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Boxing betting lines odds

Октябрь 2, 2012

boxing betting lines odds

Check out the latest boxing odds and futures for your favorite weight division. Jump into the ring and bet online with BetMGM today! Sportsbook; / Boxing Odds; / Boxing Odds. Fight Lines UFC Picks: Carlos Lozoya's Best Bets for UFC on DraftKings Sportsbook. Sportsbooks use moneyline odds to encourage gamblers to wager on both sides of betting lines. With the favorite, you'll be risking more money relative to the. PAT MCAFEE FAN DUEL CODE

Boxing dates back as far as the year 3, BC, when ancient Egyptians participated in fights. This sport is still going strong today and has become very popular for betting purposes at sportsbooks. Millions of people worldwide gamble on boxing every year.

If you're interested in wagering on this sport, then you should check out the following boxing betting guide. It covers all you need to know on how to place wagers, different bet types, selecting a sportsbook, and much more. Expand Affiliate Disclosure: At Gambling. If your fighter loses, you will lose your entire bet. This is a fairly rare occurrence, so the odds are usually high. Betting on the draw is a risky proposition, but the rewards can be great.

Stoppage or Knockout When betting on a boxing match, you may also want to bet on how the fight will end. The two most common ways for a fight to end are by stoppage or knockout. This can happen if one fighter is injured, or if one fighter is clearly dominating the other. Knockout: This is when one fighter knocks out the other. A knockout can happen at any time during the fight, and it usually results in a stoppage.

The odds for these bets are usually higher than the money-line odds because they are more difficult to predict. If you wager on the over, you will win if the match reaches seven or more rounds. If you wager on the under, you will win if the match is completed in six or fewer rounds. Round bet Round betting is rather straightforward. For instance, you can choose the favourite for the 7th round, and if your chosen fighter manages to win the fight at that round, your bet is successful.

Prop bets There are also prop bets, which are bets on specific events that may or may not happen during the course of a match.

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Pellegrino, on the other hand, has an extensive wrestling background but is also trained in Brazilian ju-jitsu. The thing is, they both have been very efficient in the Octagon of late. Pellegrino has won his last four fights, dating back to September So what can you expect out of the fight when Sotiropolous and Pellegrino meet on July 3? Two things. One, Pellegrino will attempt to wrestle his way out of everything Sotiropolous attempts. And two, Sotiropolous will attempt just about everything, as he typically does in his bouts.

Essentially, expect the two fighters to be abnormally well-prepared to face each other, and expect Pellegrino to do his best to outsmart Sotiropolous, but Sotiropolous may just be the favorite because of his ability to pull a variety of moves out of his bag of tricks.

Wanderlei Silva vs. If the recent reports are to be believed these two fighters would be in the ring facing each other for UFC on July 3. Still now there was only rumors abbot the fight, but sources close to the situation has confirmed that an agreement has been signed upon to fight for UFC in Las Vegas.

These two fighters are pitched in the middle weight category and their fight is sure to give memorable experiences to the audiences all around the world. And all UFC betting are keeping a close eye on this fight. But the officials have announced that the fight is fixed for UFC The UFC has already got into the news as Brock Lesnar who is the current heavyweight champion would be also in the ring.

His opponent has still not been decided but there is much anticipation on the fight. Lesnar has a huge fan following and is the favorite for the fight. Most bookies are betting high on Silva due to his recent performances. This victory has given high an upper hand on his scheduled fight against Yoshihiro Akiyama. Then the promotion thought that Bisping would be a better option for the fight to be held in Australia and axed Akiyama.

This record stand still even now but his former team mate, Anderson Silva, who is the current middle weight champion has the chance to break his record since he has completed four years without any loss in the ring. Akiyama is sure to give Silva a run for his money. He won the fight after a controversial split decision but was the clear winner from the view of the audience. In an interview on last February, Akiyamo had commented that he was very sad on the cancelled fight that was fixed with Silva and expected that he would get a chance to fight Silva in the near future.

The fight between Silva and Akiyama was originally scheduled for UFC , but it was later postponed. Then promotion did announce that the fight would be a summer event. Silva might be carrying huge experience behind him, but would have to bring his full power out as Akiyama would surely give him some good fight. Akiyama has technically not lost a fight since March Are you ready for some UFC betting action?

There is much anticipation over this fight as both the fighters are very promising and have already proven their skill to the whole world. The UFC is also making headlines as Brock Lesnar who is the current heavy weight champion would be also in the ring against Shane Carwin. Lesnar is clearly the favorite of this fight and viewers all across the country wish to see a perfect fight in the Independence Day weekend event.

Lesnar has a huge fan following and so there is much hype even before the match. Shane Carwin who is the interim holder of the title is sure to give a good fight to Lesnar. Another fight that has been confirmed for the event is between Yoshihiro Akiyama and Wanderlei Silva in a battle of sexy vs. Both the fighters have proven themselves and the sources close to them say that they are preparing hard for their bout on July 3rd.

