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Forex indicators that dont repaint cabinets

Октябрь 2, 2012

forex indicators that dont repaint cabinets

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Stochastic evaluates the speed of the market by determining a relative position of the closing prices in the range between maximum and minimum of a certain number of days. The simplest oscillator takes the current price and subtracts the price from a few days ago. In this case, the oscillator value would be equal to 0.

The process is repeated every day, and the data is plotted on the chart. For example, a day stochastic indicator measures the position of the closing prices within the entire range between the high and low for the previous 14 days. The value of the stochastic oscillator of 70 or higher indicates that the closing price is near the upper limit of the range; Stochastic of 30 or lower means that the closing price is near the lower limit of the range. Oscillators will report the reversal of the market before the price really changes because momentum changes lead to changes in the actual prices.

The same is true in physics: the rate of change of velocity of an object will show a decrease in impulse as long as the object does not change direction. Very criticized is the fact that the oscillators sometimes give a signal to trade, while the market is in a strong trend, and the signal appears to be false.

It is known that the oscillators work well on non-trend markets and bad on the trend ones. The simpler the oscillator, the more sensitive it is to changes in the current market price. For example, a simple oscillator, which is based on the day rate of change is more sensitive to changes in current prices than the oscillator based on the day rate change.

Many analysts have been hit hard by the use of simple oscillators, so they were trying to improve them. Stochastic shows the position of each closing price in the previous interval of the maximum and minimum prices. The most common and classic formula for calculating Stochastic is: where max Hn — the maximum high for N periods min Ln — minimum Low for N periods C0 — closing price of the current period. However, there are several variations, eg.

The time interval for both indicators is typically 9 or Stochastic is also placed on a scale from 0 to Another major difference is that the Stochastic Oscillator uses two lines instead of one. This presence of two lines instead of one distinguishes Stochastic from the RSI line and gives more importance to the first one. The fact that the exact trade signals by Stochastic Oscillator are given when the two lines are crossed, and when their value is above 80 or below The result we can see on the chart.

This Stochastic is called slow because of this additional smoothing. The most commonly used is the slow stochastic. The most important setting of the stochastic is the first parameter of three — Stochastic window, which determines the number of bars to be included in the calculation. The other two parameters define only the degree of smoothness of fast and slow lines. To determine the optimal period of the stochastic, you should conduct your own research, taking into account the fact that for each currency pair and each timeframe different period will be the best.

Thus, in general, I can recommend some ranges to find the optimal values: up to M30 — the period , H1 — , H4 and above — And, of course, as always, the higher the indicator period, the less sensitive to insignificant market fluctuations it becomes and the later it will react to price changes. The author of the indicator recommends using stochastic on the daily and weekly charts, as it generates the most reliable signals on them.

Fast Stochastic against slow I mentioned about the existence of two kinds of stochastic: fast and slow. Fast Stochastic has a large number of dents and sudden jumps, so most traders use the Slow one. Slow Stochastic lines are considered to be more reliable, but they lag a lot.

The main stochastic oscillator signals Interpretation of stochastic signals is similar to the RSI line interpretation. Here are situations of overbought and oversold in this case, however, the values of the levels: 80 and 20 , and the search for potential differences. But what distinguishes stochastic from RSI is an additional line that adds a really valuable ingredient to this oscillator. However, some traders still use levels, trend lines and figures for stochastics, so try to experiment: finally, Stochastic and RSI are similar.

When the price reaches a new low and the oscillator provides a higher low, there is a discrepancy, and a good buy signal appears. Each trader must determine for himself, which of the lines to use to determine the divergences. By the way, there are separately short and long divergences. Short takes the period of bars as shown above , the longer one is more extended in time.

The levels of overbought and oversold. Stochastic oscillators work best at wide price ranges or soft trends with a slight up or down skew. The worst market for normal use of stochastic oscillator is a market which is in a steady trend with only minor corrections. The price has not yet reached the Fibonacci In point 2, the price reached a level of In point 3, a divergence was formed, after which there was an intersection of the main and signal lines of the indicator.

The zero line 50 Based on the formula of the indicator, it is clear that when Stochastic most time is in the range of to 50, there is an upward trend, and vice versa for the range of 0 to It is possible even to take entries into the market at the intersection of 50 line with the stochastic.

