the seer had a kindly heart beneath her gruff exterior and rejected the first two candidates—the Lord Magistrate and Jin—to spare them the stress and pain that position would bring.

However, Bi De doesn't want the position either. Deuteragonist : Although Jin is the primary point of view character and it's his actions that set most of the events of the story in motion, Big D is the title character and his separate adventures are significant drivers of the plot. Foil : To Jin. If Jin represents a subversion of the stereotypical Xianxia protagonist and the tropes associated with one, Big D's adventures hit those story beats like clockwork Karmic Jackpot : Even at the top of his arrogance he continues donating Qi to the land.

This ends up warning him just in time that Chow Ji's pills are corrupting him when the land recoils from his now tainted Qi. Lunacy : All of Big D's special techniques are philosophically based on the moon, and he draws power from proximity to the moon. It's usually followed by [Descending Lunar Fangs], an attack that uses the resulting height advantage to add weight and speed to his descent.

The Paragon : After his character development. This changes once Jin realizes that Big D is sapient. He becomes much more introspective and kind to Chun Ke and Pi Pa. Expy : Her and the rest of her tribe are expies of the Skaven from Warhammer Fantasy, being rat-people speaking in the Skaven's characteristic speech.

Guile Heroine : When she does fight, she uses poisons and dusts, to Tigu's dismay. Happily Adopted : Of a sort. While the animals are picking family names for themselves, Meiling and her father proudly allow Ri Zu to take on theirs. The Medic : Takes on this role, learning from Meiling, and very rarely participates in the fighting. Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal : Watched Chow Ji sacrifice the other rats for power, and knew that if he was aware that she was sapient, she'd be forced to mate with him to continue his lineage.

So when she has an opportunity to take him down, she goes for it. Specifically, keeping secret the fact that she is self-aware and independent, to remain beneath Chow Ji's notice. She later becomes Meiling's student, and is a competent healer, but still lacks self-confidence, which hinders her from talking freely with Bi De about her feelings for him though he's aware. Even when she takes a step out of her comfort zone and leaves the farm to see the Dueling Peaks tournament, she's usually hiding in someone's hair rather than publicly introducing herself.

Translator Buddy : Before the other animal disciples gain the power of speech, she's the go to translator between the animals and Jin. She later manages to transform herself into a human. Absurdly Sharp Claws : Her martial style takes inspiration from Bi De's moonlight spurs, enhancing her own claws and summoning large, spectral claws to fight with. She retains this after assuming human form. This largely goes away when she becomes human. Badass in Distress : Zang Li kidnaps her near the end of book two, following a severe beating by his minions.

Break the Cutie : She is ambushed, beaten, forced to watch two of her friends get maimed, and kidnapped by the Shrouded Mountain Sect led by Lu Ban. This is her first time losing a fight outside of a sparring match or regulated competition, the first time one of her fights has negative consequences for someone she cares about, and the first time she feels like prey instead of a predator. Cat Girl : She tries this with her human form but ends up with a mostly standard human form.

Cats Are Superior : Certainly believes this. She eventually is forced to admit that Bi De is stronger, though. Largely loses this attitude once she adopts a human form, and in fact dislikes transforming back. Farmer's Daughter : Played with when she becomes human, she comes from Fa Ram to the Dueling Peaks while having little experience of the outside world.

And with her human form resembling Jin, the people who saw her and Jin together may think they are daughter and father at a first glance. For all intents and purposes, she is his adopted daughter, being the only one of the disciples to take his family name.

Genki Girl : After becoming human. Humanity Ensues : Manages to turn herself into a human to better connect with Jin and Mei. The Lancer : She's much less philosophical than Bi De, but quite capable of killing things. The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body : Turns out the shift from her predatory, haughty cat mentality to a more balanced, compassionate and understanding human mindset was indeed influenced by her bodily change.

Among other things, she no longer feels compelled to try to eat Ri Zu. Mundane Utility : In addition to shredding bandits, her claw arts are also well-suited for carving. Some of these are directly descriptive e. Oblivious to Love : As she has only been a human for a short before the tournament in Dueling Peaks, her social skills lessons do not include romantic love, thus she is oblivious to the affections of the other interested male cultivators. Path of Most Resistance : She chose to undergo Tribulation in order to achieve human form.

