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Forex trading alligator indicator interpretation

Октябрь 2, 2012

forex trading alligator indicator interpretation

The Alligator is an indicator developed by Bill Williams. Its purpose is to identify a trend and its direction and filter good signals from the bad ones. This enables you to profit from increasing forex prices. If you think the indicator is suggesting a downtrend, you can open a 'sell' position (go short), which enables you to profit from falling FX prices. Purpose of the indicator the Alligator as the making element of the well-known strategy Profitunity – to filter the flat periods, to give a signal of the. MACHINE GUN CSGO BETTING

In principle, the Alligator technical indicator is a combination of Balance Lines Moving Averages that use fractal geometry and nonlinear dynamics. Lips, Teeth, and Jaw of the Alligator show the interaction of different time periods. As clear trends can be seen only 15 to 30 percent of the time, it is essential to follow them and refrain from working on markets that fluctuate only within certain price periods.

The Alligator is sleeping. When the Jaw, the Teeth, and the Lips are closed or intertwined, it means the Alligator is going to sleep or is asleep already. As it sleeps, it gets hungrier and hungrier. The longer it will sleep, the hungrier it will wake up. The Alligator wakes up. Gradually lines are developed in a necessary order, the distance between them increases the period of «hunting» opens.

Type of the indicator during the different periods of the market «The Alligator opens a mouth» If the interest of the participants of the market doesn't weaken, then red AlligatorsTeeth begins to react after green, and the slow blue AlligatorsJaw line always develops the last.

For a turn, the lines have to be crossed consistently in a strict order: green-red-blue, their relative positioning remains in the period of a trend. On a turn or transition in flat there is the reverse crossing of lines, but it is obligatory — according to the same scheme. The result? The moment of crossing by the price of all three lines will be a strong signal for an entrance to the market; the transaction on kickback from AlligatorsTeeth looks riskier.

Scheme of formation of trade signals For purchase: the price punches the key line from below up and is closed above a point of intersection. While the price moves higher than green line the trend is bull. The strong signal for purchase For sale: the price punches the key line from top to down and is closed below a point of intersection.

While the price moves under the green line the trend is descending. The strong signal for sale The range of volatility is defined by distance from green to the blue line, and the tilt angle allows to estimate force of a new trend. Application in trade strategy We will note at once: in case of trade on the Alligator we put Stop Loss obligatory! What of lines of the indicator will be chosen as key for opening a position, and where Stop Loss will be placed, depends on risk level, comfortable for the trader.

What this means is: green: allows to take a profit maximum, but at very high risk an aggressive scalping ; red: will provide an average profit at average risk moderate trade ; blue: demands long transactions with big current sag, but will allow taking away all trend almost without loss. Scheme of restriction of losses If to put Stop Loss behind the AlligatorsJaw line, then the position becomes steady against casual fluctuations, but the risk increases as at the time of crossing the transaction can already be in a critical loss.

The Stop Loss installation on the fastest AlligatorsLips will cause the closing of a position at small kickbacks against a trend that doesn't give stable profit. Will be logical to split position volume into 3 parts, that is, for the 1st part of the transaction we put Stop Loss behind the AlligatorsJaw line, for the 2nd — behind AlligatorsTeeth, we close the rest of volume in case of breakthrough of AlligatorsLips.

The dynamic trailing on lines allows to catch a short-term impulse, but to leave in time in case of its end. The Stochastic parameters can be changed for assets with high volatility. Check here how easy you can add indicators and change their parameters. If the fractal appears in a zone of an intersection of lines of the Alligator — we ignore a signal. Further, it is possible to use each following fractal on a trend for an additional entrance. So far there are fractals up — only purchases, fractals down — only sales.

SMA is used for the visual definition of a long-term trend: while the price is higher than the line — ascending, lower the line — bear, the line horizontal — there is no trend. Several practical remarks Alligator is successfully used in any trade systems as the trend tool Trading Chaos.

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The Alligator Indicator is My Favorite Beginner Friendly Trading Indicator - Trading Indicators forex trading alligator indicator interpretation

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