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Donk betting on sports

Октябрь 2, 2012

donk betting on sports

Deceiving, or leading into opponents, is often referred to as a “donk-bet”, a derogatory term as it is often seen as a weak play to make. Making a donk bet early on will likely give the others players the impression you're not very good, so they may underestimate you. Then you can outplay them. The donk bet is a bet made out of position into the preflop raiser, effectively preempting his cbet on any street. BOAVISTA VS PORTO BETTING TIPS

A donk bet is where the pre flop caller of a raise leads out into the raiser from out of position. There are reasons a donk bet can be bad though. Here are a few: What are you representing? It looks weak to the raiser. If you are leading into them, you appear as though you want to take the pot now. What are you telling your opponents if you decide to bet into them? You defend the big blind with pocket 3s and flop a set on J. Your opponent quickly folds, moving on to the next hand. The flop bet loses the c bet you inevitably get from someone opening a lot.

This makes the donk bet a poor poker strategy if you are no super strong when leading. There are couple of different scenarios I use it for deception. Flopping a monster and leading into a good player or a player who is likely to be strong works well. Both types of player will not expect you to have a strong hand and will either raise you for value or as a bluff.

Either way you accomplish what you want. Deceiving your opponent goes a long way to helping you win money at poker. Build the pot Against players that are exercising pot control and playing small ball , the donk bet strategy works well to set up bluffs or build pot for value. By leading out you build the pot and allow a bluff to work smoother. The reason the donk-bet looks weak - and usually is weak - is because the standard line to take with a strong hand would be to go for the check-raise or to check-call a flop bet and ramp up the aggression on the turn.

If a player had flopped two-pair, a set or a big draw such as an open-ended straight flush draw then why on Earth would they lead out into an opponent; especially an opponent who had raised or three-bet preflop. They wouldn't, would they? But sometimes it will pay for you to fire a donk-bet of your own. Imagine you are playing against a loose-cannon of a player and you have opened with a raise with a pair of nines from early position.

Our crazy opponent three-bets us and we decide to make the call and see a flop we will leave the calling of a three-bet out of position for another day. A common line would be to check, let our loose-aggressive opponent make a continuation-bet and then check-raise and take the pot. The problem with this line is our check-raise looks super strong and unless our loose opponent has three-bet us with AA-QQ in this spot, he is unlikely to continue with his hand and although we pick up the chips he bet with, we probably feel we could have extracted more chips from him.

Another problem is by checking with the intention of check-raising or maybe even check-calling we run the risk of our opponent checking behind and whilst this is not so much of a worry when we have top set, the board can change dramatically or could look much worse if we had say two pair instead. One approach you could take would be to lead into the loose player and hope they come over the top of you.

Loose-aggressive players like to be in control and if your opponent has shown a willingness to throw their weight around then they could be ideal to donk-bet into when you are very strong.

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What is a 'Donk Bet'? Is It Ever Correct? August 21, PokerNews Staff The poker term "donk bet" was actually coined relatively recently, only coming into prominence over the last decade or so. It started out as a somewhat derogatory way of describing a bad play strategically speaking , although over time the term has been used more generically to describe a specific type of postflop bet. PokerNews recently caught up with Poker Ambassador Dominik Nitsche who offered a quick explanation of donk betting and how the move fits into larger strategic concerns in no-limit hold'em.

As Nitsche explains, a "donk bet" refers to a postflop bet in which a player who is out of position is "leading into the preflop aggressor. Followers were interested in hearing when is the correct time to donk bet and what strategies to use when implementing a donk betting strategy. This goes for any street, on the flop it is leading into the pre-flop raiser, on the turn it is leading into the player that continuation bet on the flop.

The donk bet sometimes gets confused with the probe bet, a probe bet being when a player leads the action after a check-check situation. For example, the pre-flop aggressor chooses to check behind and now the big blind BB bets from OOP on the turn.

No matter the words you use, often you are discussing equity in some way in a poker hand. Equity is the backbone of the decisions we make at a poker table. You will call with all suited hands and a lot of junk offsuit hands because of equity and pot-odds.

Even though the BB can have offsuit, suited, offsuit, offsuit etc, they are still at an equity disadvantage. Equity allows you to bet, plain and simple. There are different nuances of equity such as how it is distributed or nut advantage, but in general the more equity the more you bet. From the BB, it is almost never correct to lead into the pre-flop raiser because the BB is always at an equity disadvantage on the flop.

Can no one get a read on you? Take the quiz that tells you! He has every single suited combination in his range for a possible flush, and also has offsuit that the MP player does not have. So, the BB has a major flush advantage and also a straight advantage. He has all the Broadway combo hands, KK etc. Now, when the BB folds all of his nothing on the flop, he is left with something all the time on the turn.

In summary, when a turn or river card changes the composition of the board, donk betting can be considered a viable strategy, especially when that card benefits the BB range more than the MP range.

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They are called DONK BETS for a reason!


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Donkbet - Tutorial donk betting on sports

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