An astounded Ri Zu notes that her method, despite being much more dangerous, achieved results far superior to those Chow Ji attempted to use, finding very little in her new body that isn't human. Reveling in the New Form : Tigu becomes much happier and more content after achieving a human form, to the point of having difficulty mustering the will to ever change back. Sense Freak : Is tremendously surprised by how much more developed her senses of taste and touch are in human form.

Shaping Your Attacks : When she unleashes powerful enough attacks, an ethereal tiger formed of Qi can be seen to outline or mirror her. Token Evil Teammate : As a cat, she is self-centered, arrogant, and cruel. She grows less so over time. No longer applies after she becomes human. The Big Guy : Physically the strongest of the farm disciples. Dumb Is Good : Left slightly brain damaged after the battle against the rats, but still a genuinely kind and friendly person.

Handicapped Badass : He's slower than most, but of all the members of the Farm, he hits the absolute hardest. Punny Name : Shan means "mountain", so using the Western name order which he does when he first comes up with the name his name would be "Chunky Mountain". He did this on purpose. Simpleminded Wisdom : Seems to be partially aware of the real origins of the animals' names and is much more perceptive than he seems. He's also capable of coming up with solutions to interpersonal problems that try to satisfy everyone, even if it means going against his beloved wife.

As mentioned above, he is also aware of the Western name order, which shocks Jin as it shows he actually understands English to a degree. Sizeshifter : As he grows in power he gains the ability to make himself arbitrarily larger. Curiously, only cultivators and other spirit beasts seem to notice this.

Slobs vs. Snobs : Downplayed in his relationship with Pi Pa. She is the most formal and proper of all the Fa Ram disciples while Chun Ke is one of the most childish and informal, but each loves and deeply appreciates the other. Big Eater : Pi Pa can eat a human body in one bite.

Though depending on the body, she finds it distasteful. The combination of brain damage and disruption of his cultivation nearly reverted him to a normal animal, and only Jin and Meiling's treatments were able to allow him to keep his sapience.

The trauma and struggle from nearly losing him caused Pi Pa's qi to gain the essence of Void. Genius Bruiser : She can almost match Chunky in terms of pure strength but she has also demonstrated higher understanding of things like home finances and calligraphy. Lady of War : An elegant war-machine capable of mowing down cultivators with ease, and looking graceful while doing it.

Love Makes You Dumb : When teaching his disciples math, Jin notes that she deliberately got the same questions wrong as her husband, Chunky. He scolds her for this and tells her flat-out that if she limits himself so that Chunky feels better, all she'll be doing is hurting both of them in the long run. Power of the Void : Awakening due to the trauma of Chun Ke's debilitating injury caused her to develop void-aspected qi.

Proper Lady : And she won't let you forget it. Her penmanship — using her mouth — makes Meiling feel inferior. Snobs : Downplayed in her relationship with Chun Ke. Threatening Mediator : Forced to take up this role because of Tigger and Rizzo's hostility towards one another.

Yamato Nadeshiko : Despite being a pig, she is the most proper and formal of all the Fa Ram inhabitants. And as a void cultivator, she is also one of the more dangerous disciples. Later becomes a dragon, but still likes being a dishwasher and sprinkler system for the farm.

Big Eater : Washy likes eating food. He can branch out into all kinds of activities, but in the end, it all boils down to what gets him more food. Brilliant, but Lazy : Is normally pretty easygoing, but is one of the Farm's more diligent residents when sufficiently motivated. Which is to say, he understands that keeping Fa Ram operating is important to his food supply. Comically Missing the Point : When a turtle asks Wa Shi what Flow is, it's fairly clear that the old terrapin is ready to get into a philosophical discussion Hidden Depths : Understands math at a high level, even able to surprise his turtle mentor with the equations for flow.

Dislikes the implication that he would eat the whole moon when he said he wanted to eat it, he wants to taste things, since if you eat everything then there'd be nothing left to eat. Specifically, he's an epicurian; he doesn't want to just mindlessly gorge himself, he wants to try lots of new and different tasty foods.

It's one reason that he hangs around Fa Ram, because Jin comes up with new, interesting things to taste all the time. He at one point mentions that he doesn't know what this "cheese" stuff is, but if Jin wants it than it must be good. Legendary Carp : Manages to climb a waterfall to return to the Farm from a spiritual realm. Making a Splash : Learns how to manipulate water from a kind turtle. Shock and Awe : He gains the power to shoot lightning after becoming a dragon.

