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Acidic cleavage of ethers workup

Октябрь 2, 2012

acidic cleavage of ethers workup

Triflic acid. PMB ether deprotection. Selective deprotection. a b s t r a c t. An efficient method for the cleavage of the p-methoxybenzyl protecting group. The C−O bond cleavage in ethers is one of the most fundamental transformations and stability under strong acidic and basic conditions. We present an experimental and theoretical study of acid-catalyzed cleavage of two non-phenolic and two phenolic dimers that exhibit the β-O SMOOTHED PARTICLE HYDRODYNAMICS CODE BASICS OF INVESTING

So opposite charges attract. A lone pair of electrons on our nucleophile are going to attack our electrophile, our carbon. At the same time, the electrons in the bond between the carbon the halogen are going to kick off onto the halogen like that. So this is an SN2-type mechanism, which is why a primary alkyl halide will work the best, because that has the decreased steric hindrance compared to other alkyl halides. So what will happen is, after nucleophilic attack, we're going to attach our oxygen to our carbon like that, and we form our ether.

So if we wanted to, we could just rewrite our ether like this to show it as we added on an R prime group like that. Let's look at an example of the Williamson ether synthesis. So if I start with a molecule over here on the left, and it's kind of an interesting-looking molecule.

It's called beta-naphthol. And so beta-naphthol has two rings together like this, and then there's an OH coming off of one of the rings, like that. So that's beta-naphthol. And in the first part, we're going to add potassium hydroxide as our base. Now, potassium hydroxide is not as strong of a base as sodium hydride is, but in this case, it's OK to use a little bit weaker base. So the lone pair of electrons on the hydroxide are going to take that proton, leaving these electrons behind on the oxygen.

So when we draw the conjugate base to beta-naphthol-- and we can go ahead and show that-- we're going to take off that proton, which is going to leave that oxygen there with three lone pairs of electrons, giving it a negative 1 formal charge. So this is our alkoxide anion. And this alkoxide anion is resonance stabilized. So a resonance-stabilized conjugate base stabilizes the conjugate base, which makes beta-naphthol a little bit better acid than other alcohols that we will talk about.

So since beta-naphthol is a little bit more acidic, that's why it's OK for us to use a weaker base for this example. So potassium hydroxide is strong enough to take away the acidic proton in beta-naphthol because the conjugate base to beta-naphthol is resonance stabilized. So in the second step, once we have formed our alkoxide anion, this is where we add our alkyl halide. So if I add my alkyl halide in my second step-- let's see if we can have enough room here-- I'm going to use methyl iodide as our alkyl halide.

So methyl iodide looks like that. And once again, we know this carbon is going to be the electrophilic carbon, so nucleophile, electrophile. So a lone pair of electrons on the oxygen attacks the carbon, kicks these electrons off onto the iodide, and we form our product. So let's go ahead and draw the ether product that will result.

So these rings are going to stay the same like that. And we now are going to have our oxygen attached to a methyl group, which came from the methyl iodide like that. So we formed our product. This product is called nerolin, which is a fixative used in perfume.

So this has an interesting smell to it. So if you ever get a chance to do this Williamson ether synthesis, it's just interesting to see what nerolin smells like, what it looks like, and to think about it as being a component of some perfumes.

Let's think about synthesizing an ether. Curran, J. The ionic liquid [bmim][Br] confers high nucleophilicity on the bromide ion for the nucleophilic displacement of an alkyl group to regenerate a phenol from the corresponding aryl alkyl ether in good yield in the presence of p-toluenesulfonic acid. Dealkylation of various aryl alkyl ethers could also be achieved using stoichiometric amounts of concentrated hydrobromic acid in [bmim][BF4].

Boovanahalli, D. Kim, D. Chi, J. A tethered alkene functionality can be used as a traceless directing group for a zirconium catalyzed reductive cleavage of Csp3 and Csp2 carbon-heteroatom bonds, including C-O, C-N, and C-S bonds. The reaction is especially useful for cleavage of homoallylic ethers and the removal of terminal allyl and propargyl groups. Matt, F. Streuff, Org. A readily available magnesium catalyst achieves a selective hydroboration of a wide range of epoxides and oxetanes yielding secondary and tertiary alcohols in excellent yields and regioselectivities.

Magre, E. Paffenholz, B. Maity, L. Cavallo, M. Rueping, J. The homoallyl moiety hAllyl can be used as a general protecting group for several functionalities. Lipshutz, S. Ghorai, W. Leong, J. Pd 0 -catalyzed deprotection of allyl ethers using barbituric acid derivatives in protic polar solvent such as MeOH and aqueous 1,4-dioxane proceeds at room temperature without affecting a wide variety of functional groups.

Control of the reaction temperature allows selective and successive cleavage of allyl, methallyl, and prenyl ethers. Tsukamoto, T. Suzuki, Y. Kondo, Synlett, , The scope and limitation of this new deprotective methodology are also described. Ishizaki, M. Yamada, S. Watanabe, O.

Hoshino, K. Nishitani, M.

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Acidic cleavage of ethers workup forex chart analysis market structure

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