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3 betting a polarised range

Октябрь 2, 2012

3 betting a polarised range

A polarised betting range is one which bets with either strong hands which expect to be a favourite if they get called and weak hands which. 1xbetbookmakerregistration.website › strategies › hand-reading-for-beginners-polarised-ra. Polarized 3-bet ranges consist of the hands at the top and bottom of our continuing range. Here are a couple very common situations that warrant a polarized. ODDS TO WIN SUPERBOWL 2021

Question 5. When I am in-position, I should use a larger 3-bet size compared to when I 3-bet from out-of-position. True False Explanation: When you are out of position, you want to use a larger 3-bet size to dis-incentivize your opponent from calling. This is because playing post-flop from out of position will cause you to under-realize your equity whereas when you are in position you will likely over-realize your equity.

Question 6. You are in the BB with 25bb and the CO raises. Which hand is a better hand to use as a 3-bet bluff? K6o A5s Explanation: At this stack depth, always think about blockers and equity realization. It also has very poor equity realization from out of position if played as a call.

Use A5s as a call, and off-suit blocker hands as your 3-bet bluffs! Question 7. You are in the BB and the CO raises. K7o 76s Explanation: At this stack depth, you should be thinking about post-flop playability. All of your off-suit junky hands like K7o should just be folded, and your 3-bets should be with hands with good post-flop playability. Question 8. Question 9.

Smaller Larger Explanation: When using a linear range, your range will usually not mind getting called as often, compared to when you use a polar range. Your 4betting range needs to be polarised but it can be weighted towards bluffs if you think your opponent is folding more often than he should. A final point on the problem with 4betting mid-strength hands like AJ. Polarised 3betters will often be 5betting or folding. Flatting your 4bet will happen somewhat rarely. If you have to fold when re-raised, and your hand strength is irrelevant when you take the pot down, you are turning AJo into a bluff.

You might aswell have 72o — the EV would be pretty much the same assuming your opponent never flats and disregarding any card-removal effects. Of course, there is nothing wrong with bluffing. The problem arises when you bluff with a hand that may have otherwise been profitable to call.

By doing so you are literally throwing EV into the muck. It also contains hands that your opponent thinks are value hands but are actually not; hands like 67ss and You have the same options at your disposal — you can flat, you can 4bet-bluff, or you can 4bet for value. Often these players will be less competent than the polarised 3betters unless they are 3betting merged because they suspect you are a fish.

If a good player 3bets 78ss bb deep he is doing it as a bluff and folding to 4bet. Overall it equates to a reduction in fold-equity with your 4bets. This is usually a pretty good reason to not 4bet bluff vs merged 3betters. Some merged 3betters will fold very often to 4bets, in which case you can still take trash hands and bluff. A lot of merged 3betters will just not be folding anywhere near enough for it to be profitable. The value of 4betting for thin value then goes up. While 4betting a hand like AJo is often terrible vs a polarised 3better, 4betting a hand like AJ against a player who is going to continue with hands like QJss or 78ss or QKo is going to be fine.

In other words you want to merge your 4bet range vs merged 3betters with a low Ft4bet!

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