Vajra A queen bee that Big D rescued when Jin expressed an interest in starting a hive. Dark and Troubled Past : She's the last surviving queen of a great alliance of sapient queens that was wiped out nearly to the last by an unknown threat hinted to be some manner of qi-channeling hornets. She was found by Big D wandering in a daze, trying to rebuild her hive.

Disproportionate Retribution : After finding that mosquitos are bothering Jin, she sets her hive on a crusade to exterminate all mosquitos near Fa Ram. Eating the Eye Candy : During her pre-Farm days, she would often demand that the males of her hive dance for her entertainment. After she is rescued and nursed back to health, she has turned her attention towards Big D. It's also heavily implied that she sneaks into the baths to peep on Jin.

Other potential names that she rejected were Kei Regan and Tai Ranid. Warrior Princess : Before she was taken to the Farm, she commanded troops for her old hive. Blue-and-Orange Morality : As a sword-turned-plow, Sunny's only concern in life is to cut things, with little regard for what exactly it is cutting. It also gets upset when told not to cut, or if it cannot cut things cleanly. Almost has a breakdown when it realises that it's expected to cut around roots without damaging them, until Babe says that doing so would be more skillful than simply cutting everything.

Empathic Weapon : Sunny has a mind of its own, but thus far has not communicated with anyone except for its current wielder, Babe. Ironic Name : Invoked by Jin. He names the plow Sunny in direct opposition to its past as The Crimson Demon's Tooth, the blade of a notorious bandit and murderer.

While slightly shy, the child noticeably cheers up when it learns Summer's Sky also enjoys cutting things. Sun Ken was the second, but it's not known who the first was, nor who forged the sword in the first place. Mental World : A rather peaceful one, with a large plain surrounded by mountains, marked by thousands of perfectly straight furrows, representing its desire for perfection in the cuts it makes, with a sky marked by golden cracks.

Summer's Sky is slightly surprised, having expected something like a forge, a raging river, or a world of blood and slaughter. The Stoic : Babe. He doesn't talk much, and it actually took months for Jin to realize that he was sapient. The fact that he was content with his life did contribute to that, too. Deeply knowledgeable of martial arts, pottery, and glasswork. All for Nothing : Miantiao goes into a state of depression when he learns that all of his martial arts training, and turning Yin into a weapon of vengeance, were for nothing since the one he was training her to get revenge by proxy on, Sun Ken, was dead.

The Atoner : After he realizes his quest for revenge was pointless, he is filled with regret for the terrible things he did while seeking it and after briefly seeking death at the hands of the person who took his revenge for him he dedicates his life to atoning for his misdeeds.

Dark and Troubled Past : Hoo-boy. When he met the awakened rabbit Liang Yin, he chose to train her in martial arts to help him pursue vengeance. To that end, he made a number of questionable decisions e. Then, just as they were ready to hunt down Sun Ken, they heard the story of the Demon-slaying Orchid beating them to the punch; this left Miantiao questioning whether everything he did was worth it.

By the time Big D encounters him, Miantiao has largely lost the will to live. Handicapped Badass : He lost an eye, and a building fell on his spine. He doesn't have his full range of motion back, but that won't stop him from kicking an ass or two. Since arriving at Fa Ram, Meiling's been working on healing him.

Martial Arts and Crafts : He's a powerful martial artist, and his techniques are both based on and aid him with his glassblowing and pottery. Please Kill Me If It Satisfies You : Once he discovers that the man who killed his master and destroyed his village is already dead, Miantao thinks that he should offer his life to whoever killed him in order to atone for the horrible things he's done in the name of a revenge he can no longer take.

Luckily, Bi De has no desire to kill him. Punny Name : Literal meaning is "Noodle," which Jin uses when narrating. When he first introduces himself to Bi De, he calls himself "Shi Te. Liang Yin A female, silver-furred rabbit encountered by Big D during his travels. Awakened and taught to fight by Miantiao as part of his plan to get revenge on Sun Ken. Blood Knight : Enjoys training and fighting, and eagerly spars with Tigu. Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life : Miantiao has told her to find something that she would like to do, so she's been trying different activities.

For a while, nothing really worked with her beyond fighting, but working with Huo Ten has given her an interest in mining. Ironic Name : She's aggressive, outgoing and uses a Sun based style, and is named Yin. Killer Rabbit : Despite being a small silver rabbit, she's a very strong cultivator and messing with her would not be a good idea. Pintsize Powerhouse : She's a normal-sized rabbit who is a strong practitioner of Magical Martial Arts.

