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Rainbow dash x fluttershy

Октябрь 2, 2012

rainbow dash x fluttershy

You never thought I'd do Flutterdash (Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash) for my MLP/Equestria Girls Pride Month, did you? Well June is also Summer too and we all. Fluttershy and Rainbowdash are sent to Canterlot on a friendship mission but there are problems went sparks fly between the bffs. Completed. teen. Nov 14, - Explore Jamie Brusuelas's board "Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy" on Pinterest. See more ideas about rainbow dash, fluttershy, my little pony. BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE ORIGIN

You were the inspiration she needed. She had made quick work to introduce herself to you, trying to be as elegant as possible. You were just so ethereal for her to make a bad impression. All the while, your heart was thumping loudly in your chest and you were almost certain that a blush had creeped its way onto your cheeks. She was gorgeous, and with all the compliments she showered you with, you couldn't help your flustered reaction.

Rarity made sure to keep you in her life whenever she could, inviting you on shopping trips, going to the spa together, and just about anything she could think of. You definitely didn't mind either. She was so kind to you that you began to develop feelings for the confident mare. In one of Rarity's many invitations to spend time with you, she had asked you to model the dress she had made inspired by her first sight of you.

As always, you had agreed. You couldn't lie that the session where she had measured your proportions had left you flustered. Her magic brushing up against your coat and the warmth the radiated off of her so easily was all too much for your little heart to take. She could say the same thing, too.

It took all of her to restrain herself from your beauty. However, her restraint was only temporary because, by the time the dress was ready for you to try on, you had her completely star-struck. She knew her dress was beautiful, of course, but seeing it on you was like another dimension of beauty. All she could think about was that first sight of you. Your beautiful form enveloped in delicate flowers. As you reached the bottom of the stairs, the words spilled out of her mouth.

I have plenty! I've visited every other flower shop and apothecary for the ingredients for my potion, and no pony carries them! Lunar comfrey is hard to maintain, let alone help them bloom. You flipped open to the page spread detailing the entire process coupled with little drawings. From that point on, she developed a little crush on you. She could definitely appreciate a pony who cared so much to write every little detail. You were just so passionate about your work, and she just found it so cute!

She always looked for time to spend with you whether she came to your shop to 'learn' or have you come over to her library to read up on a book she thought you'd find interesting. She just couldn't have enough of you, especially when you were in your element. With all these feelings, she often found herself pacing around the library as she stress-organized the shelves all the while Spike had to listen in on her rambling about you.

All she wanted to do was to confess to you, but the last thing she wanted was to ruin your friendship. All of her friends would tell her that it seemed like you shared the same feelings, but she didn't see it. Yet, she seemed to have finally convinced herself after months of mulling it over. When she did confess, it was up-front. It was the only thing she could think to do, too scared to do something dramatic only for it to flop.

To her relief, you had reciprocated those feelings. Rainbow Dash It was a normal day for Rainbow Dash. She followed her same routine up until she was midway through her flying patrol around Ponyville. There she saw you, laying on the grass with a journal and pen in front of you. You were relatively isolated except for the plants around you, yet something about you caught her eye. She's never been able to put her hoof on it as to why she decided to put her roaring speeds to a halt only to glide down and greet you.

You invited her to sit by you as you explained everything. Her gaze constantly shifted between the plants, their drawn counterpart, and you. Your ramblings weren't even close to being done, but the sky was already beginning to dim. Rainbow found herself disappointed by your inevitable goodbye. At that moment, all she knew was that she was hooked. Day after day, she'd speed along Ponyville just to see you. Sometimes it wasn't always at the meadow where you first met.

Sometimes it was just at a cafe or even just running into you while you strolled around town. You were the slow, relaxing lull in her life that she needed to break up so many fast-paced days. You didn't want to say that then, but you had actually drawn her many times before on your free time. Nonetheless, you agreed. You finished up the drawing and stood up to show her. She flapped open her wings and pulled you close to her side, making your heart skip a beat.

After a few moments of silence and simply staring into the others' eyes, Rainbow spoke up. Like, on a date? You've wandered much too far. I can't imagine all the dangers there must be this deep into the forest! Angel had run off, and in her haste to keep up with the speedy bunny, she had come to the realization that she didn't know where she was.

