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Is go horse betting legitimate

Октябрь 2, 2012

is go horse betting legitimate

Rooting for your horse in real-time with real money funds on the line is exhilarating. Free bet icon Free bet. If you have recently signed up. BetOnline is a great option for anyone interested in placing fixed-odds futures bets on popular races such as the Kentucky Derby. We have. Yes, online horse racing is legal at the federal level and in most US states. Off-track betting (OTB) – betting on horse racing away from a race track – was. BITCOIN LISTED ON STOCK EXCHANGE

Hawaii Horse Racing Idaho Idaho regulates advance deposit wagering see regulations here and requires operators to apply for licenses to offer online racing betting. All big-name ADWs operate in Idaho today. Most of the biggest names in mobile parimutuel wagering accept Illinois customers. Illinois Horse Racing Indiana The Indiana Horse Racing Commission regulates horse racing, wagering and advance deposit wagering activities throughout the state.

State law specifically authorized online racing betting, and all operators are required to acquire a license from the Commission prior to accepting wagers from Indiana residents. Indiana Horse Racing Iowa Advance deposit wagering is legal in Iowa provided operators go through all the necessary steps to acquire a license from the state.

State law on horse racing requires operators to reach agreements with local racetracks and horse racing organizations to determine source market fees and other issues, but there has been some controversy over the years with numerous out-of-state operators accepting wagers from Iowans without having such agreements in place.

Iowa Horse Racing Kansas Kansas horse racing laws do not specifically discuss advance deposit wagering, but several major ADWs have accepted Kansas residents for years without issue. KRS Chapter addresses the conduct of advance deposit wagering in Kentucky. Currently, residents 18 or older have access to a variety of licensed betting sites. Louisiana Horse Racing Maine Maine enacted legislation in ordering the Gambling Control Unit to hold a competitive bidding process to award one operator sole control over advance deposit wagering.

The minimum age to bet online through an ADW service is Maryland Horse Racing Massachusetts Massachusetts law allows advance deposit wagering and most major betting sites operate in the state. Parimutuel horse racing betting is overseen by the Division of Racing under the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

Massachusetts Horse Racing Michigan Michigan approved new online racing betting legislation at the end of to establish a licensing process for ADWs. Under Michigan law, operators must apply for a license, provide a proposed plan of operation and pay a fee prior to offering mobile racing wagering to residents.

Michigan Horse Racing Minnesota Advance deposit wagering providers are required by MN law to acquire a license in order to offer online wagering to residents. MN law establishes a minimum age of 18 to participate in parimutuel horse wagering. Minnesota Horse Racing Mississippi Mississippi has been slow to embrace horse racing betting. Online wagering is prohibited to this day, but retail sportsbooks at casinos are allowed to offer parimutuel horse wagers.

Mississippi Horse Racing Missouri Missouri law does not address advance deposit wagering. Many ADWs interpreted state law to prohibit online racing betting, but BetAmerica does offer its services to residents. Horse Racing Montana The Montana Board of Horse Racing oversees the conduct of horse racing and parimutuel wagering, including online betting. Numerous ADWs are licensed and offer their services in Montana today.

Montana Horse Racing Nebraska Parimutuel wagering is legal in Nebraska but state law does not clearly address the legality of advance deposit wagering. Some lawmakers have argued that online betting platforms violate state law, but the opinion is not universal and some ADWs do offer their services in Nebraska.

State law enforces a minimum age of 19 to bet on horses. Nebraska Horse Racing Nevada Horse racing betting is legal in Nevada, but only through authorized sportsbooks. Residents and visitors may also register for mobile betting accounts at land-based casinos to bet on horses through mobile sportsbooks from anywhere within state lines. Nevada Horse Racing New Hampshire New Hampshire law clearly permits parimutuel wagering at racetracks and is unclear on the status of online betting. New Jersey Horse Racing New Mexico New Mexico horse racing law is unclear on the legality of advance deposit wagering, but several operators have offered their services to residents for years without issue.

Customers must be 18 or older to bet on horse races in New Mexico. New Mexico Horse Racing New York New York law allows online racing betting providers to apply for licenses from the state to offer advance deposit wagering to residents. In New York, the minimum age to bet on horse races is All major parimutuel betting sites are available in North Dakota. State law on horse racing does not specifically address online betting, but the Ohio State Racing Commission does have rules in place governing telephone wagering.

Debate aside, most ADWs accept Ohio residents. Ohio Horse Racing Oklahoma Oklahoma racing regulations allow account wagering by telephone but do not specifically address the legality of online and mobile wagering. However, most ADWs operate in Oklahoma and allow customers to place wagers online. Most of the major US racing betting sites are licensed and active in Oregon today.

Oregon Horse Racing Pennsylvania Pennsylvania law authorizes advance deposit wagering and the majority of ADW operators accept residents. Customers must be 18 or older to bet on horses in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Horse Racing Rhode Island Rhode Island regulations touch on simulcast wagering but do not specifically address online wagering. Some of these loyalty programs and ongoing deals can get awesome perks. These include money-back offers, reduced risk bets, free bets, and boosted odds.