She's capable of pulling a carriage the size of a house, and the greatest difficulty is that the harness is awkward for her to pull since it's, understandably, not designed to be worn by a rabbit. Sir Swears-a-Lot : Tends to speak aggressively and crudely, though Miantiao usually chides her for it.

The Power of the Sun : Ironically, despite rabbits traditionally being associated with the moon , Yin's style is based around the Sun, utilizing fire and heat to enhance herself. Alone in a Crowd : A bit. Even if he's impressed with Fa Ram and its inhabitants, he still longs for others of his clan. Jin helps him start digging a mine, and Yin joins him, initially to get clay for Miantiao, but the discovery of an ancient, huge bone and a vein of Light Crystals brings them together.

Tunnel King : Just like the rest of his clan, Huo Ten likes to dig. Specifically, he was the leader of the Whirling Demon Sword Gang, a band of violent thugs with a reputation for cruelty. Anti-Regeneration : His techniques can be used to suppress Qi healing. Asshole Victim : He was killed and eaten by farm animals. No one mourns him upon learning of his death. The Dreaded : The smallfolk of the region lived in utter terror of this guy. Jin doesn't want any publicity, but chooses to spread an altered account of his death, rather than keep silent, just so that everyone will know he's gone and be able to relax.

Evil Weapon : Downplayed. Though not an inherently evil weapon, the sword was sentient and had been driven mad due to not being able to cut as cleanly as it used to. Speak Ill of the Dead : After being slaughtered by farm animals , Sun Ken's corpse is eaten by said farm animals, and then his sword is turned into a plow and he's portrayed as a cowardly clown in puppet plays about the "Demon Slaying Orchid" hunting him down. Appropriated Appellation : Basil was intelligent, but whatever his true name was, there's no way to know.

He was given the name by Jin. Cunning Like a Fox : He kept getting into the chicken coop to steal the hens there, much to Big D's chagrin. However, his pelt is used to make a vest for Big D, and Big D makes occasional references to the fox over the course of the story. Starter Villain : He's the first villain taken down by Big D. As a reward, his pelt is made into a vest for the rooster, which becomes iconic of the character.

Uplifted Animal : While it's not touched upon much, Big D recognizes that Basil was as intelligent as he was. Chow Ji A cultivating rat who sets his sights on the resources of the Farm. Animalistic Abomination : He's partway into transforming himself into a human form. Bad Boss : He treats his rat followers like dirt.

This was a mistake. The Corruptor : He tries to corrupt Bi De into his servant. Humanity Ensues : Attempted to do this via the slow way, gradually morphing into a human. Ri Zu mentions he was in constant pain from the deformities and suffered from an elevated heart rate. Shout-Out : He's described as an evil Master Splinter. Also, the way he and his servants speak is a shout-out to the Skaven of Warhammer Fantasy.

Treacherous Advisor : He wheedles and brainwashes his way into Big D's good graces while Jin is away, for the explicit purpose of turning the rooster into his personal goon. You Dirty Rat! Ancient History The Azure Hills was once a very different place. Thousands of years ago, it was known as The Azure Mountains and was home to The Azure Empire, a kingdom cut off from the rest of the world by the Mist Wall, a massive set of wards that kept an army of demons out.

The process of transforming the Azure Mountains into the Azure Hills was not a peaceful one. As this history is revealed late in Books 2 and 3, but has an impact on everything that comes before it, every character in this section should be considered a Walking Spoiler.

Spoilers are off for these entries, and you should not expand these folders if you wish to avoid Late-Arrival Spoilers. You Have Been Warned. In General Identical Grandson : When viewing Xiaoshi's memory crystal, Bi De is struck by how similar everyone's ancestors appearances and personalities are to their descendants, even before he hears their names which confirm it.

This is despite thousands of years between their generations. Humans Xiaoshi's friend from the village of Green Trees. Becomes an ally of Xiaoshi's, and after the collapse he founds the Grand Ravine Sect, and his successors keep his name. Hero with Bad Publicity : He's known in the Azure Empire as a ruthless bandit, but really does it to support his persecuted tribe. Zero-Approval Gambit : Although his tribesmen mostly see through this, he allows himself to be known as a notorious bandit throughout the Azure Empire so that imperial forces will only attempt to seek retribution on him and his other "bandits" instead of his tribe.

