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Crap shoot investing in oil

Октябрь 2, 2012

crap shoot investing in oil

With oil prices climbing to their highest level in more than two decades, investors are discovering examples of companies that did little or. In this regard individual investors generally enjoy significant competitive But the crap shoot aspect of real estate investing—while not totally. Also found in: Thesaurus, Idioms, Encyclopedia. Related to Crap-shoot: Poop Shoot. craps. (krăps). pl.n. ETHEREUM MINING CHIP

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Crap shoot investing in oil nvidia crypto miner


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crap shoot investing in oil


To invest in oil indirectly, investors can buy energy sector ETFs, energy sector mutual funds, or stock in individual oil companies. Important: When investing in oil, investors rarely take ownership of the commodity itself. This differs from equity investing, where shares of stock represent ownership of the issuing company.

For this reason, the process of investing in oil is often referred to as "gaining exposure" to oil. Gaining Direct Exposure to Oil Investors can gain direct exposure to oil through the purchase of futures or options contracts or by buying commodities-based ETFs or mutual funds. Futures and options can be complex and involve a high degree of risk, whereas ETFs and mutual funds are relatively simple and moderately risky.

Oil futures: Requires a buyer to purchase an investment security, or sell an investment security, on a specified expiration date, unless the position is closed before expiration. When it comes to oil futures, investors rarely intend on taking ownership of the asset. Oil options: Provides the buying investor the right to buy call option or sell put option the underlying asset, in this case, oil.

Commodities funds: Enables an investor to buy shares of an ETF or mutual fund that tracks the performance, less fees, of an underlying commodity index, such as a crude oil index. The type of investors that typically invest directly in oil is those who are willing to take on the added risk associated with futures, options, and speculation. Oil and other commodities can also be used for diversification and hedging strategies.

Tip: Futures and options have a subtle difference. Futures contracts represent an obligation to buy or sell a security, whereas options contracts represent the right to buy or sell a security. Investing in Oil Indirectly Indirect investments in oil won't directly track the price of oil as a commodity but will invest in stocks that may be affected by oil prices. To gain indirect exposure to oil, investors can: Buy shares of a mutual fund or oil ETF that invests in stocks of companies in the oil industry.

Examples include oil and exploration funds and energy sector funds. Purchase stock in individual oil companies. There are three types of oil companies: upstream companies, which drill for oil; midstream companies, which operate pipelines for transporting crude oil; and downstream companies that refine and sell the end products. The type of investors who prefer indirect exposure to oil are typically those who do not want the added risk of direct exposure to oil as a commodity.

For example, an energy sector mutual fund or ETF is one way to gain broad exposure to oil and energy stocks with less sensitivity to oil price fluctuations as direct oil investments. Diversification: Exposure to investment types with performance that is not highly correlated to other investments can help to diversify a portfolio.

Investing in oil stocks or the energy sector can provide returns that differ from other sectors. Inflation hedge: Since prices for commodities, including oil, can rise along with the prices for goods and services in an economy, oil can be used as an inflation hedge.

International Inc. Simmons even wrote an influential book in , Twilight in the Desert, predicting the decline of the Saudi oil industry because of overproduction from shrinking pools. Advertisement 6 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. It was only a decade ago that the London-based Oil Depletion Analysis Centre, the top peak oil think tank, was forecasting oil production would peak by at between 92 and 94 million barrels a day because of insufficient oil discoveries.

Advertisement 7 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. In a testimony to the U. House of Representatives in June, , then federal reserve board chairman Alan Greenspan talked about the need to boost imports of liquefied natural gas LNG because U. Fears of gas poverty fueled a wave of U. Today natural gas prices are a third of what they were a dozen years ago and the U. Advertisement 8 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.

Article content Oil and gas forecasts fuel investment fads.

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