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Trading places bet scene kid

Октябрь 2, 2012

trading places bet scene kid

Understanding the climactic scene of Trading Spaces requires a bit of stock knowledge! Wealthy brothers switch homeless street hustler for a snooty broker in bet over "nature vs. nurture." Leaves STARZ in 7 daysRentals include 30 days to start. 49 votes, 19 comments. 21M subscribers in the explainlikeimfive community. Explain Like I'm Five is the best forum and archive on the internet for. PHIXR NFL BETTING SPREADS

When trading closes, they must meet the margin call—essentially a deposit—for holding the futures contracts. The central storyline of Trading Places—a member of society trading places with another whose socio-economic status stands in direct contrast to his own—has often been compared to the novel The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain. When Winthorpe is driven to work during the film's opening, he hums " Se vuol ballare ", an aria from The Marriage of Figaro, in which Figaro declares he will overturn the systems in place.

This foreshadows Winthorpe's eventual efforts to do the same to the Dukes. Both extremes are depicted by those living in opulent luxury and those trapped in a culture of poverty —a concept arguing that poor people adopt certain behaviors that keep them poor.

They are completely removed from those whose lives are affected by poverty. This is demonstrated by the Dukes' bet, showing their own sense of superiority over, and disregard for, the lives of those beneath them, even Winthorpe. Their only reward for the bet is personal pride. Conversely, there is rarely a complementary scene for those subjected to downward mobility.

Where the earlier films espoused the benefits of things other than money, Trading Places is built around the value of money and those who aspire to have it. The heroes win by making lots of money; the villains are punished by becoming part of the impoverished. The heroes' reward is escaping to a tropical island, completely divorced from the poverty-stricken neighborhoods that had previously been their home. While seemingly supporting left-leaning political concepts by arguing that given an equal platform a street-hustler like Valentine can perform Winthorpe's job equally well, the film promotes right-leaning concepts like Reagan-era policies where the accumulation of wealth is highly valued.

Randolph's attempts to prove nurture wins over nature demonstrates that Valentine, given the same advantages as Winthorpe, is just as capable, and leaves behind the negative aspects of his former, unfair life. As part of their revenge against the Dukes, Winthorpe disguises his identity by donning blackface makeup, an act enabled by Valentine who has helped loosen up this strait-laced character.

Because Valentine allowed it, it makes the act acceptable. This requires Valentine to accept and support Winthorpe despite having numerous reasons to dislike him, including originally getting Valentine wrongly arrested and then later trying to frame Valentine to reclaim his old job. Even so, Valentine befriends Winthorpe and helps him get revenge on the Dukes, the old establishment characters who demonstrate explicit racism.

The film requires Valentine to act "white", performing as is expected of him to survive in the Dukes' world. On Christmas Eve he humiliates himself in front of his former bosses, unwittingly losing his opportunity for his swap with Valentine to be undone by having become a criminal. While waiting outside a store, a dog urinates on him.

The following day offers a Christmas redemption and a change of fortune as Winthorpe is integrated into the non-traditional family unit of Coleman, Ophelia and Valentine. Murphy portrays the affluent Prince Akeem who hands the now-homeless brothers a large sum of cash. Mortimer tells Randolph that it is enough to give them a new start.

They give Murphy what they've taken from Aykroyd. And the rest of the movie follows the fortunes of the two changelings as they painfully adjust to their new lives, and get involved in a commodities scam the Duke brothers are trying to pull off. This is good comedy. It's especially good because it doesn't stop with sitcom manipulations of its idea, and it doesn't go only for the obvious points about racial prejudice in America.

Instead, it develops the quirks and peculiarities of its characters, so that they're funny because of who they are. This takes a whole additional level of writing on top of the plot-manipulation we usually get in popular comedies, and it takes good direction, too. But what's most visible in the movie is the engaging acting.

Murphy and Aykroyd are perfect foils for each other in "Trading Places," because they're both capable of being so specifically eccentric that we're never just looking at a "black" and a "white" that would make the comedy unworkable. They both play characters with a lot of native intelligence to go along with their prejudices, peculiarities and personal styles. It's fun to watch them thinking. The supporting cast has also been given detailed attention, instead of being assigned to stand around as stereotypes.

Jamie Lee Curtis plays a hooker with a heart of gold and a lot of T-bills; Ameche and Bellamy have a lot of fun with the Duke brothers, and Denholm Elliott successfully plays butler to both Aykroyd and Murphy, which is a stretch.

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Trading Places ( 5 Dollars )

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