Angel didn't seem to care too much, though. He had his eyes - well, his nose - set on the fresh scent of tasty plants. His ears flicked in disinterest at her words and he began to hop off towards the scent again. Fluttershy sighed and followed along, pushing past the brambles that Angel had so easily slipped through.

To her surprise, she had found a haven of flowers, herbs, and so much more plant life with a little cottage nestled in the center of it. It looked like an absolute dream. Angel hopped through the clumps of plants, Fluttershy following close behind along the path of stones embedded within lush grass. Her heart had skipped a beat at the sight of you, a gorgeous unicorn mare, greeting her little bunny. You had grabbed a shallow basket with your magic and picked a few flowers to place inside.

Just as you set down the basket for the bunny to munch on, you noticed Fluttershy standing before you. You usually never had visitors, so you felt quite out of your element. Fluttershy knew the feeling, too, but all she could think about was how cute and almost ethereal you looked like this. After you told her how you much you loved to have little critters visiting you, she had made an effort to bring along a little friend.

Just the sight of you caring for them just as much as she cared about them was enough to make her heart melt. Sometimes she even invited you over for a tea party. You always looked so elegant sitting across her. She was afraid and stubbornly refuses to leave her house. As she is stops at the door Rainbow Dash pushes her and makes the point that she went to the Butterfly migration with her and it was time that she came along.

Fluttershy freaked out and accidentally pushes Rainbow Dash back in. Fluttershy stomps on her and gallops out the window. In 'Hurricane Fluttershy', Rainbow Dash assigns the pegasus at the Golden Oak Library to elevate water to Cloudsdale in order to produce clouds and make rain water. After the gathering, Fluttershy hides inside a tree and she was afraid of flying with everyone. She isolates herself at her home as Rainbow Dash asks her if she was joining the flight.

She pretended to be ail but it did not fool Rainbow Dash as she pours a bucket of water on her and the make up faded away. Then Rainbow Dash sympathises with her and asks her what was wrong. Fluttershy recalls the classmates in Flight School used to tease her. Soon Rainbow Dash felt dejected from her refusal as she was about to leave, however Fluttershy said she will join but regretted shortly after. As she tested her Wind Power, Fluttershy was the slowest and immediately felt discouraged.

Angel comforted Fluttershy and she decides to train harder. Upon her testing her improved speed, she decided not to join and standby. The First attempt was a failure but Rainbow Dash encouraged all the Pegasus ponies to try again. As the total wind power of the hurricane could not reach the maximum, Twilight Sparkle told Fluttershy to jump in, holding a goggle with her magic.

Fluttershy jumps into the hurricane and join the flight with the other ponies including Rainbow Dash. Her anxiety returned but she quickly overcame the thoughts and gave it all she has. When she could not stop, Rainbow Dash caught her with a cloud and embraced her and a wing Hi-Five. Later Rainbow Dash who was pretending to be one the Changelings fought them all to save Fluttershy.

Season 3 In the 'Crystal Empire 2,' they both sparred as Rainbow Dash knocked Fluttershy out to the scene and secretly said that she will be more lenient to her, and yet has a reputation to keep. They fly with each other as Fluttershy is afraid of the stormy winds, she holds onto Rainbow Dash. While harnessing confidence in Fluttershy with the difficult task, Rainbow Dash's concern for Fluttershy was tested until the point where Discord drove all the other friends away from a dinner gathering while he was using his Chaos Magic for hidden mischief.

Rainbow Dash felt a rift from Fluttershy after her decision to dub him as a friend but she finally realises that Fluttershy was successful in reforming Discord. In the episode of 'Games Ponies Play', both Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash with the other ponies provided a tour for a game inspector around the Chrystal Empire palace.

Unbeknownst to the other Mane Six, they got the wrong Ms Harshwhinny. In the 'Magical Mystery Cure', the cutie mark mix-up between Twilight's five friends occurred when she received an unfinished spell written by Star Swirl from the mail. Rainbow Dash received Fluttershy's cutie mark.

As Twilight discovered the problem, Fluttershy's home was in disarray as the animals have put Rainbow Dash in a cauldron for a meal. So Twilight had to bring the cured Fluttershy to reclaim her cutie mark. During the attack of the Everfree forest, Rainbow Dash sped through to save Fluttershy when a thorn and thistle wrapped around her. Rainbow Dash asked Fluttershy that she's not even a tiny bit angry and she shook her head in response.