And, to make the entries quite accurate, you just need to take a sufficiently long period of indicator: As you can see, just the option of using this indicator can already be a quite profitable trading strategy. On the picture above, red circles are intersections of the indicator and the 50 line — potential trade entries. Blue circles — option of an additional entrance to the position at the reversal from the 50 level entrance after crossing the main and signal lines.

Orange circle the only one in the picture — a false signal that could lead to some losses, which are nevertheless fully covered by profit. But the point is not in numbers, but in the fact that any way of trading stochastic with a right approach, patience and consistency can bring profits. Notice how simple this TS is, even if it does not claim to usefulness and was born in my head after 3 minutes of looking at the Stochastic indicator chart.

There is right-hand and left-hand intersection of lines: The figure above on the left shows the left-hand intersection, right one shows the right-hand intersection. We can repeat our success and open some more winning trades with our excellent forex time indicator. You can even base your trading strategy on this indicator alone. Number 2. Alligator This is also a trend indicator, so, it is located directly in the price chart.

The indicator is quite simple compared to other forex market sentiment indicators; it was designed by Bill Williams based on the combined signal of the three simple Moving Averages, it can be a trading system as well. Enter the Trade tab. Click on the Indicators menu; 4. Choose the Williams Alligator 5. Just like with any other indicator, we need to format it before we start working.

Like we did with the previous indicator, we enter the settings and set the values for the periods of the indicator lines of 21, 13, 8. In general, these are the default values, but if they for some reason are different, correct them; 6. Now, we can expect an entry signal. The trading signals delivered by the indicator are the following. We enter a buy trade if the red and the green lines break through the blue one upside; we enter a sell trade is the green and the red lines break through the blue one downside; 7.

Select the trade type, it is sell; 8. Set already known trade volume of 0. Click on the sell button; Expect an opposite signal when the green and the red lines break through the blue line upside, as it is displayed in our chart; We already have a profit by this time, so we take it; Click on the Close button in the panel of trades; Another profit is taken, and our deposit continues increasing. If you already have trades entered according to the previous indicator, this is the right time to add another couple of trades entered according to the Alligator indicator, as the more trades you enter the higher is the total profit.

Awesome Oscillator AO This forex prediction indicator MT4 is one of the best to be used in the forex indicator strategy. This oscillator is designed to deliver trading signals of the divergence which is the strongest sign of a soon trend reversal and trend pivot level in technical analysis.

Well, let us start spotting divergence and make profits! Open the Trade panel in the trading platform; 2. Click on the Indicator menu; 4. And chose the needed indicator, now, it is forex time indicator, the Awesome Oscillator. This technical tool was also designed by Bill Williams, an unrivaled expert in the forex technical analysis indicators. Most of his original trading indicators are the best in their group; 5. Now, custom the indicator settings before you start trading. We will need the trend line from the drawing panel on the left; it will run along with the highs of the ongoing uptrend.

Draw the line according to the trend highs on the chart 7. We draw the same line along with the highs of the corresponding trend on the indicator, and it happens so that the tool indicates a downtrend, unlike the price chart where the trend is up. This is called divergence when the trend on the indicator is opposite to the trend on the price chart; 8. As the Awesome Oscillator indicates a downtrend, we expect a sell signal to enter a position to sell.

We set the familiar trend volume of 0. The sell signal is delivered. The trading signal to sell is when the red bar on the indicator is below a zero level. Now, we can enter a trade and we click on the Sell button; As usual, our trade yields a loss at first due to the commission for the transaction; This is written in the Assets Total box We expect the price to move down; The Current Change indicates a profit; The indicator delivers a signal to close the position.

The exit signal is when the first green bar is painted below a zero level after the position is opened; It is time to take the profit in the section of current trades; Click on the Close button. So, now you are familiar with three different indicators that yield the same real-time result, you make money trading forex online. Use these tools in the forex indicator strategies, and do not forget to read new articles in the LiteFinance trader blog.

You will learn far more different ways to make profits from Forex trading. Did you like my article? I'll be glad to answer your questions and give necessary explanations. Useful links: I recommend trying to trade with a reliable broker here.

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