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How to read a sports bet

Октябрь 2, 2012

how to read a sports bet

When odds are expressed with a plus (+) or minus (–) symbol followed by a number. They are American money line odds; for example, + signifies the amount a. What Do the + and – Mean in Sports Betting? The – and + on a sports betting line indicates both your prospective payout and whether you're betting on the favorite or the underdog. American betting odds display with a plus or minus sign followed by a number. Negative numbers signify the favorite on the betting line. The negative number. KOMODO VS ETHEREUM

The over is the only bet you can cash before the game goes final if the score exceeding the total before the final whistle. Gannett may earn revenue from Tipico for audience referrals to betting services. Tipico has no influence over nor are any such revenues in any way dependent on or linked to the newsrooms or news coverage. See Tipico. Gambling problem? Gannett may earn revenue from sports betting operators for audience referrals to betting services.

Sports betting operators have no influence over nor are any such revenues in any way dependent on or linked to the newsrooms or news coverage. See applicable operator site for its terms and conditions. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, help is available. This results in a Therefore, the probability of Alvarez winning the fight is calculated by dividing 8 the number of times he would win by 19 the total number of trials.

Alvarez has a Below is how to solve that using the formula. Betting on underdogs in any sport typically allows you to risk less in order to win more. While not technically related to odds, a push will definitely affect your payout. Every bettor should be aware of the possibility of a push before they lay their first wager on sports. Simply put, a push is a tie. You will not see pushes when betting on the money line.

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The more likely an outcome is, the less you can make wagering on that outcome.

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How to read a sports bet In other words the Dodgers must win by 2 or more runs. These are pretty straight forward. What was once limited, legally, to Nevada has taken root in states across the country as sportsbooks open up shop wherever legislation allows. The odds determine how much money you are able to win relative to how much you have to risk on a certain outcome. The decimal shows how much profit is paid for every dollar on a correct bet. In order to cover all the primary bet types for the major sports we need to look at one more bet format: Fields.
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How to read a sports bet This primer is designed for beginners who are curious about common wagering practices and terms. You can bet at one of the sportsbooks in their casinos. As more and more states pass laws to legalize sports betting, you will also be able to place wagers at local casinos in your area. I consider decimal the best odds format because I find it very easy to understand and a quick and simple multiplication calculation will find you the potential payout of your bet every time. While odds look different, they mean the same thing.


Again, you can bet any amount you would like. How to read decimal odds Decimal odds are the easiest odds type to interpret. They are used by most people outside of America, most notably Europe. The Decimal format are also the easiest odds type to convert to an implied win percentage. Return does not take into account your original bet amount.

Note that the return aspect is the key difference between Decimal and American odds. How to read fractional odds Fractional odds are simply decimal odds represented as a fraction. The biggest difference between fractional and decimal is that fractional tells you the potential profit while decimal tells you the return.

Fractional odds can be read as the first number being the potential profit while the second number is the amount you will need to risk for that profit. The odds would read as follows: Chiefs More on the numbers in parenthesis in Step 3. But betting on underdogs can still be a profitable venture if they lose the game by fewer points than the listed spread.

In the example above, the Chiefs were a Step 3: Calculate the Vig How does the sportsbook make money if they want to entice equal betting action on both sides? The same way a casino does — they employ a rake. In sports betting, this is referred to as vig or juice and it actually functions similar to a spread in a stock trade. Remember the figure after the spread? What are the Odds for a Point Spread?

A moneyline bet is a straight win or loss wager. If you bet the favorite and they win, you collect regardless of the score. Of course, betting on favorites is expensive. Oddsmakers create moneyline odds based on the likelihood of the favorite winning the game. The Chiefs were a Results of a Point Spread Bet Betting on a point spreads has 3 potential outcomes: Win: The team you bet on wins by more than the listed point spread.

You get paid out your winnings plus the original capital you bet. Loss: The team you bet on loses or fails to cover the point spread. You lose the entirety of your bet. If an NBA team is favored by The difference comes from how these spreads are calculated. In the NFL, 3 factors go into the spread: talent level of the teams, location of venue, and weather forecast for the game.

For the NBA, the schedule is unbalanced and games are played indoors. NBA point spreads use the following factors: talent level of teams, location of venue, and schedule discrepancies between teams. For example, a team with a day of rest will get a more favorable points spread if they play a team who competed the night before.

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How Do I Read Sports Betting Odds and Lines?

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