Kongming A defector from the Azure Emperor's court who allies with Xiaoshi and gives him the knowledge necessary to infiltrate the palace and confront the Emperor. Later, he becomes infected by a demon in a fight and eventually betrays Xiaoshi, leading to the catastrophe which shatters Tianlan Shan and devastates the province.

Defector from Decadence : He's a bureaucrat with extensive knowledge of the imperial palace who defects and gives Xiaoshi and his followers the knowledge necessary to infiltrate the palace and defeat the Azure Emperor. Demonic Possession : He gets wounded during a battle against a demon, and this infects him with the demon's spirit, who eventually takes over and causes him to betray Xiaoshi.

The Good Chancellor : Served as this to Xiaoshi, until he was infected by a demon. Linlin Xiaoshi's wife from the village of Green Trees. Very possibly one of Hong Meiling's direct ancestors. Generation Xerox : Much like her descendant Hong Meiling, she's a young woman from a small town who falls in love with an outsider fleeing from his past to the countryside who turns out to be a phenomenally powerful cultivator with a connection to an earth spirit.

Their stories don't start diverging until her town is destroyed by the Azure Emperor's forces, and Meiling awakens as a cultivator while she never does. Liusei A priestess of the Lord of the Lake, and one of Xiaoshi's friends. A distant ancestor of Liu Xianghua and Bowu. Half-Human Hybrids : She and several of her fellow priestesses are clearly part-dragon, if the horns are any indication. Mixed Ancestry is Attractive : From Xiaoshi's perspective, her dragon horns only add to her attractiveness.

Cai Ruolan An Cultivating opera performer who later becomes a key part of Xiaoshi's rebellion and his friend. After the disaster, she founds the Verdant Blade Sect and is one one of Cai Xiulan's direct ancestors. Martial Arts and Crafts : The Jade Glass Blades, which would later be passed on to Xiulan, were originally intended as props for her opera performances.

Subverted in that in the chaos following the destruction of the Azure Mountains, they become part of the basis for an actual martial art. Polyamory : Has an openly acknowledged relationship with Xiaoshi, while he is still married to Linlin. Asskicking Equals Authority : Xiaoshi finds out shortly after defeating the Azure Emperor that doing so makes him the biggest badass in the empire The Azure Emperor is dead Long live the Azure Emperor!

Doomed Hometown : While he grew up in a large city and left as a young man, he soon settled down and fell in love with a small town and became a farmer much like Jin. Then the Azure Empire's soldiers come to town Fatal Flaw : He doesn't want to burden his friends, and so hides from them his stress, taking everything upon himself, and more saliently, he hides the true magnitude of the demonic threat to the Azure Empire and his plans to defeat it.

Which means nobody can suggest a better course of action when he decides to try to syphon all of Tianlan Shan's power for himself Fling a Light into the Future : After the disaster that wipes out the Azure Mountains, he takes all of his recorded experiences and puts them into a crystal, along with a spirit tasked with finding him a worthy successor to restore the Azure Empire.

In a subversion, none of the people who find it are actually interested in becoming Emperor, and by the time it is found the region has already been incorporated into the much larger Crimson Phoenix Empire. I Work Alone : Doesn't want to worry or burden his friends with the responsibilities that come with the position of Azure Emperor, especially that of finding a way to finally defeat the demons. Upon reviewing his memories, Bi De identifies this as his Fatal Flaw , reasoning that he could likely have come up with a solution that didn't lead to disaster if he had shared the problem with his allies, and Tianlan Shan in particular.

Polyamory : Loves both Linlin and Ruolan. Roaring Rampage of Revenge : After the destruction of his village and the deaths of many of his friends, Xiaoshi decides that the Azure Empire and it's Emperor need to go down, and embarks on an eventually successful rebellion. What Have I Done : Realizes halfway through a ritual formation to transfer Tianlan Shan's power to himself that he's betraying one of his oldest and closest friends, and tries to stop the ritual, despite the disastrous results that might have.

Then he experiences this again after one of his friends, mind controlled by a demon, tries to hijack the ritual and in the fight stopping him, basically demolishes the Azure Mountains and MindRapes the survivors into forgetting the Azure Empire ever existed.

Apocalypse How : She's a land spirit who formerly embodied the entire Azure Mountains. The broken formation that tore her apart caused a Regional Societal Collapse and drastically altered the geography of the territory. The formation originally embodied the five traditional elements: Clockwise, they're Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood.