In some cases, you can use these rewards on other betting options like football, rugby, or other sports. Live streaming Live streaming is important when betting on horse racing. In some instances, you may have to subscribe to a sports channel to watch the race. This will incur another cost to you. Thankfully, most horse betting sites online have live streams as standard. This way you can watch the action as it unfolds for free. Mobile betting or mobile apps Mobile betting websites and apps make it easy to place bets on the go.

The app or mobile site should allow you to do everything that you can do on the desktop version. This includes live streaming of the races. All the sites we choose either have an app or an awesome mobile website. They include all the information you need and allow you to watch and place bets no matter where you are. This gives you a chance to bet on various horse races from all around the globe. Not only that but it also gives you loads of different betting options.

Handicapping tools Sites for the best horse race bets consist of handicapping tools. These can help you to assess a race. These tips on horse race betting can help you make an informed decision on the race. This way you should be able to place more winning bets. Banking methods The best sites for horse race betting will offer several different banking methods. Moreover, the banking methods will be simple.

You can do this using various cryptocurrencies , credit cards, E-wallets, and others. Do note that banking methods will vary from site to site. Some will have minimum and maximum deposits based on the payment method. In some instances, a horse betting site may charge a processing fee for withdrawals. This also depends on the payment method you choose. Customer support Customer support may seem like a small thing when you are just interested in betting. However, when you run into a problem, that is when you realize how important it really is.

The best betting sites for horse racing have excellent customer support. You can get them around the clock and have options when trying to reach them. You can try the live chat feature to connect with someone immediately.

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All horse betting types fall into one of the two main categories — straight bets and exotic bets. In straight wagers, you try to predict which horse is going to come first, second, or third. Straight Wager With a straight wager, you bet on a horse running in a single track. However, there are several sub-categories, depending on their position. Win As the name suggests, you bet on the horse that is presumably going to win the race. If it comes in first, you get paid off.

You get paid the same amount regardles of the place in which the horse finishes the race. Naturally, the payoff for place bets is slightly lower than for win bets. Show With the show bet, you get paid out if the horse that you placed your bet on finishes the race on the first, second, or third position.

Obviously, you have better chances of winning this bet, hence the payout is lesser. Across the board This is the combination of the three previous bets. You pick a horse, and if it finishes the race on the third position, you win all three bets, as in show, place, and win.

On the other hand, if it finishes in the second position, you get paid only for your place and win bets. Exotic bets With exotic bets, you bet on multiple horses within a single bet. This means that your profit potential has substantially increased. But they are much harder to predict when compared to straight wagers. Here are some of the exotic special bets: Exacta — You bet on two horses that are going to finish the race on the 1st and 2nd place, respectively.

Trifecta — You are betting on three horses that will finish at the first, second, and third place in the correct order. You can go to the racecourse and just pick a random horse and hope for the best. But to win the big bucks, you must consider a multitude of factors before placing bets.

Here are some of the strategies that can increase your winning chances. Do Your Homework Millions of dollars are being wagered on horse racing events, but only a tiny percentage of betors do their research before choosing a horse to place bets on.

Even just a quick look at the racing program before selecting the horse to bet on can increase your winning odds. Racing forms or form guides will give you all the necessary information about the horses, jockeys, and trainers competing in the race.

You should also do a little digging on the web, and see if you can find out something about the horses regarding their health, form, or potential injuries. Make Different Types of Bets Straight bets are the most straightforward types of bets in horse racing , and we recommend beginners to focus on them until they get to know more about the sport.

That said, if you want to take your horse betting to the next level, you need to learn how to incorporate other types of bets and use them strategically. Shop the Odds Shopping the odds is an excellent way to increase your payout, and it applies to pretty much every sport, not just horse racing. However, it applies only to fixed odds, as there is no way to predict the size of the pari-mutuel pool. Once you have made up your mind and chosen your pick for the race, you can begin to shop the odds.

Check out the offer from various betting sites, and just go with the option that gives you the highest chance of winning the biggest amount of money. Legality of Horse Racing Betting It is completely legal to bet on horse racing in every country that allows sports betting. If you make informed bets and implement an adequate strategy into your betting predictions, chances are high that you are going to make a profit when betting on horse racing.

What events are a part of horse racing? The horse racing calendar consists of countless events and tournaments. Not so. Pretty successful over the past 30 years or so, too, primarily in southern California. Every once in a while, though, Richard Mandella has a 3-year-old that rounds into form on the road to the Kentucky Derby G1. In , Omaha Beach may have been his best, winning the Rebel Stakes G2 , the Arkansas Derby G1 , and becoming the darling of Derby week as well as the morning-line favorite.

Each winner earned 50 Derby qualifying points, enough to secure a spot in the race. And each will likely face one more important challenge that will enhance or discourage that trip to Kentucky. The San Felipe. The Gotham. The John Battaglia Memorial.

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How to Bet on Horses - Horse Racing Tips - Horse Racing Betting 101

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