In the 'Filli Vanilli' episode, Rainbow Dash and the other ponies were in awe of Fluttershy's vocals when she sang secretly with her animals. Upon finding out that Fluttershy was behind the voice of Big Mac with the other ponies, Rainbow Dash encouraged her and cheered her on. Throughout this episode, Rainbow Dash was supportive enough to ask Fluttershy whether she was ready to or provide the right amount of wind.

In 'Testing Testing ' Fluttershy help stopped Rainbow Dash and Twilight from arguing about studying as Rainbow Dash was about to take her Wonderbolts entrance exam, she then gathered all the animal to reenact the history on stage and on the ground when Rainbow Dash was learning her history. While Rarity and Applejack were finding things for each other, Twilight and Pinkie Pie were auctioning off Twilight's old books. When Rainbow Dash found the book, she offered a horse shoe at first but Teddie Safari refused to trade as she said she would like an Orthros.

The Owner of the Orthros also refused the rusty horse shoe but wanted a new lamp. Then Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash went to the stall full of Discord lamps and offered the horse shoe again but the owner refused. However he wanted a Chicken Statue so both of them went to the stall with the Chicken Statue and wanted to trade for the horse shoe. Upon another refusal, the owner of the Chicken Statue wanted a chalice. Finally with success, Rainbow Dash could start trading off all the items from the chalice to be traded for the Chicken Statue.

Finally when they got Orthros, but the fair was about to close and Rainbow Dash was anxious to trade off the Orthros for the Daring Do book. As Rainbow Dash was eager to get to Teddie Safari, the crowd's hustle and bustle was making it hard for her so Fluttershy used her Bear Caller to deceive the crowd to make a clear path for them. Fluttershy lost her bear caller along the way when Rainbow Dash pulled the Orthros.

By the time she reached Teddie Safari, Teddie Safari refused the trade unless she has her Orthros trained by Fluttershy. While Rainbow was blinded by her excitement she agreed and took the book with her. Then she realised she made a great mistake when Fluttershy and Teddie Safari left.

Rainbow Dash said she made a mistake and she wouldn't want to trade a friend. Her touching speech impacted Teddie Safari to call the fair trade off and Rainbow Dash goes to Fluttershy to find another item to trade. Later, as they are on board the train back to Ponyville, Rainbow Dash traded the Orthros for a bird caller, for Fluttershy. Twilight gives her paperback copy of the 'Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Statue' to Rainbow Dash so that she could read the book with Fluttershy and she hugs her in the end.

At the freezing archery event. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash quickly tries to lift it until Spike blew his dragon breath with fire and melted the ice. During the closing ceremony, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy sat together to look at the silver medals they have proudly achieved for Ponyville.

Season 5 The Mane 6 visited a town with an ideology of social and political equality founded by Starlight Glimmer. Fluttershy initially loved the mannerisms of the ponies with equal signs on their flanks. However, there was something off about their radical conformity. When they were having a private discussion about the cutie marks and meeting with Sugar Belle, Fluttershy blamed Applejack for being sceptical like Rainbow Dash.

When Fluttershy goes undercover to conform with Starlight Glimmer's equality of friendship, Rainbow Dash was supportive of Fluttershy and trusted her to collect intel about where the cutie marks were kept. In 'Tanks for the Memories', Rainbow Dash was excited about winter and had planned the fun with Tank.

However she realised Tank was slower and appears more tired. She asks Fluttershy about Tank's health and fortunately, he is healthy. Fluttershy revealed that Tank needs to hibernate. Rainbow Dash becomes skeptical bout Tank's hibernation and seek Spike who is dubbed a reptile expert. When Spike said he is a dragon and not the same family as Tank, Rainbow Dash was more annoyed with the situation. As she pushes the cloud, Tank showed more signs of tiredness when he was yawning and digging on the ground.

Pinkie Pie then thought he was adorable when he hibernates. Rainbow Dash was enraged at Pinkie Pie upon mentioning the word 'hibernate' and her other friends were involved. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash goes to Cloudsdale in the scheme to stop the winter operation from the weather ponies in Ponyville.

Soon she added leaves for the fall, smashed the ice, dried up the snow, cleared the clouds, radiate heat with the magnifying glass and redirected the ducks to keel fall, but the other pegasus had always fixed the problem.

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FlutterDash Moments (reupload)

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