But the demon's influence led all of them being shifted one place to the left: Fire burned a great forest and turned it into an ashen wasteland. Wood choked a great lake and turned it into a noxious swamp.

Water flooded a metal area an turned it into an enormous and unnaturally circular lake. Metal infested an earthen canyon and choked out all sustenance. And earth smothered a land of fire. Beyond that, the sheer energy released had disastrous effects: The mountains were knocked down to hills, multitudes were killed, the spirit beasts were turned vengeful and violent, and all the humans that survived were brainwashed into forgetting that the Azure Empire had ever existed.

Benevolent Abomination : She is an unspeakably old earth spirit who embodies an entire region of a large empire. Her concerns are the passing of the seasons and she barely notices humanity. Until one day, someone forms a connection with her, and over time, she lends them some of her immense power, and in turn becomes more interested in the human experience. Even after being betrayed, having her land devastated and being shattered into uncountable pieces, only to slowly reconstitute millenia later she's still basically on humanity's side, and none moreso than her Connected One.

Body Horror : Her modern personification is missing several teeth, an eye, and an arm. Her major wounds, along with others spread throughout her body, are filled in with gold like kintsugi, an artistic method of repairing porcelain by filling the cracks with gold..

The Chosen One : Jin's steady and selfless investment of qi in the land has prompted her to select him as her "Connected One", granting him access to her power. And despite her injured and broken state, her power is immense. It does mean she's reluctant to let Jin travel away from the farm, though.

It turns out that Jin is not the first Connected One; Xiaoshi was the first and his influence led to her interest in humanity. Dark and Troubled Past : Big D's Walking the Earth eventually reveals that, thousands of years ago, there was a great calamity that reduced her greatly until she was at her current form.

Worse, the calamity was largely caused by her Connected One at the time, meaning she was betrayed by the one she trusted most. Dishing Out Dirt : She often throws balls of mud at people when she meets them in their mindscapes. In her introduction chapter, the narration states that she has also been referred to as "Tianlan Shan" Azure Mountain in Chinese in the past. This is confirmed to be her first name when Bi De reviews Xiaoshi's memory crystal.

Soul Fragment : The broken formation that was originally designed to use her power to empower Xiaoshi broke her into many pieces scattered across the Azure Hills. As Jin begins traveling away from his farm and the animals help him build roads, she begins to re-incorporate those fragments into herself. This is reflected in her personification as her body parts being reattached and healing.

Wild Child : This is her form after being reawakened by Jin. Papa Wolf : Strongly protective of his cubs, and pledges his loyalty to Xiaoshi as thanks for saving them. The Lord of the Lake An enormous koi fish that can transform into an equally large dragon. Worshiped by the people of the lake. Legendary Carp : He is a gigantic carp that can transform into a dragon.

It's not shown how he achieved this, but given we know it's possible to gain this power by jumping a waterfall like Washy did, it's reasonable to assume that's how he did it. Hong Yaowu The nearest village to Jin's Farm. Its name translates to "Medicine Storehouse" and its village elder is expected to be something of a doctor and pharamacist in addition to a mayor. He's also the village elder of Hong Yaowu. Frontier Doctor : Part of his role as the Elder of a village named "Medicine Storehouse" is to act as a doctor and pharmacist, which is important to the residents as the nearest dedicated healer may be days away on foot.

Hero of Another Story : He used to have his own share of crazy adventures with his late wife and Yao Che during their youth. Legacy Character : In volume 2, it's revealed that Hong Xian is as much a hereditary title as it is a name. He is the 77th Hong Xian. His father and grandfather held it, and someday his son will inherit it too. Stronger Than They Look : Of the non-combat-oriented variety. The village elders of Hong Yaowu have a tradition of performing a ritual dance during transition to the New Year.

The dance is both intense and lasts all night, yet other than the minor exhaustion that comes with his age, Hong Xian has little trouble performing it. Enthusiastic and rambunctious but slowly learning responsibility.

Hidden Depths : His fascination with bugs seems like simply a young boy's enthusiasm for trying to gross out his older sister. However, it turns out that he's actually been working with Yun Ren and secretly he thinks breeding beetles and learning about them, hinting at a future in entomology.

Legacy Character : Shares the same name as his father, because that name is always given to the Elder of Hong Yaowu. When he succeeds his father, he will be the 78th Hong Xian. Yao Che The village blacksmith, and Yao Meihua's father.

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