Schaub who is widely considered as a great prospect for UFC would be out in the ring looking for his second consecutive win. Schaub is very impressive in the rings and has a knockout win in all of his career victories. None of his wins lasted for more than 87 seconds something UFC betting has taken notice of.

Schaub has now posted knockout wins in every career victory. None of the wins has lasted more than 87 seconds. Schaub was the clear favorite to win The Ultimate Fighter season However the winning streak of Schaub was brought to an end in the finals by Roy Nelson who along with the final also won a spot in the already crowded heavyweight division. Schaub soon recovered from the loss that he suffered against Nelson and reminded his fans why he is considered a great prospect by defeating Gormely in the first round of an UFC event.

Schaub who has an impressive all knockout wins in his career till now is now all set to face the massive Tuchscherer in UFC Tuchscherer did take a hit on his groin during the match but returned quickly and suffered loss in the hands of Gonzanga. He did put an uninspiring performance in his next match against Tim Hague in UFC but was able to win the fight with a majority decision. Venue- The final aspect that punters should consider in the research is where the bout is taking place.

Home advantage can be significant for fighters as they will be cheered on by the fans. Consider this before placing a bet. Betting Market: Moneyline The Moneyline wager is the simplest and most popular way to understand how to read boxing odds.

All you have to do is pick the winner. Of course, nothing in sports gambling is that simple. For instance, heavy favorites are easy to pick. However, heavy favorites will not pay out well due to their odds. Taking underdogs can pay out much better. This is what makes the wager interesting. The best way to approach a simple wager is to keep it simple. If you have the winner, take that wager. Betting Market: Round The Round boxing wager is very similar to betting the Moneyline as it is another simple wager to place.

All you are doing is picking the winner, just like the Moneyline, and the round the bout will end. Obviously, the round boxing wager has much better odds than the Moneyline wager as the degree of difficulty is kicked up a notch. Having the winner and going the distance is one of the more popular bets with a round wager. However, it will not pay back as well as many other round bets.

Although, it will pay better than a simple Moneyline wager. The key to this wager is knowing your fighters. Some fighters are great knockout artists. However, others are adept at not being hit and outlasting their opponents, and therefore are more accustomed to winning on points. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both fighters is essential.

It takes two to tango, and two to box. Liking one fighter is fine but knowing both is the critical element to winning boxing wagers such as this. Betting Market: Group Round A different version of the round boxing wager is the group round betting market. Instead, the rounds are divided up into groups. For example, rounds one through three are group one.

Rounds four through six are group two. Rounds seven through nine are group three, and the remaining rounds are group four. As you can see, it is a little easier than the round betting market. You just need to pick the winner and the round group when the fight is won. The odds and payouts are not quite as good as with the round wager, but still much better than the usual Moneyline bet and could offer a good insurance rather than having just the one round.

Betting Market: Method of Victory Another very popular boxing bet can be found in the method of victory market. This bet also starts with picking the winner. However, you will also select the method of victory. The combination of these two outcomes makes for some excellent odds and payouts. For some events some online sportsbooks can also increase the stakes, so punters can predict the winner, method of victory, and the round in which the bout will end. This wager will give you some of the best payouts for a boxing wager and for good reason.

There are numerous ways as to why a fight can end, and predicting which one will happen can be very tough. Of course, you have to know the fighters, their approaches, and their strengths. As well as, their defensive strengths. This is a wager for seasoned gamblers with plenty of boxing experience. Here in boxing, it is for how many rounds the bout goes. The sportsbook will set the number of total rounds fought, and you pick either less or more.

The number is always set with a. So, if you think the fight will go seven rounds, or less so you bet on under. Again, the key to this wager is knowing both fighters and how they box. Is one of them a hard hitter? Is one a bleeder who cuts easily? Betting Market: Fight to Go Distance One of the most straightforward boxing wagers to understand when learning how to read boxing odds is this market.

For this wager, you simply choose if the fight is going to go the number of rounds allotted or end beforehand. This is a simple wager on yes or no. The odds for this wager will vary wildly depending on the fighters involved. This wager is a total rounds bet where you took the over, and the fight has to last until the final bell.

Just like any boxing wager, you need to know your fighters. Many fighters have a plan to go the distance and try to win on the scorecard. Some, of course, are better at this than others. Know the difference and know your fighters. This has the potential to be one of the most lucrative betting options open to punters, but they should be aware of how rare this can be.

This betting market is a simple yes or no. Punters will lay their stake on yes if they believe that both fighters will be knocked down during the fight. The option of no has incredibly low odds due to the rarity of this happening.

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Why Do Betting Lines Change? - Explaining Why Sportsbook Odds Shift

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